We’re honored to share the amazing transformations our clients have experienced with Rewired. From building 6-figure businesses and finding alignment with the best versions of themselves, to making life-long dreams come true—like moving to live next to Disney World! Nothing compares to seeing the power of our client’s full potential unleashed with their minds rewired for success. See their stories for yourself!

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Jen Lemke

"Jump in with two feet and do it because you will never know until you try and the investment that you make in yourself will be 10 times, 20, 30 times what you get here. The experience that you'll have is worth every single penny, and then some."


April Flowers

"Rewire your brain, rewire your life, change your life! Leap and your wings are going to grow. Because I have been leaping all year and I got knew wings!"

"These three days have changed my life!"


Janelle LaBrie

"This program was amazing. The breakthroughs, the emotional responses, the amazing insights that you get when you're immersed in people that are living the same things as you and doing the same things with you all weekend long has just been absolutely amazing!"


Kendra Vick

"...when you're prompted with the right questions, which Brad will definitely do, you can become limitless. You don't need another book. You definitely don't need another technique. You already know what you have to bring to this world. You need a new mindset, and it's a Rewired mindset. And Brad will rewire your mind!"


Dawn Smith

"Invest in yourself. You're worth every single cent. This is an investment of not only who you are today but an investment for your future."


Stacey Prescott

"Being in the program, working through it is really, really important, but being in the environment takes it up like 10, 12 notches!" 

"Once you invest in yourself and you grow in your dreams, everybody around you is going to see that and they're going to want what you have. So investing in yourself you're investing in your progeny, you're investing in everybody. Do it!"

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Erica + Jon Hayes

Commercial Brand Photographers

"After this time with Brad we are walking away truly feeling like we have a roadmap. Not only for the immediate future but all the way out to 5 years of exactly what our business looks like, how we continue to serve people, how we continue to positively impact lives..."

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Krissy Chin

Business Consultant

"100% worth the investment! Brad is amazing. The energy that he brings is on point and just watching him work and strategize and come up with things in this intensive was actually really magical to watch!"

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Micah Folsom

Host of the Do Your Crap Podcast & Business Mentor

"I just can't say enough. If you're on the fence about it, it will pay you back a million times as you go all in and implement the things you're going to put in play here. And if you know Bad at all, you know he always delivers. So wonderful experience! Definitely worth every single penny!"

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Ryan Weeden

 Founder and CEO of Masters of Balayage

"It has been life changing!"

"Brad showed me exactly how to make 5 million dollars in less than two days!"

Discover How to Scale Your Business to Multiple 7-figures So You Can Reach More People, and Create More Impact Without Adding More to Your Plate!

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