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3 Keys to Speed Up Success (Part 2 of 3)

Jun 06, 2022

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  • Are you lying to yourself—accidentally?
  • Plugging in your GPS starting point
  • The problem with stories
  • (Accidentally) Giving your power away
  • Taking 100% responsibility 
  • Proactive vs. Reactive approach
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  • If you’re ready to shift your narrative to empowerment, then part 2 in this 3-part series on the keys to success is where to start!
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One of the three greatest challenges that I see entrepreneurs make is lying about their current reality. Accidentally

We are going to speed up success today with the 2nd of 3 episodes, all about how to speed it up, how to succeed faster than ever before.

Last week we talked about creating a vision that was so powerful that actually moved you. And how if you didn't hit the goals of the past, it’s likely because you don’t care about them.

If you really want to succeed fast than ever before, you really need to dream huge.

We talked about all of the things that were holding us back in the media and scarcity and all that stuff. 

But today we’re going to go a different route.

Today we’re going to focus on another area that slows people down, so that you can speed up. And those are the stories that you're telling yourself.

Possibilities is one of my favorite words because it allows you to think about what could be.

If we're ever going to get to what could be, then we need to be honest about where we are.

I gave a metaphor last week all about GPS. And I talked about plugging in a destination to that GPS. But there’s another thing that GPS needs if it’s going to drive where you want to be, that’s that big dream, that big goal you really want to get to. And that second piece is your starting location.

Most people take a look at their life, their starting location, and make it mean something negative. I want you to ask yourself if you have taken a look at your life in terms of your finances or your business or your career or whatever it is and made it mean something that held you back. 

Did you ever take an overdraft in your bank account to mean you wouldn’t be successful? Did you ever take something that happened with your parenting to mean that you won't be a great parent?

Think about the stories that you currently make up about where you're currently at.

See most people live in storyland all day.

And one of the things that help me speed up success and allowing me to succeed faster than I ever thought possible was adopting a mindset of acceptance.

Now that sounds weird. 

Accept. So just accept my situation? Accept the challenges in my life, just the way it is?

No, what I mean is accepting what it is so that I can do something about it.

That means that we need to take an objective look at where we are. 

If you are looking at your life through the lens of story, then what ends up happening is you likely think that your life is the cause of your emotions. 

Which is bullshit.

Your life is not the cause of your emotions. You are the creator of how you feel. You’re the creator of your thoughts.

And the meaning you give to what you’re thinking about, creates your emotions. And so we create this and we have the ability to change this when we rewire our minds. 

So if you think about storyland, what I mean by storyland is, when you just tell stories all day long.

Have you ever had that voice in your head, it's super negative and super dark and makes up all this crap about your life and goes all over the place. If that voice were a person, would you ever hang out with them? No!

So we make up stories about where we currently are and it's negative, it's exhausting.

We need to take an objective view of our circumstances.

Most people think that their existing circumstances are the cause of their emotion.

If you are one of the people that think that your existing circumstances are the cause of your emotions, then what you’ll find is you’ll likely have the same exact challenges continue to show up in your life. The same except limiting beliefs, the same exact fears, the same exact doubt, the same exact money situation, everything is the exact same as it’s always been.

There hasn’t really been a lot of progress because you're making the critical mistake of saying my circumstances make me feel a certain way.

Which is BS.

See all of life is cause and effect.

If you focus consistently on the circumstances in your life thinking that those circumstances cause you to feel some way, then what it ends up doing is you accidentally are giving your power away.

Now most people will disagree with this. But I'm not most people.

Most people disagree with this and if you take a look at the people that do disagree with this chances are they don't have what they want. They don't have the big dream that they want. They’re not on track for the big dream that they want. They’re living in scarcity and fear.

So we need to take a look at our circumstances and ask ourselves, do we currently see those as the cause of how we feel or the effect of how we’ve been feeling. 

Most people think they’re cause of how they feel. If you think of your circumstances, your money or business, is the cause of how you're feeling then you take your power completely away.

See those things, your circumstances are the effects of your life not the cause.

The circumstance that are present in your life, you are 100% responsible for all of it, every single bit of it.

If you think for one minute that those things make you feel a certain way, you're giving your power away.

See all suffering is never found in what happens. Suffering is only found in your perception of what happens.

Here’s a great example: two people, two twin boys that grew up in a really challenging household. Alcoholic father who beat them. Terrible situation, horrible stuff. Father ends up going to jail and what ended up happening was they went years later and they followed the story of these boys lives. One of the two boys was in jail, just like his dad, and one of the two boys was thriving wildly successful, amazing life.

And when they interview these two boys, one of the boys, the boy that was in jail, he was asked the question “why do you think your life ended up this way?”. The boy says, because of my father. My father was an alcoholic, he beat me, he was so negative. All these things that he did to me, that's the reason I am where I am today. And I don't know what else happened in the rest of the interview but that's the point of it.

When they interviewed the other man who had millions of dollars, successful, beautiful family, all this amazing stuff. They said same question, “why do you think your life ended up this way?”.

Because of my father. My father beat us as a kid, he was an alcoholic, he wasn't there, he wasn't present. If my father wasn't that way, I wouldn't have to drive to be the man that I am today.

The only thing that changed between person 1 and person 2, is person 2 rewired their mind for success.

Person 1 chose a meaning that was disempowering. They were at the effect of life instead of at the cause of life. 

That person looked at their circumstances as the cause, therefore they were at the effect. The other person looked at their life, themselves as the cause therefore the effect was different.

So what we need to take a look at, is our starting point in the GPS navigator. Where are you actually saying you are?

Are you making up stories about your circumstance to feel something? Are you making up a story about your life that is more disempowering than you want it to be? And I want to think about a circumstance in your life that's not the way that you want it to be, I want you to list out all the stories you make up about that circumstance.

