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2022 Dreams The RIGHT Way

Dec 27, 2021

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  • The myth of New Year’s resolutions
  • How to get to a place of vision
  • The key to awesome goal setting: Spiderman, the President, and an astronaut
  • Appreciation Academy goal setting exercise—paper and pencil/pen required!
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Let's make this year the best year of your life so that you can live in possibility and maximize your 2022 dreams!

When you follow the framework I lay out today, you're going to look at goal setting in a completely different way.

First let's point out a mistake people make this time of year in order to avoid them ourselves:

  • Create an actual resolution not a preference
    • A resolution is already done in your mind.
    • Vision + Possibility = Creates Resolution
    • We create goals because we want the feelings they bring us when we achieve them, but when we visualize them as already done in our mind, those feelings are available to us now!

During this exercise, be more like a little kid!

Do NOT dream in reality! 

Set your dreams based on who you can become and what you really want.

But first -

S T O P !

Pause this recording until you can dedicate some time in a safeI manner and then play some music that gets you feeling excited!


Rules Recap:

  1. Suspend Reality
  2. Get Excited While You Do This (Play exciting music)
  3. Your Pen CANNOT Stop Moving Once it hits the paper


This exercise is not about what you need... it's about what you  want. Do not sit there feeling guilty for the things you truly want because you're capable of living without them.




Here are the 4 Categories we are going to dream about in the short term, medium term, and longterm timelines for each one:


  • Things & Stuff
    •  What physical items do you want to acquire?
      • (ex. phones, watches, car, home etc.)
  • The Experiences That You Want
    • Any experience you really want 
  • Treasure & Business
    • How much money are you making, investments, valuation of your business etc.
  • Contribution
    • What impact do you want to leave on society? 


Now set a timer and take at least 3 min (longer is okay) to dream freely for each category!

Think about what you want to accomplish in one year, three years, five years, ten years... Take a second and write a 1, 3, 5, or 10 to represent the goal year beside each one. (Doesn't matter what seems "realistic")


Our final step to Atypical Goal Setting - 

  • Circle all of the ONE YEAR goals and pick the one from each category that you KNOW is the one that would set your soul on fire!


Life is about becoming and expanding so that you can be the person who goes on to create these things.


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