Change starts with you.

You grow so you can give. Your gifts, your passions, your hard work creates a lasting impact in the world. The breakthrough you'll experience by working with me goes beyond personal achievement. Your breakthrough makes the world better. 

When you invest in your future through my work, you're also creating meaningful change in the world. Because with every dollar invested, you support a person in need.

Here's how you're improving lives:

5% of your purchase will be donated to C.U.R.E. Ride (Cycling Under Reduced Eyesight) to cure Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. LHON is a genetically inherited disease that leads to loss of central vision. The disease usually affects people in their teens or twenties, and there is currently no treatment or cure. With your help, we can find one.

Now in its tenth year, the C.U.R.E. Ride has raised approximately $250,000 to support research aimed at finding a cure for LHON.

Meet Jeremy Poincenot

At 19, Jeremy was your typical San Diego State University sophomore. Friends, sports, fraternity, and most importantly 20/20 vision. Then it happened. No warning. No time to prepare. Life began to blur. Over the next few months, Jeremy lost his central vision in his right eye, followed closely by his left. 

The diagnosis: A rare genetic disorder called Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. LHON affects 100 people in the US each year with no treatment or cure in sight. At first, he thought losing his vision meant forfeiting his life. But he turned it into opportunity instead. 

A year after losing his sight, he won the World Blind Golf Championship and started an inspirational speaking career, directly impacting over 50,000 lives. He's had the privilege of being featured on ABC's 20/20, CNN, MTV's "True Life," and ESPN. He's spoken for some of the world's most prestigious companies, including Honda, Kaiser Permanente, John Hancock, Wells Fargo, Aflac, and many more.  

His message: Life is about making choices. If you choose to have a positive outlook, resolute purpose, and a hint of humor, anything is possible. 

Jeremy and his friends have raised over $250,000 to help find a cure through LHON. Now in it's 10th year, the C.U.R.E. Ride (Jeremy's annual fundraising bike ride from Santa Barbara to San Diego) is on a mission to raise $1,000,000.

Jeremy is a very dear friend of mine. With your investment in my work to break through everything holding you back from your dreams, we can help people reclaim their gift of sight. 

You're making the world better while you make your life better.


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