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2 Poisons Required For Success & Happiness

Aug 07, 2023

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  • Understanding the 6 human needs
  • How to tackle the roots of problems and not just the symptoms of them
  • Breaking down how to meet each human need
  • Discovering if you’re addicted to bad behavior
  • Why the two needs you value most determine the direction and quality of your life
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There are two poisons that prevent happiness from ever being sustainable… and if happiness isn't sustainable, then success is highly unlikely. What are these poisons and how do we create happiness and success knowing that they're required for a great life? That’s what we’re going to talk about today!


But first, a small disclaimer. The framework I speak about today is one I learned from Tony Robbins. It changed not just how I live my life, but how I coach people to change theirs. It’s called the 6 Human Needs.


When you understand this framework, not only can you move your life forward faster than ever before towards what you want most, but you can also help the people you serve better, by helping them understand how they tick. Typically, when people try to help others change their life they focus on the symptoms of the problem. This method helps to an extent, but it doesn’t get to the root of what’s causing the problem, allowing for better, more lasting change to occur. 


That’s what the 6 Human Needs framework will help you to do—get to the root of the problem. 


The two needs you value most from this list will determine the direction of your entire life. The first four needs that Tony talks about are the primal needs or needs of the personality. There's multiple ways to meet these needs that are positive, neutral, and negative. Let’s dive in!


Primal Need #1: Certainty

Certainty is a survival need. It's the need to be able to avoid pain and gain pleasure. 


Positive – Exercising rigorously to make you feel amazing

Neutral – Rewatching a movie you know is good 

Negative – Yelling at your kids because in the moment it meets your need for control


Primal Need #2: Uncertainty

The need for uncertainty is something that every single person needs, because without it, there is no variety to life. 


Positive – Starting a business

Neutral – Rewatching a good movie you haven’t seen in a long time

Negative – Drugs or other toxic situations


Primal Need #3: Significance 

Significance is the need to feel important, the need to feel like you matter.


Positive – Making an impact on the world or starting a business that deeply serves others

Neutral – Reaching out to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time

Negative – One-upping other people’s problems or challenges with your own. A “You don’t understand what I’m going through” mindset


Primal Need #4: Love and/or Connection

Every single person needs love. It’s a biological need! If a baby isn’t given physical love when they're born, they will die. It's called failure to thrive.


Positive – Actively support your friends and family, and practice deep appreciation for them

Neutral – Call your best friend and tell them you’re thinking of them

Negative – Sex with a stranger (a connection without love)


I bring up these first four needs and leave out the last two because the first four needs you are meeting all the time, no matter what. If there is a behavior that you can't get yourself to change, even though you're trying to, it's because you're meeting three or more of these needs on a very high level. Any time you meet three or more of these first four needs at a high level, you become addicted to the behavior. This is what ultimately prevents you from moving your life forward.


If you find yourself addicted to some of these negative behaviors, begin to ask yourself, What’s a more empowering way to meet this need? By doing this you can start to break that negative pattern of behavior. 


Most people miss out on the last two needs that are truly what make life special and exciting. They’re our spiritual needs and they make you feel fulfilled.


Spiritual Need #5: Growth

If you do not feel like you are growing, you will feel like you are dying. Life isn’t fun without the challenge of growth. More importantly, we ultimately grow so we can meet the sixth need.


Spiritual Need #6: Contribution

We all feel better when we share our lives with others. When you go through a personal growth journey, you're not just meant to keep that to yourself. This is why there's this piece of you that wants to expand it and give it to other people.


As I said at the beginning. The two needs you value the most will determine the direction and quality of your life. If you're like most people on earth, you value certainty and significance the highest. Certainty and significance aren’t bad things, but when they're at the top of your list, they become poisonous. Because if certainty is craved before growth, you’ll never find fulfillment. You will close the world in around you to feel a sense of control, which means that your heart never gets to expand and be filled. The same can be said of placing significance over contribution.


But when certainty and significance become the byproduct of love, growth, or contribution? Suddenly you feel them all the time!


If you’ve been spinning your wheels, wondering why these emotions like certainty and significance keep popping up for you, but not for everyone else—there’s a reason for it. You’re living in survival mode. But if most of your day is spent living in survival mode, how can you ever expect to create lasting success and happiness? You can’t. You’ll just make your situation work. 


Thankfully, I've been able to develop a way for you to get out of those states of uncertainty, anxiety, and overwhelm in less than 20 minutes. Even if you've been living in survival mode for years! I created a proven closed-eye process that will take you out of survival mode so you can finally create the success story that you deserve.


In fact, this is the exact same process I take my multi-7-figure clients through. You can get access to it with the link below!


Go from surviving to thriving: www.bradbizjack.com/meditation


Thank you so much for tuning in. Always remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life.


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