The Step-by-Step “Rewire your Mind” Blueprint for Those Who Demand The Most Out Of Life.

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Do you look at your life and business and think, “Is success really possible for me?”

  • You're destined for success and greatness.
  • Sneaky old patterns of doubt and self-sabotage keep you stuck and playing small, even though you know you're made for more.   
  • You're ready to go all-in and commit to being the best version of YOU. 
  • You’re ready to start taking real, life-changing action so you see the progress you deserve and succeed faster than ever before! 

Maximize your potential. Take control of your future. Create a life on your terms.

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Do progress, results, and consistent success seem to evade you? 

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No matter how hard you try, what seminars you attend, “strategies” you practice, or books you read…

...You seem to move one step forward and then, two steps back.

You wake up every day feeling stressed and rushed, instead of rested and relaxed.

Your business doesn’t seem to be gaining momentum and making the money you thought it would.

Any business conversation with your spouse quickly turns into tension-filled silences at the dinner table.

Don’t get me wrong...

You have days when you wake up and actually feel like you can Carpe Diem your life, crush your to-do list, and feel like the next Tony Robbins.

But within a few days, you slide back into the familiarity of old routines and patterns.

Routines where you refresh your Instagram feed endlessly to see how many ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ your inspirational post got.

Patterns where you procrastinate and push things away in the hope that you wouldn’t have to deal with them. Fully knowing you’ll be swamped by guilt and regret later.


When you’re not wondering whether you’re enough… you compare to others flying past you and think, “They must have it easier…”

All the while… you hear that mean inner voice question you.

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Now, you may know the answer to that question is a resounding “yes”, but the sneaky voices in your mind call B.S. each time you journal that you have a $100K/year business.

The pressures of being an entrepreneur and raising your family place a boulder on your shoulders, and you know your reality doesn’t reflect the success you dreamed of.

All you want to do is power down your laptop and power up Netflix instead.

Except… you can’t.

Because you’re not a quitter.

And it HURTS. 


You’re trying SO hard. 

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  • showing up. 
  • pushing yourself. Often to breaking point. 
  • reading the books. Dog-earing the pages and highlighting the lines with the enthusiasm of a toddler with a crayon.  
  • giving your best. Even when you don’t “feel” like it. 
  • amazing at speaking life into your family and friends. 
  • spending hours glued to the laptop, creating content, trying a shiny new sales “strategy” you heard your coach talk about, encouraging your team… 

And yet...

Something is missing

Because even though you’re doing all the things, you aren’t seeing the results you want. Period. 

You want to: 

  • wake up feeling excited and optimistic about your day. Not stressed, frustrated, or worse, overwhelmed.
  • believe without a shred of doubt that you’ll hit any goal you set... and fast! 
  • finally have the freedom to take days off without feeling the guilt set in. 
  • pay off those student loans, your mortgage, and your MasterCard… and finally live without debt strangling you.
  • have the flexibility of spending time with your kids instead of telling them, “Sorry honey, mom’s gotta work.”

But here’s what you need to know...

When your mind isn’t in the right place, you’ll never have the breakthroughs that lead you to a life of freedom.

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The question is… are you using that power

Chances are you’re not. 

Chances are you know you have “limiting beliefs” holding you back, but you have no idea what you need to do to shatter them.

And here’s the best (or worst!) part… 


Your happiness and your success go hand-in-hand.

Studies have repeatedly shown that happy people are also the MOST successful not only at work but also when it comes to areas like their marriage, friendships, health and yes, money. (sourceThe Happiness Diet)


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How can YOU get out of your own way (and your own head) and make happiness and genuine gratitude a part of your life so your success is inevitable?

The answer is not in reading yet another book. Books are great, but more often than not, they give you an overview and not an action plan.

The answer, most definitely, isn’t doing more of what you’re already doing.

If you want different results, you need to do something different.

The answer is…

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A 3-phase online course guaranteed to accelerate your success, break through everything holding you back, give you the confidence to accomplish your biggest dreams, and finally get you unstuck so you can succeed faster than ever before and create the wealth and freedom you deserve.

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Free yourself from self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and that not-so-nice voice in your head

You’re already putting in the work to build the life of your dreams.

Isn’t it time you pour some rocket fuel on your effort, and see your growth skyrocket?

Appreciation Academy is NOT a generic “say-a-million-affirmations” style mindset course. 


I’m not gonna sit around a campfire and “Kumbaya” you to success.


This is a strategic action plan designed to help you be the best version of yourself, so you can accomplish those massive goals that seem so unattainable right now.

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Appreciation Academy is a step-by-step roadmap for people serious about shattering every limiting belief holding them back.  

