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#1 Success Tip That’s Led to Millions

Nov 13, 2023

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  • Why people will refuse to follow through om the success tip
  • Conditioning myself to lean into fear and uncertainty
  • The real reason your brain isn’t designed to make you successful
  • The 5 steps of The Chemistry of Transformation
  • Understanding the Law of Diminishing Intent
  • How NOT to waste your wisdom
  • The success tip that’s led to quantum leaps in my business and income
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I’ve been in a reflection phase for the last couple of weeks and discovered an insight that could change your life forever.


After looking back on a decade of my own personal growth and development, there has been one tip that led to quantum leaps in my income and business. That one tip is what I’m going to share with you today and how to execute it. 


This tip is something many people will refuse to do.


The reason is because to use this success tip, it requires facing uncertainty.


Over the years I’ve conditioned myself to lean into fear when I feel it because the degree in which you can handle uncertainty, is the degree in which you will be successful in life. 


When it comes to evaluating a decision to transform their life most people wait for certainty. This is what causes them to fail. You can’t succeed if you don’t face uncertainty. 


I’ll break it down for you. When a person values certainty highly they close the world in around them to feel a sense of control. But in that place, their heart’s not expanding. If it’s not expanding, then the feeling they’re left with is an emptiness that feels close to dying. 


Let me take it from a different perspective and direction. 


Most people’s goal in life is to survive. They want to pay their bills. They want to make sure their kids are fed. Neither requires facing a lot of uncertainty. Yet people whose ambition is just to survive, and still expect success, will only find themselves frustrated and upset. 


The point is if you want more in your life that means taking more uncertain risks. It means taking a leap of faith and realizing that whenever you're craving certainty in an uncertain situation, that’s your survival brain being used to solve a non-survival-based problem


Think about this for a moment: Your brain is not designed to make you successful. Its job is to keep you alive


At any moment it’s looking to protect you, and often that primal survival instinct is triggered by facing uncertainty. We tone down the amount of uncertainty we're willing to face because we have an ingrained perception that our goal or dream is at the same level of threat as something like a tiger attack.


That’s not fair to you or your dreams. 


Whenever you face this fear, you need to realize that it's your survival brain trying to solve non-survival issues. 


Now, If I look back at years of personal growth and the insights that led to quantum leaps in our success there was one thing that I did first that allowed for those insights to happen: I took a leap of faith at the moment I had an ah-ha moment. 


For example, if I was at a conference and the instructor would say something that gave me clarity, and then the instructor would provide an opportunity for me to go further into that education. In that moment is when I would sign up for further education. I would hire the coach. I would sign up for the seminar. I would buy the package. I would invest in the course. 


When I had the insight, I leapt in that moment.


I didn't understand until recently why change happened so fast for us until I learned the framework called The Chemistry of Transformation, which happens in 5 steps:


Step 1: Satiation

This is a feeling where you know you really want your life to change. You’re a little over everything that’s happening to you and you’re ready to go. When you experience this enough times you reach the next step. 


Step 2: Dissatisfaction

Most people think dissatisfaction is a bad thing, but it’s truly a gem if you use it instead of being used by it. Dissatisfaction is a strong feeling of being ready for something to change and needing something to be different. Once you’re here, you typically go to Step 3 quickly.


Step 3: Emotional Threshold

Emotional threshold is where you say I’m done with this. I’m drawing a line in the sand and deciding to make a change. At that moment, you go to Step 4.


Step 4: Moment of Insight

This is where you have an insight about something that can change in your life. It's the pivotal ah-ha moment where awareness comes into your sphere, and you finally see the action you need to take. After reaching Step 4, you then get to Step 5 almost instantly.


Step 5: Window of Opportunity

When you arrive at this step you have to leap through the window that’s opened for you. If you don’t, it will close and you’ll go back to living in the same pain and facing the same challenges over again.


Looking back to the moments in my life where I actually transformed, I was in an immersive environment where I was ready to change my life. I’d hit an emotional threshold and I received so many pieces of awareness. When the opportunity was given to take a leap of faith, I took it because you never leave the site of setting a goal or a dream without doing something towards its attainment.


Because wisdom is wasted if it's not immediately put into a disciplined activity.


When you invest in yourself, that is when a transformation happens because the transformation is in the transaction. Because when you pay, you pay attention.

All of this to say, when an opportunity shows up, it is fleeting. You need to leap when that window appears because there's something called the Law of Diminishing Intent following you silently. 

What’s that?


Have you ever been in a program and think it’s great, and you have every intention of doing all the things you learned in it when you get home… But then you go home and what happens? Your kids, spouse, and commitments all come hurtling back at you, and you never end up taking the action. That's the Law of Diminishing Intent.

It’s so important when an opportunity presents itself—because they are so rare—that you need to leap when you're in state. Otherwise, you don't jump through that window. The ah-ha moment vanishes, and you go right back to the beginning. But when you take that leap of faith, I promise you it’s rewarded.

That’s how it works.

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