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Your 3 Step Success Plan For 2023

Jan 02, 2023

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  • Prerequisite to three C success
  • Getting in the head of 6-figure high-performers
  • Asking the right questions
  • Knowing when to invest
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • The most common mistake about achievements
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Today you’ll learn a 3-step success plan that will make 2023 blow up for you like it has never before by using the three Cs.

Before diving into these Cs, a prerequisite of sorts is required from you: a massive goal. One that pulls you, excites you, and moves you toward it with a feverish intensity. 

The reason this goal needs to be so massive is because massive goals require you to think differently to achieve them. Moreover, if you don’t have a goal that pulls and excites you, you won’t be inspired to do the three Cs we’ll cover in today’s lesson. 

With your big goal in mind, we can proceed to the three Cs.



We talked about this last week. 

Investing and integrating yourself into communities where people are playing at a higher level is instrumental to your success. But where are these people? Where are they choosing to invest their time for maximum benefit? 

To find the answer, all you need to do is put yourself in their head for a moment. What are they studying and learning about? Most likely things that will rewire their mind for greater success. They’re also getting into communities and events full of other high performers who are going after it as well. My challenge to you is to start thinking about where those people who are playing at a level beyond you are at and get in the room with them. 

Invest in going to these spaces, these live in-person events and communities, because you’ll cut your learning curve in half. Being in close proximity to these people allows you to learn key insights into things that may be hard for you, but they do with ease, so you can move to your next level of success faster.



You can’t afford not to invest in a coach. Every single person on earth—myself includedhas blind spots. And every successful person has a coach they can bring their challenges to who will help them see their blind spots, and work with them through their challenges to ensure they get to the next level. 

Before you say, “But I can figure it out myself.” There is an important truth to acknowledge: You don’t know what you don’t know, and you certainly can’t change something you’re not aware of. 

You will always do the best that you can, but good intentions aside, unless you have a great coach that’s helping you view things in a different way and pointing out patterns and limiting beliefs holding you back, your progress will be achingly slow.

You need a coach or you’ll never get to the level you want to be at. One insight from them can transform your entire life.

And if you find yourself saying, “I can’t afford it.” Well… you just found out exactly why you need a coach to move you to your next level of success.


#3 CONSISTENCY (*in what matters)

Without consistency, nothing will happen in your career. So why do most people fail at being consistent? Because their goals are too small. They don’t excite or move them—remember the pre-requisite?—and if you don’t have that fire from your goal propelling you, you won’t take consistent action. 

But even if you are consistent, is it in the areas that will make the most impact? Or is it consistency in support function areas that are easy to do but don’t actually bring you to your dreams? Most people mistake movement for achievement. To be consistent in a way that matters, consistent action needs to be taken on the scary, and often, big moves that will take you to your next level. 


These three Cs combined will make you unstoppable. 

If any are missing from your life, you need to attend our 2023 Your Breakthrough Year workshop that’s coming up soon! Keep tuning in to hear the latest news on when you can register, and don’t forget to share today’s lesson with someone who is making 2023 the year they go after their big dream. If you, or they, want to crush it this year, then you need a success plan—and these three Cs need to be part of it.


Don't forget to take advantage of our BONUS QUIZ: What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?



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