  • Those who are done with negative self-talk and self-doubt and want confident, clear-headed growth, and success... not only in their business (that’s a given!), but also in their life.
  • Appreciation Academy was created to help people who know they’re destined for greatness if only someone would show them HOW

Meet Brad Bizjack, Mindset Mentor and
Founder of Appreciation Academy

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and I’m SO excited you’re here… I'm on a mission to help high-performers just like you maximize their life and feel ALIVE every moment of every day, so you can elevate your mindset, career, and relationships to the next level and beyond!

If you're on this page, it means you're hungry for MORE. More happiness. More success. Better relationships. More freedom! You're committed to living your best life and becoming the best version of yourself! 

To do that, you need to activate your full potential. Most people are struggling in those areas WAY more than they need to. That's where I come in. I'll help you unleash the very best parts of yourself so you can achieve the levels of success and fulfillment you're made for. I can help you. 

I’m here to give you the tools and techniques you need to create confidence, momentum, and success by unleashing your true potential.

I spent the first 5 years of my business doing everything I thought was right, following what I thought was the recipe for success perfectly, but still coming up short and spinning my wheels.

I finally figured out what I was missing, and it's led to a 7 figure business and life of complete freedom.

I learned that success didn't come from working more hours and burning out in front of a laptop.

The key to success was already within me. Just like it's already within you. I'll teach you how to unlock it.

I'm a Certified High Performance Coach (through Brendon Burchard), personal development expert, mindset strategist, inspirational speaker, and podcast host with over 7 years of coaching experience! 

I’m incredibly passionate about taking these seemingly complex principles and breaking them down into simple, bite-sized nuggets that you can use every day. That's exactly what you'll receive with Appreciation Academy! 

Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to serve you and I’ll see you in the academy!

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I created a life of abundance and genuine happiness.

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Brad Bizjack is amazing!! If I need help- he’s there.. he is there in his group, and present always! This is helping my entire family becoming more positive and learn how to react better to situations. I was verbally attacked today and instead of having a complete anxiety attack that I would’ve had in the past... I used the tools I have learned to work through the situation and feel empowered! You need this!!”

- Angelica Last, Business Owner

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“This is personal development on steroids. It's not fluffy like most PD. Most PD just gives you another strategy but doesn’t solve the root of the issue. Appreciation Academy is the only program I’ve ever seen that does that. It's so interactive and you get customized support to your specific life challenges. I'm sharing so much deeper and more authentically with my audience. 

I'm able to help my kids with their challenges better than ever before. 

The return on this investment is phenomenal. I truly believe every person needs to do Appreciation Academy.”

- Seay Stanford, 15 Star Diamond 4X Elite Beachbody Coach

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One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I’ve been struggling with negative self-talk and I knew it needed to change but didn’t know how. 

Brad is making the "how" so clear for me with his action steps. I’ve only been working with him for a couple of weeks and already things are changing. I feel happier and my days are starting out much more positive. I love his passion and energy. 

I’m recognizing my negative patterns and feel comfortable sharing the things holding me back because he is so relatable. I’m so excited to continue to dive in and change my life!”

- Laura Miller, Health and Wellness Coach and Mom of 3

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“Appreciation Academy is what everyone is missing in their life! In such a short time, I was able to create positive thoughts, change my energy, and create happiness.

With the tools that Brad is teaching, I was able to control my emotions even in an argument with a loved one and therefore change the outcome of it. I haven't even completed the Academy yet but the tremendous impact it has made on me, my relationships and my life are unmeasurable. 

Because of Appreciation Academy, I'm bursting out this newly found energy that is attracting like-minded people in my life and business. I'm already so much happier! Everyone who feels stuck in business, life and relationships need to invest in Appreciation Academy today!

- Aylin Nardiran, Online Fitness Coach/ Real Estate Agent

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Inside Appreciation Academy, You’ll Get the Keys You Need to…

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Evaluate Your Life and Eliminate Toxic Habits

In Phase 1 of the program, you’ll rewire your perception of the past. You’ll get access to 4 modules with bite-sized lessons to help you create the foundation you need for a fulfilling and abundant life.  

You’ll learn:

  • How to take 100% responsibility for your life and let go of all blame even if you feel like where you are isn't your fault.
  • How to instantly have the energy required to create your dreams, even after a grueling commute and a 12-hour day at work. 
  • The truth behind what's actually been holding you back and instantly beat it, so you feel empowered to go after your scariest dream.
  • The skills you need to ditch poisonous habits and replace them with success-focused routines and mindsets. 
  • How to surround yourself with positive peer pressure so it’s impossible for you to fail. 
  • How to respectfully limit exposure to toxic people (even close family members).  
  • How to easily demolish any dream-destroying behaviors you have. 
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Design Your Ideal Future

In Phase 2, over the course of 4 easy-to-implement modules,  you’ll create your action plan for your future. Because remember… self-education builds you a fortune and make you happy.

