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I'm a husband, mindset coach, inspirational speaker, and unshakeable optimist dedicated to helping you create the life you're REALLY capable of! Let's work together so you can finally break through everything that's been holding you back!
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Sick of feeling stuck? Access Brad's step-by-step roadmap to breaking through EVERYTHING holding you back.

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Selling Ice To An Eskimo!

Explode your income, your business, and your lifestyle by learning how to beat almost every sales objection befo...

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Undying Passion

Re-spark the romance, love, and passion with your partner even if you've been feeling like roommates!   W...

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The Likeability Factor

Master communication and influence. Become instantly trusted by random strangers. Learn how to be likable!   I...

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"This is changing my life. Lots of deep soul growth happening here. I feel like I’m uncovering so much and I’m only going into module 4 of Appreciation Academy. I just know one thing for sure, I’m positive this is going to change my life, because it already has."

Krista Laughlin
Mom of 3

"Brad's energy is what separates him, hands down. That goes a long way."

Emily Vendemmia
Yoga Studio Owner - Yoga Instructor

"Above and beyond value- that's what Brad always provides to others. He has an amazing heart for others. Brad doesn't sugarcoat things. He gives tough love when it’s needed. But he does it with compassion and grace. Brad is completely relatable. He is always willing to be vulnerable and share his previous hardship, but he does it from a very positive place. He really helps people realize that their biggest obstacles are their biggest opportunities for growth."

Dionna Hickox
Fitness Coach & Mom of 2

"He gets you out of your funk. Brad's really good at calling people out on things they don’t want to acknowledge but are experiencing. Not bashing them. Instead, he says, "Lets come out of that funk together." He just knows people. He gets people. He has a way of calling people out while also helping them still feel empowered."

Shaina Anderson
Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

"He's one of the few, rare people that actually gets through to others because he's so passionate about changing them. His heart opens up. He's very charismatic. He's personable. He's truly relatable because he's lived it. If you’re around Brad, you feel contagious by his energy and personality. "

Justin Hickox
Owner & CEO - Hickox Hair Studio

"Trustworthy, relatable, and never judges people. People know that whatever they tell Brad, he will embrace them for it. He just has this “come as you are” mentality. Nobody’s too happy or sad. He just wants to know who you are and wants to work together. Brad doesn’t have this “better than you” mentality. He's accomplished a lot for someone his age. But he doesn't have this “I’m better than anybody” mentality. That's why people trust him. "

James Wall
Assistant Vice President- Aon Consulting

"He'll impact your life positively! Having watched Brad grow over the past 10+ years, I can say with 100% confidence that he is the only human who can compassionately stare into your soul after making you cry from laughing about a silly word. His boundless energy, Jedi-level questioning, and extreme passion for life will impact your life positively from your first welcome email to when you achieve dream X."

Jamieson Gray
Former CFO- Kalu Yala/ Entrepreneur Consultant

"I'm so glad I joined! It’s like when you get a new purse. When you’re switching over from the old one, you throw away all the garbage and unneeded things, so you can only put the best of the best into your new purse. Well that’s what Brad does with your freaking life in Appreciation Academy. He turns it upside down and has you FINALLY throw out all the old garbage and put only the best of the best back into your new life. I’m so glad I joined Appreciation Academy and can’t wait to keep growing even more. This is changing my life more than I ever imagined. "

Sarah Ottman
Store Manager

"He has undeniable credit. Watch one video from Brad. You'll feel it. Brad is a no B.S. person. You're not about to dive into a group of warm and fuzzy motivation. You’re going to get action to change your life. He's actually experienced what he's teaching you, so he's not gonna blow smoke. He truly cares about you changing your life. That's rare."

Stephanie Cramm
Corporate Recruiter

"Brad's rare gift of figuring out what's going on in your mind before you even know is so rare. He's really good at asking the right questions and that’s very, very hard to do. Most don’t have that trait. He's really good at getting down to what's ACTUALLY stopping you, and he's not afraid to bring up his own vulnerabilities about how his own life has changed to do so."

Alicia Mers
Network Marketing Professional

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