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3 Keys to Speed Up Success (Part 1 of 3)

May 30, 2022

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  • Examining goal setting
  • Recognizing negativity spirals
  • The best mindset to solve problems
  • The importance of detachment
  • Playing defense vs. offense
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One of the greatest challenges that I see entrepreneurs have, is setting goals based on what they currently think they're capable of.

I'm telling you right now that if you are setting goals based on fear of what you've been able to do in the past, you'll never have your dreams.

We're going to break through that today in this three-part series on speeding up success.

When I take a look back on the tens of thousands of people that I’ve worked with over the years, what I’ve noticed are some trends.

Some people seem to get it and they just kind of take off. 

And other people seem to be stuck, for a very long time. Overwhelmed and stressed and worried.

I want you to ask yourself, no matter which category you're in, what if you can know the secrets of the people that had what you really wanted.

So I studied all these people and seen what their challenges are, what's holding them back.

 I took a look at the people that had incredible success, I took at a look at my own life, all of my success partners’ lives, my clients that I've coached and work with and brought them to success and what it's done when they’ve rewired their mind.

When I take a look at that, what I’ve noticed, there are three main themes, three challenges.

One of the things that I used to be challenged by is that I stopped setting goals. I was that guy, that I wanted success to happen so bad and I would find that I have this big list of what I needed to get done. 

I remember sitting down to do it but being like I don't want to do this right now. And getting exhausted and overwhelmed, thinking “what if I fail” or “how am I ever going to make this happen”.

I’d get overwhelmed by it and I’d do nothing.

I'd shut my laptop down, I’d turn on Netflix, and I’d see my laptop staring at me begging me to change my life but I just didn't care in those moments.

It let in these feelings of depression, where I would see it right there, but just being self-loathing and exhausted and so I would turn on the TV and I would binge eat nachos and down bottles of wine and all this stuff. All this was just to make me feel something.

I’d end up getting pissed off with myself, that I was in that state. And. I noticed throughout the years of doing that, because I was so driven, I was so hungry, I knew that I had something powerful to offer people.

Just like YOU have something to offer the world. 

I knew I had something to offer the world, but there was this piece of me that wouldn't let me do it.

Have you ever had that dull achy feeling of knowing you're meant for so much more than what you're getting out of life right now?

That's where I was.

I just felt I had this drive but I was stuck and frozen.

Every time I went after a goal, I didn't hit it, I’d come up short, or I’d be way far off.

Even if I hit the smaller goals, I still didn't feel alive and vibrant and happy. 

Until I noticed that I stopped setting goals.

I stopped setting goals all together, cause what's the point of going after them if I’m not going to hit them anyways?

So I noticed that my energy level dropped down even more.

It got smaller and smaller and smaller and everything I did from that point on was all about being realistic.

Making sure I can set things that don’t bog me down, things that I don't want to miss. I don't want other people to think less of me or see me going after this and judge me for putting myself out there in that way.

So I stopped setting goals all together. 

What I noticed in my life, was that I started to gain weight. I started to eat really unhealthy. I started to feel exhausted. My workouts started slipping. Started noticing I was spending money on dumb stuff. I started to notice that I was drinking more. I started to notice that this zest in life I had for possibility was gone.

It was almost like one of those spirals of negativity. You spiral down and down and down, and you don't even realize you're in it until you've been in it and something snapped out of it. 

My hope is that, maybe that if you're in that spot, maybe this episode helps you snap out of it.

That's where I was. I was in this spot of just consuming negativity. 

And I would rationalize why I was positive. And I would use toxic positivity as my coping mechanism for insecurity where I pretended everything was totally fine.

I pretend it was great, I would tell my wife that I was great, even though I was dying inside.

I noticed that when it came to building my dreams I had no energy to do it. I was just exhausted and tired and overwhelmed. 

So the reason I'm telling you this is because the number one greatest challenge that I see entrepreneurs have is setting their dreams based on what they currently think is possible in their lives.

I want you to ask yourself if you're doing that right now. Are you setting your goals, your dreams, based on what you currently think is possible in your life?

And if you're doing that, ask yourself what are the consequences of that?

When you set your goals based on what you currently think you're capable of, think about how that holds you back.

There's no excitement there. There's no energy there. There's no possibility there. There's no creativity there. There's nothing that causes you to become more from that place.

What entrepreneurs do all the time is say, well what's a realistic goal?

And I hate realism. I think realism kills dreams.

Now I'm not saying don't be objective about the dollars and cents in your business account. I'm not saying don't be objective about data. What I’m sayin is, if you are setting goals based on what you currently think you're capable of or not setting goals at all because you haven't hit those goals before, you are killing your dreams.

One of the greatest keys to speeding up success is to set unrealistic, massive, insane dreams that you don't know how to hit.

If you think about those massive, insane dream that you don't know how to hit, it causes you to think in a different way than what got you to this place right now.