Don Herold rightly said, "Unhappiness is not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it."

So, in this phase, you shift gears and get radically clear about the life you want to create. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to gain clarity on what you want most out of life and craft a specific plan to get there WITHOUT letting fear and doubt stop you. 
  • What career or business you want in minutes, even if you haven't been able to figure it out for years. 
  • A practical, 5-step process to end procrastination forever. Yes, forever, my friend. 
  • The single fastest, most effective way to set goals and actually achieve them, regardless of how much time you have at the end of your day.
  • How to make your dreams happen in the most effective way so you don't waste any more time.
  • How to literally increase your weekly productivity by over 30%, guaranteed. 
  • Why your brain doesn't want you to be happy, live your dreams, or find love (and what to do about it)
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Create The Present You Deserve

Phase 3 is all about appreciating the present and enjoying the journey you’re on, right now. 

This is the breakthrough phase where you close the gap between where you are right now and your wildest dreams. 

Over 4 modules, you’ll reprogram the supercomputer of your brain and create a legacy you’ll be proud of.

You’ll learn:

  • A 5-step process to literally choose your emotions, so every defeating situation or negative emotion becomes an incredible opportunity to make your goals happen faster. 
  • How to be grateful for the life you have even if it's not the life you want (hint: this is the key to creating the life you want).
  • The art of creating your life by designing by shattering limiting beliefs and turning off the negative self-talk track in your head that hold you back. 
  • How to easily erase the fear of judgment and be unapologetically YOU. 
  • The single fastest, easiest, and most uplifting way to eliminate all pain from your life in an instant. Say your final goodbyes to your inner demons that hold you back. 
  • The real reasons why you may be sabotaging your future, and how to stop them in their tracks.
  • How to attract success instead of trying to force it, so your dreams come to you 10X faster.

Most importantly, when you complete Appreciation Academy,

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“I'm so glad I joined! It’s like when you get a new purse. When you’re switching over from the old one, you throw away all the garbage and unneeded things, so you can only put the best of the best into your new purse. Well, that’s what Brad does with your freaking life in Appreciation Academy. He turns it upside down and has you FINALLY throw out all the old garbage and put only the best of the best back into your new life. 

I’m so glad I joined Appreciation Academy and can’t wait to keep growing even more. This is changing my life more than I ever imagined.

- Sarah Ottman, Home Business Owner

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“He has undeniable credit. Watch one video from Brad. You'll feel it. 

Brad is a no B.S. person. You're not about to dive into a group of warm and fuzzy motivation. 

You’re going to get action to change your life. He's actually experienced what he's teaching you, so he's not gonna blow smoke. He truly cares about you changing your life. That's rare.”

- Steph Cramm, Former Corporate Recruiter turned Full Time Network Marketer

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“While I intended for a change in just my business, Appreciation Academy has impacted all parts of my life because the way we think about EVERYTHING impacts all the actions we take in all aspects of life. I’ve gained an amazing toolset that I apply daily. 

When I feel stuck or unsure, I have my mindset family in a tight-knit private group. 

Other members have become close friends and true supporters who get it! Brad always provides so much support in all his personal feedback and office hours. I’ve changed the way I think about myself, I celebrate my wins, I catch myself before I find myself struggling. 

The most important to me of all though is I have literally been glowing with happiness and shining as a growing leader- and my teammates SEE it ❤️. 

I hit business goals that hadn’t been hit for 7+ months all because my mindset and energy changed. 

I truly found my purpose and what sets my soul on fire to show up for others (and myself). I feel so much more confident knowing I have this access for life and that I can only keep going up!

- Rachelle Ruffner

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Bonuses that Make Being Successful a Stress-Free Journey

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Customization Tools and Audio Version of Appreciation Academy
(Value: $594)

Listen to Appreciation Academy on-the-go, and find out how this program applies to your specific situation with our customization tools.

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The Appreciation Academy Private Community App
(Value: $997)

You’ll never be alone on this journey. You won’t just get dumped into a dead-eyed group to figure it out on your own. Our super-engaged and vibrant community will be your cheerleading squad, accountability team and safe space, all rolled into one.

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Weekly Office Hours

I hated joining courses where the instructor dumped me in a group and disappeared. I’ll never betray your trust like that. I answer 100% of your questions throughout the program. It’s like a session with your very own life-coach. Whatever roadblock, pattern, belief or challenge stares you in the face, we’ll work through it... together.