Oh it's because of this person, or I don't have the money, or I don't have the time, or it's because of my team, or whatever it is, write out all your stories. 

I want you to take a look at all the stories and ask yourself how do I solve that? How do I even begin to solve all of those stories. You can't. It's overwhelming, it's exhausting, there's no way to do it. 

You just feel wiped out and drained and you throw your hands up in the air saying I can't do it, I can't succeed, I'm stuck this the way my life is. It's because of those things that's why I am where I am. That's why I feel the way that I do.

But if you take a look at the stories and actually ask yourself what’s the fact, one fact of the situation. Take a look at all your stories and what’s actually true.

Let’s say it’s a story about money, I don’t have the money, there's never enough opportunity for me, other people don’t understand my situation, I'll never be there, I don’t deserve success, I’m not worthy of success.   But the only thing that's true, the only fact, is that I have $32 in my bank account.

Well, if that is the fact, without all the garbage of stories, which of those two groups is easier to solve? All the stories about having $32 in your bank account or the objective look at $32 in your bank account?

What's the difference? The difference is one is playing in stories, making up lies about where you are that are impossible to solve to feel a sense of significance and importance about how hard your situation is. The other is an objective view, an acceptance of what is. 

What does that mean? An acceptance of what is? Not saying you don't desire to change, doesn't mean you don't have dissatisfaction. It means that you're looking at your circumstances  and you're saying “okay, these are the cards that I’m dealt, I’m going to do something about it”.

You're taking a proactive approach to your life instead of a reactive approach.

You look at the facts and you move on from there.

Stories cloud judgment. If you live in all those stories when opportunity comes your way, then what happens? You don't seize it, you don't go after them with everything you can, you half-ass apply the strategy, whatever it is, you don't get what you want.

When you look at the fact, there's no clouds in your head, you’re clear, you can move.

So let’s apply this to the success GPS metaphor that we've been talking about. We have the big dream, the destination actually excites us, the hiking trip. 

When we have that big dream, we have that compelling destination, let's say we’ve mastered that already. The second thing the GPS need is your starting location. If you are honest about where you're at, you look at the fact, the GPS knows where you are and can chart a course.

But if you're making up stories about where you’re at, then the GPS thinks you’re further back than where you are or further ahead than you are.

So let’s say I live in Chicago and I want to drive to Yosemite, my big dream. And I say that it's harder for me, people don’t understand -- story story story story story. I tell the GPS that I'm actually in Buffalo, New York. Or I might be a situation when I say it's better than this, I say “oh yeah everything's fine, I don’t have any problems, no issues at all”. Pretend everything's good. So you’re actually telling your GPS that you’re in Denver instead of in Chicago. So if you’re trying to drive to Yosemite in California, and GPS either thinks you're in Denver or Buffalo, but you’re actually in Chicago, what happens when you chart a course?

Your GPS will chart a course from that place to where you want to go but what you’ll end up doing is driving around aimlessly cause it will say turn left on Johnson street but where’s Johnson street? 

So you’ll drive around aimlessly not knowing where to go, so you turn around and go back to everything you've ever known. What's safe. Living in stories.

So you never get to where you want to be.

My calling to you today is to realize that you are the creator of your thoughts. You create them. You decide if you feel vibrance in your life. You decide if you feel crappy. You decide if you live in scarcity, you decide to live in abundance. You decide if the world falling apart means that everything is doomed or you decide that the world falling apart means that you have the opportunity to serve more than you’ve ever served. Add value more than anyone else. To be the exception, to be the role model.

You get to choose. 

You are the creator of your thoughts.  If you want to thrive in this time, you want to speed up success more than ever before, you need to rewire your subconscious mind. 

You need to rewire yourself to think in this way and when you do, it’ll be the greatest time you’ve ever lived because all of a sudden you have this big vision. When everyone else is slowing down, your speeding up, you have this big vision and you’re honest about where you’re at so you have no stories clouding your judgment. 

All of a sudden you can fly towards where you want to go because there's no noise. You're just lasered in and you go. And it becomes so much easier.

So I want you to picture your dream. What do you really want, what are you going after right now faster than ever before?

I want you to be honest about where you're at so that you can make that leap from where you are to where you really want to be. Not the BS story you told yourself about where you thought you want to be, where you really want to be faster than ever before. 

That’s what’s possible for you here. Six figure success, seven figure success, changing lives all over the world, a bank account that continues to grow, buying your dream home, traveling the world, all these incredible things are possible for you too when you rewire your mind. 

But if you have a hard time doing that, if you live in storyland, you notice these stories come up consistently, than my calling to you today is to take the “What’s Your Unique Success  Archetype” quiz. This quiz will show you exactly why you make up these stories. It will give you the starting point of the success journey so you can speed up faster than ever before.

If you notice that you get this logically but emotionally you’re not really going after it. Like you have a conceptual understanding of this, but there’s a piece of you that thinks you don't understand my situation or you say “I know” all the time. You say I know that or I know I need to all the time, but it’s not really grasping or you’re not sticking with it. Or you just feel this exhaustion where you know you're meant for more but you're not breaking through the next level.

This quiz will show you why. You'll feel understood for the first time in probably years. And it will help you see exactly where you are so that you can break through those mistakes and get to where you want to go.

Part two of the three part series is to be honest about where you currently are. Be honest and objective with acceptance of this is the only fact, this is the only thing that’s true.

Once you do that, all the noise dissipates and you can go after that vision with laser clarity which is so much easier.

Remember to take the “What’s Your Unique Success Archetype” quiz. I hope you found value in this episode today, we’re going to come back for part 3 next week where we talk about the path from where you are to where you want to be and one of the ways to speed that up faster than ever before.


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