If you try to solve a problem from the mindset that created the problem, all you create is more of the same challenge.

So if we set a huge dream and a huge goal that's different from anything we've ever done, then all of a sudden we have to think differently. We're going to go, how could I do that?

What it does, it jolts you out of that fear. It jolts you out of that feeling of being overwhelmed and it gets you into a place of energy, gets you into a place of aliveness and vibrancy.

When you get into a place of aliveness and vibrancy, you’re playing ball to win instead of playing ball not to lose, all of the sudden, you get new ideas you never had before. You get creative. There’s a resourcefulness within you to create an amazing dream that you didn’t think was possible before.

All the sudden you go after it and even if you miss that dream, which I missed most of my goals last year, but when you set these huge dreams and you don't attach your worth to an outcome , you go after these huge dreams, even if you miss your dream, you’re so much further along than you ever would have been in the past.

Magic starts happening, you feel different on the inside. You feel more alive. More vibrant. You lift up people around. You start helping other people transforming and create their dreams.

I share this metaphor all the time of success GPS. Every time that I take a look at a big dream or a big goal, I filter it through the lens of Google Maps. 

If I’m not excited about where I am going, I am not going to want to drive the journey to get there. 

I realized that's what I have been doing all of those years. I have been setting goals that I didn't actually care about. I was that guy where goals just evaded me, it kept being two steps forward three steps back.

It's almost like I set the same goal year after year and I kept on missing it.

The reason I did that was because I didn't give a shit about the goal.

I didn't care about it.

If you don't care about your dreams, if you don't care about your goals, then what ends up happening is you have no energy to create something bigger. 

You need to set a dream that causes you to want to drive across the country because what most people do is they set their goals based on the current amount of gas they have in their tank.

If I'm going down in my car and I want to see success of the metaphor for Google Maps, the first thing I do is I type in a destination. If that destination is based on the amount of miles I have left in my gas tank, my GPS pin goes to a cornfield in the middle of Iowa.

No offense to Iowa, or corn, but if I like waterfalls, Yosemite, national parks, hiking, all this beautiful stuff, and I set my GPS pin to a place that I don't really want to go, what happens when I start driving?

I'm going to want to turn around and go home.

I'm not going to have any interest in continuing.

I'll drive around aimlessly, I won't really care where I'm going, and I'll end up going back to everything I've ever known.

But if I set that GPS pin to a destination that really excites me, that will take some time to get to, that is going to take going through the mountains, climbing up and going down, going through all the different whirlwinds of life. Having to stop multiple times, being confused, being lost sometimes, to end up getting there then I’ll actually be excited if my destination is exciting.

Think about what that does to you energetically. If I love hiking but I set a dream to go to corn fields, there's no hiking. But if I love hiking and I set a dream to go hiking and see all these waterfalls and national parks, think about what happens to my energy.

Even before I leave on that trip, I'm thinking and picturing the waterfalls, the granite domes,  climbing half dome. All of these incredible things, I'm seeing it before it ever happens.

Notice I said seeing it before it ever happens.

It's a massive skill for success.

If you see it before it happens, think about what that does your energy.

Your energy goes up. When your energy goes up, what happens to your creativity?

Your vibrancy goes up. When you try new things. When your energy is higher, your emotions are higher because you're excited about something what happens to your ability to handle failure and mistakes? It goes up.

What happens to your ability to take risks and try something new? It goes up.

Think about little kids. Why are little kids are the greatest example of success? They want to be Spider-Man and Superman and the President, all at the same time. So they come in the living room dressed in their Spider-Man underwear, with a suit and tie on, giving their presidential address cause they're picturing it before it happens.

My point with this is that everything is energy. Everything is energy.

If you set small goals, you have small energy.

If you have small energy, then what happens is you never create any goals. 

Most people say to me, “but I haven't hit the small goals, why go after the big goals?”. 

The reason you haven't hit the small goal is because you don't give a shit about it.

You don't care. If you don't care about the goal, why would you go after it?

You’re going to turn around and go home. Something else is going to get your attention. When that goal becomes so exciting, you laser in and you focus on it.

There’s a piece of your brain called the reticular activating system and it’s job is to fizzle out all the stuff you’re not looking for.

So if you have a goal that's exciting, it keeps your energy and attention on that goal. 

If your goal is not exciting, you get distracted by social media. You get distracted by what’s going on in the news. You get distracted by all the stuff that has been going on for years.

I have news for you and you're not going to like what I'm about to say.

Right now is the single greatest time in human history.

It is the greatest time for the most ease for any person on earth. It is the single greatest time of opportunity and wealth. It is hands-down the safest time, statistically, that has ever existed in the history of the world. With the most technological advancement, with the most opportunity out there for literally everyone and their dog to be successful. But what you have now is access to more problems.

Think about what you have in your pocket. Social media, which is just a comparison trap. News media, which doesn’t actually inform you. News media does not have your best interest in mind, the primary job is for shareholders. To increase profits. And what sells? Fear. It’s programmed in our subconscious mind unless we rewire it.