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Pay-In-Full Bonus (Value: $497)

Choose the Pay-In-Full Option to save $167 AND get a FREE ticket to our Appreciation Academy LIVE event in 2021.

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You’re Protected by the “Completely Change Your Life" 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Investing in yourself can feel scary. I get it.

You may worry, “What if this program is no different?” “What if my life stays the same?”

So, I promise that by the end of this course, you'll know exactly what you want out of your life, how to get it, and how to overcome every emotional obstacle getting in the way.

But only if you show up and put in the work.

And that’s why, if at any time during the first 90 days (after you complete each lesson in the program and complete each of the exercise worksheets), you feel that Appreciation Academy didn’t live up to its promise, just email my team that you’re dissatisfied with the content and attach each of your completed assignments, and we'll refund you, no questions asked.

In fact, I’ll also let you retain access AND give you a $20 Amazon gift card so you can invest in a personal growth book of your choice.

I take my work very seriously and your trust means the world to me. I won't let you down.

Answers to “Will this really work for me?”
and Other Questions 

Now that you have the answers you need...


Appreciation Academy is the missing key to your success.

You should join Appreciation Academy ONLY if… 


  • You know in your heart that you’re destined for greatness. And you’re done with the sneaky old patterns of doubt and self-sabotage that keep you stuck and playing small. You want to step up and shine and have the confidence to empower others to build successful lives and businesses too.


  • You want to break the cycle of mediocrity and let go of the pain of your past. You want to be the BEST version of you for your family. You want your kids to grow up in a positive environment and not carry on the legacy of self-sabotage and guilt.


  • You want to be happy in the NOW. You demand the most out of life and are prepared to play all out to get it. And you’re ready to use gratitude and love as strategic tools that help create a life on your terms.


  • You want FREEDOM. From money worries, time struggles, and living with anxiety and overwhelm. You want to build a thriving, successful business, so your family has more than enough money and you have the flexibility to spend time with them.


  • You’re ready to get UNSTUCK. You feel like you’re fighting a wall and you’re excited to see your hard work pay off. You want action steps that make positive change and progress a reality.
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  • You wake up every day with joy in your heart. Not even the toughest, most explosive situation can rattle your sense of self-belief and confidence. 
  • You handle crisis with confidence and hard conversations with ease. 
  • You know that your past doesn’t define you and you move forward towards your goals consistently. 
  • Your business is successful, your family life and friendships are thriving and you feel content
  • You go through your days with a crystal clear vision for your life.

You maximize your potential.

You take control of your future.

You live life on your own terms.

Are you ready to make a choice that'll change not only the course of your business, but also the legacy you create for your family?  

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Join me in Appreciation Academy and I’ll empower you to create the life and business success you truly deserve.

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“This material is life-changing! After reading many self-help books, Brad's trainings are by far the most compelling. 

The training gives you tangible ways to improve your daily outlook and build the self-confidence that ties directly to your goals. 

I've already seen big strides in my abilities to grow a business and my friends and family are starting to ask what's changed about me. I'm so grateful I started!”

Courtney Frazee, Owner, Oleander Branding

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"If you feel like you're "doing all the things" and still not getting where you wanna go, you need Brad's Appreciation Academy! This is the missing link to breaking down your walls and reaching your potential!"

- Micah Folsom - Double 15 Star Diamond, 4X Elite Beachbody Coach, Multi-Million Dollar Earner in Network Marketing

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"My life is forever changed! Absolutely blown away! This program has opened my eyes just to how different life can be! I've learned so much about myself and have noticed a mindset shift to where I am responding differently to situations and thinking more clearly in my life & my business. The support and encouragement from Brad is amazing & he means it when he says he is THERE for you the whole way!

Since I joined Appreciation Academy, not only is my business growing more in the last few months than it has in years (my checks have over doubled!!), but disagreements with my husband have ended & my marriage is thriving. I am a more present mother with my two toddlers. I am genuinely the happiest I have ever been, my anxiety no longer controls me & I have learned that I am in control of my life, success in my business & happiness at all times! I cannot tell you just how incredible I feel!"

- Janelle LaBrie - Online Course Creator and Multi 6 Figure Earner In Network Marketing

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Make the world (and your life) better!

6% of the profits from your purchase will be donated to 2 charities that are near and dear to my heart.

Operation Underground Railroad is an organization committed to prevention of child sex slavery.

C.U.R.E. Ride (Cycling Under Reduced Eyesight) is a foundation to help cure LHON (a genetically inherited disease that leads to loss of central vision).