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How An 8-Figure CEO Thinks & Talks About Money w/ James Wedmore

Jun 05, 2023

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  • How to change your relationship with money once and for all
  • Recapping the 4 stages of business growth: niche alignment, offer alignment, launch alignment, and maximum impact
  • Understanding why you want your business to be an “elegant” machine
  • Understanding the fear behind sales and how to breakthrough it
  • How to decide the right price for your offer, product, or service—every time
  • Defining sales: a process of managing the balance of energies… or an invitation to your transformation party!
  • Re-examining our relationship with money and how it impacts us today
  • Tuning into “Money” frequency
  • Join the free training that took me from $92k in debt to a multi-7-figure business: RISE of The Digital CEO with James Wedmore
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  • What's your unique success archetype? Take the quiz to find out now! 
  •  If you struggle with sales and determining the value of your work, this training will give you the tools to sell with integrity and excitement AND design an irresistible offer (with an even more irresistible price tag)!



My personal business mentor, James Wedmore (an 8-figure PER YEAR entrepreneur), is back again to discuss the psychology of money and sales. With this free training, you’ll not only learn to view sales in a completely new way that serves you better but also get your business off the ground! 


You do not want to miss out on this in-depth discussion on the psychology of money, pricing your product/offer, and the main components of building an elegant, profit-making business machine from one of the greatest entrepreneurial minds in this industry!


James is hosting an extremely rare and completely free, 3-part training called the "Rise of The Digital CEO"—It’s not too late to join!


Join today and discover the training that took me from struggling paycheck-to-paycheck and $92k in debt to a thriving, multi-7-figure business serving people all of the world! RISE of the Digital CEO is where you’ll discover how today’s most successful online experts are experiencing rapid growth while working less!


Join The RISE of The Digital CEO Now!


What's your unique success archetype? Take the quiz to find out now! 



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