You have access to negativity on deck. It’s all day long.

If you take a look at the grand scheme of things and scope out a little bit, if you didn’t have access to those things, you realize that things like what’s going on in the world have always happened.

But if you’re consuming it every single day, it brings down your energy. It makes you play small and think less than. 

Right now is the greatest time you’ve ever lived, it’s the greatest time of opportunity, but most people will tell you this way of thinking is bananas. Most people will tell you that I am cuckoo for coco puffs. 

But here’s the thing. I guarantee you, the people who are saying those things are people who have not mastered their emotions, they are people who are not where they want to be financially, they’re people that do not seek opportunities and possibilities, they do not live in vision.

That is the consequence of paying attention to what society says. 

I have had something that always told me, this voice on the inside, look at what people are doing and sprint the other way.

Most people are saying the world is falling apart, I'm thinking right now is the greatest opportunity that I’ve ever had. 

The greatest opportunity to double down.

I think it was John Templeton that said, when there's blood in the streets that is the greatest time of opportunity. Or something like I don't know the exact quote, but the whole point is that the greatest opportunities in life are the times of maximum pessimism as a society.

It's the greatest time of invention, it's the greatest time of opportunities, the greatest time of dreams, the greatest time of wealth. It's when you do the one thing that is different from everyone else and you set yourself apart from everyone else.

Most people are going to slow down. My calling to you is to speed up. To be the exception.

If you see a hill coming and you're riding a bike, which is what is coming– Winter is here. You always hear it’s coming, but it’s here. There’s negativity everywhere.

So let’s say you see that hill, you’re at the bottom of this big hill and you’re on a bike. Most people will see that and they slow down cause they're afraid of that hill. They're fearful, they doubt, they don't know if they can get through it. They slow down.

Very few people see that and are like, okay, now is when I speed up. Now is when I double down on how much value I serve in the world. Now is when I serve above and beyond.

If anyone tells you right now that it's worse than it's ever been, they’re lying. They're not looking at history. My challenge to you is to look at history instead of headlines. 

Look at history instead of headlines and I promise you that you will be wowed by what happened before.

It's happened time and time and time again.

And if you're that person that speeds up when everyone else is slowing down, then you’re creating the momentum to go over that hill when everyone else is walking their bike up the hill. You gain momentum going over and you speed down the other side. 

So when the world resets, which it always does, you’re so much further ahead of everyone else and you stand out as the authority to go to expert. The person that can serve at the highest level.

But that only happens when you see every time as a time of opportunity. When you dream bigger than you've ever dreamed. When you look at what society is doing and you sprint the other way. 

Most of societies sets small realistic goals, that’s what we've been conditioned to do. Most of society sits down and shuts up and listens to directions.  Most of society says that’s not possible. Look at society who is living in fear, go the other way.

This isn't me saying that you won’t experience pain in your life. You’re going to experience pain in your life. I’m saying right now, that it’s the greatest opportunity you’ve ever had. 

If you double down and create a huge dream right now, when everyone tells you it’s impossible, you’ll be one of the few that’s rewarded. You will thrive when everyone else is struggling.

But it starts with you going above and beyond right now when no one else is. And that starts with you creating a dream bigger than you’ve ever had. 

Setting a goal based on where you want to go instead of where you currently are. 

If you set a goal based on where you truly want to go, then all of a sudden, life gets very very different very very quickly. 

You create wealth, you create impact, you become the expert, you serve above and beyond than you've ever served before. But in order to do that you have to rewire your mind, you have to start thinking differently. 

So if you want to speed up success, part one is you need to start setting dreams based on what you truly want instead of what you currently think you're capable of.

If you have a hard time with that take our “What's Your Unique Success Archetype” quiz. It’s a quiz that helps you see how you've been operating up until now. If you've been living in scarcity, if you’ve been living in fear, following what the world is telling you. I'm not saying there aren't some tough things going on, that is not what I'm saying, I am simply saying elevate above that and realize they're always been tough things.

And I'm not saying those tough things don't impact you, they do. But I'm saying is you get to be the one that stands out.  You get to be the one that says that situation is challenging, I'm going to be the voice. I'm going to be the person who steps up right now. I'm going to show the world that they can change their life.

I promise you you'll be one of the few that’s rewarded.

If you are challenged with that, if you keep on going back to the negativity, going back to the scarcity, going back to what you currently think you're capable of, setting goals based on what you currently have in the tank: take the quiz.

It’ll give you your base line, your starting point, and it’ll point out the mistakes that you're making that's slowing you down in your success

I hope you’ve found value in this, make sure you share this, so other people hear this today. The world needs to hear this right now. I understand most people will think this is crazy, but you are not most people. You don’t want to be most people, you don’t want to be average, you don’t want to be mediocre, or be status quo. So share and take the quiz. And join us for part two next week. 


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