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6 Figures In Less Than 6 Months w/ Josh Coats

Jul 18, 2022

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  • What prevents people from getting to 6-figures
  • The importance of sales psychology
  • How to build intentional paths for your customers to take
  • Why more followers don’t equal more money
  • Do these 3 things to make your first 6-figures
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  • If you’re ready to break into the 6-figure club, then today’s lesson details what you should and shouldn’t be doing to get there!
  • My Six Figure Marketing Plan


Most people rely on outdated marketing principles to try to build their business six figures.

It doesn't work if you're someone that's sending cold DMs, or trying to just grow your Instagram following, or sending the same copy and paste method, or messages over and over and over again.

It's not working for a reason.

We need to get into the specific marketing principles that will actually get your business off the ground.

Today we have a very special guest to talk about this exact topic.

I'm so excited to introduce you to Josh Coates, Josh and I are in a mastermind together with our friend James Wedmore. I've had the privilege of getting to know Josh, over the last few months, he's become an amazing friend and a crazy amazing mentor in a lot of different areas in business.

Josh is a Wall Street Journal best selling author, he is a top 50 podcast host, he's a seven figure earning life coach, is a coach and mentor to some of the highest earners in the network marketing space, and he's trained over 40,000 people in his online courses.

So what prevents people from getting to the six figure level?

Lack of understanding human behavior.

Studying and knowing why people do the things they do.

Knowing what causes what motivates people.

What do people feel, what do people hear.

 If we want to talk like network marketing stuff, corporate said that this new program is out and it's the best thing in the world. And then you regurgitate the words of corporate that got you excited, not realizing corporate has been studying your human behavior, not your ideal clients but human behavior.

So when your company puts out a new program, part of the point of that program is to engage the network of reps that they have, not necessarily to sell to the masses.

It's your job as an independent business owner to go do the same research corporate did on you to your ideal client so that you know what it is they're looking for.

It doesn't change what you sell, it changes how you sell.

I think that most people get that part wrong.

They're so in themselves and think, me, me, me. If you flip it and be like, what is everybody else thinking right now? What does everybody else feeling right now? What's everybody else looking for right now, and how can I flip my messaging to make sure that I'm grabbing on to that? 

We need to shift our messaging to more of what's in it for the other person.

If you know your ideal customer so well, better than they know themselves, you can craft your messaging around that and everything gets so much easier.

Another thing that prevents people from getting to the six figure level is they don't spend their time learning the thing that actually makes them money.

20% of our results come from 80% of our time, and 80% of our results come from 20% of our time. 

So find the thing that is your 20%, that makes you 80% of your results.

When you find that thing, instead of only spending 20% of your time doing it, spend 100% of your time doing it, because you can literally get 5x your results by just doing that.

Too many people have an ongoing to do list that doesn't really make them money.

The to do list is filled with things that might get a little bit of success, but it's not going to skyrocket success.

We need to shift that list to the those small activities and spend 80 or 100% of our time on those activities to actually get results.

That's what people mess up accidentally on the path to trying to get six figures is this idea of outdated marketing approaches.

Another thing that prevents success is outdated marketing.

When things are new anything can go.

If you're the very first person to say something, or do something or sell something, and coin your own thing, it can work really well, even without a lot of other good things working for you.

Even if your marketing and messaging sucks. But at some point, when the space gets more crowded, you have to become smarter.

With most people on social media, they think l got to say something today. But there's no plan to it, there's no strategy to it.

There's no path of where you're trying to take your customer to, no path that takes the customer from where they are to what you offer.

If you don't have an intentional path for that, you just make enough noise and eventually someone will give me money.

Take the time to study and dig deeper into the actual messaging that matters, the marketing that works, and create an actual intentional plan to create the results that are wanted. 

That's the messy marketing that most people aren't willing to do.

Most people are thinking, it's noise noise noise.

It's not if you build it.

It will come up to attract people that need it, to make sure that your messaging is meeting their needs or meeting their wants.

People also make the mistake of thinking if they're just followed by more people, then all of a sudden, they'll make more money.

It is sexy, and it is fun, to have 100,000 followers on Instagram, which makes you look like a really cool person, even though that's not necessarily money.

If you can't close sales with 1000 followers, why in the world do you think 1000 more would make a difference?

Maybe something else needs to change.

Your messaging may be off and there's a lot of tweaks we can make.

If you make enough money, people will seek you out and your following will grow.

But if you're trying to do it the other way around, more followers does not necessarily equal more money.

It does not equal more freedom. The other thing is if you're not careful, you become a slave to this system of needing more followers and more engagement.

But that does not guarantee more money in your bank.

You're gonna find you're always on needing to create content, and then you get distracted from the business building activities that will actually serve you, which is your messaging and your marketing.

Here is a list of1-2-3 things that you could do to actually have you first six figure year, yeah:

1) Make a not to do list and go through and cross stuff off. What you say no to is just as important as what you say yes to. 

2) Build a belief bridge by using sales psychology. Study the habits, desires, needs, and responses of other people.

3) Stop focusing so much on creating more, instead, come up with the message. Once you develop that message, create a few resources that highlight that specific thing and then find a way to get it to the masses.

So if you resonated with any of that today friends, register for Josh's free workshop July 27th, I can vouch for him 100%. It's called learn My Six Figure Marketing Plan and fast tracks your path to more leads and more conversions. 

He's not going to lead you astray. You're going to learn some amazing strategies. And on top of that, build the belief that you need to become the sixth and eventually seven figure entrepreneur that you're meant to be. 


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