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Aug 22, 2022

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  • The secret to wielding an “ah-ha” moment successfully
  • Why others succeed when you don’t
  • Identifying and replacing limiting patterns and factors in your life
  • Understanding your most optimal “state”
  • How to not let fear and doubt win
  • The 5 stages of making a leap of faith 
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  • If you ever had an ah-ha moment go to waste, then this training will shed light on the one action required to see them through and create lasting success and change in your life!
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Having an “ah-ha!” moment is not enough.

Changing your subconscious mind for lasting success is possible.

It has to do with where you tend to live emotionally and changing your emotional subconscious thought patterns.

If others are getting results with the same methodology that you’re using, but you’re not getting results – it is simply because of you.

It’s your subconscious mind and the way it is wired.

As you go through life, you’ll learn things and have these “ah-ha!” moments but it’s not enough.

You have to find and replace the limiting factors in your life to take things a step further and actually succeed.

First, find those limiting factors. They could be money, time, people, business, whatever makes you feel like you’re behind.

Then, consider what you believe about those things. Start by completing the sentence, “Business is ___.”

You can finish that sentence multiple ways and if the ways you end that sentence conflict then that is a conflict inside your subconscious mind that needs to be rewired.

Do the same thing with “Money is __.” Or “Marriage is __.” Or “Men are __.”, “Women are __.”, “People are___.”

The ends of these statements impact your business, your family, everything.

Start to identify your limiting thought patterns, the habitual things that play in your head.

This way you can have the awareness to change.

This awareness creates your “ah-ha!” moment in your path to change, but there is one action required for sustainable success and that is “Leap when you are in state.”

What this means is, any time you have that beautiful “ah-ha!” moment, you need to immediately do something to follow through on what you learned, to make what you want to happen come true.

You need to lock it in in some way immediately while you’re in that moment.

Either put down a deposit, put it into the calendar, enroll into it, so you don’t lose sight of the goal without having something going towards its attainment.

This helps you to avoid the Law of Diminishing Intent.

If you have an “ah-ha!” moment you’re in state, you feel alive and electric and you’re out of your head and you are in your heart which is the best state possible because your heart guides you towards possibility.

As time passes from that event, you’re spending longer time out of state, and this sends your back into your head which is guided by fear and you’ll fall into your old patterns.

By taking action immediately in the moment, when you go home and you have to face all the other things in your life that are going on that you would normally prioritize, you’ve already committed and this keeps you from backing out of taking action.

You take action and you go do that thing.

And then when you get to that thing you’re in state again and you do the next action step!

Most people when they’re in state they let fear win.

They choose scarcity, fear, doubt, helplessness to guide their life. And that reinforces your existing wiring.

So you have to embrace the state you go into when you’re in a beautiful moment and take advantage of the physiology, focus, and language of that moment because that feeling is your truth.

When your physiology, focus, and language are different, that is one of the greatest keys to interrupting the pattern of limitation, and that happens when you’re having an immersive experience and fully engaged, so when you’re in state you’re in a moment where you’re interrupting that pattern of limitation and it’s the moment to take a leap.

Doing this over time will stack and create unstoppable momentum.

There are five stages to this process.

First is satiation where you feel like you’ve dealt with something enough times that you’re full.

Next, you get dissatisfied and this helps you by clarifying what you don’t want and what part of your life you want to change.

Then, you get to what’s called Emotional Threshold.

That’s the moment where you draw a line and say you’re done with this and making a way to change things.

This typically happens when you’re in an immersive experience.

A key to getting here is to get into immersive experiences of transformation and we will be having a free one in a few weeks that will rewire your mind for success and change you forever.

These experiences are powerful because you’re surrounded by other people going through the same thing and you feel this energy of transformation.

Once that emotional threshold is hit, you get to stage 4 which is a moment of insight and this is your “ah-ha!” moment about what your next step is. In this state is when you must take that one action required for sustainable success, to leap while you’re in state.

This leads to stage 5 which is the window of opportunity.

This window is when you need to take the leap because if you don’t then the law of diminishing intent will creep up and the window will close and you’ll just go back to everything you’ve ever known and nothing changes.

This will happen over and over, you’ll say no to the window because of fear.

That window isn’t an easy next step because it puts you out of your comfort zone so it’s a leap of faith.

Most people let their old limiting patterns stop them.

They rationalize everything and nothing ever changes.

So we need to reverse that.

You need to focus on who you need to be now and take a leap of faith in what’s best for your future.

Fear is wiring you to protect yourself from pain but if you’re always protecting yourself from pain you will not experience joy and happiness long term because you’ll always be focused on what’s missing or what could go missing.

Fear is your imagination without direction, faith is your imagination directed and trusting the best version of yourself to lead you where you’re meant to go.

That’s what it means to take that leap of faith through the window.

The greatest way to rewire your mind for sustainable success is to leap when you're in a great state and to practice doing it over and over.

We will have an event for you a few weeks from now to give you one of those windows of opportunity, to radically change your life and rewire your subconscious forever.

If you’re getting this now conceptually and you’ve already had your “ah-ha!” moment, but you need to understand better why you hold yourself back from more, take the What’s your Unique Success Archetype quiz.

It will help you identify the way that you see the world and when you identify your success archetype, you can also know what limitations that archetype has and can start to know how to change them. 


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