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Awareness - The Beginning of a Breakthrough

Sep 13, 2021

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Self awareness is the first step to freedom! 

To build awareness you have to pause and reflect on the experiences you have had and creating this awareness takes honesty.

What are the thoughts and the beliefs are going on behind the scenes causing you to act the way you do?

It's important to pause and question your beliefs and to become aware of what your strengths and weaknesses are.

If your current thoughts, beliefs, and level of action continue the way that they are today, where will you actually be 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 year, from now?

Now imagine where you could you be if you actually changed those thoughts and belief to be more beneficial to you.

This allows you to become more aware of your consequences and benefits of your beliefs, but you can also become aware of your strengths and limitations.

::: (8:03) PAUSE RIGHT NOW - get out a sheet of paper and list out your greatest strengths and limitations :::

You will probably notice it's much  easier to come up with your list of limitations than it is for your strengths because we already know what we should be doing that we aren't.

It's time to get honest about what you're really good at!

What are your gifts? What are your weaknesses?

When you combine the awareness of all these things together you can really start to make changes in your life.

There is a way to discover all of this  in one FREE resource to make your life easier and give you direction on where to begin!

A quiz that will help determine the speed of your success based on 4 archetypes or "success profiles" that will identify your specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as providing insight on how to make changes right now. 

Check out the link at the bottom to take the quiz now! It takes 60 seconds and it's free!

Don't continue to walk around the world vision blurred and squinting trying to adjust to the world as you see it. Let's change your prescription to fit what you need in order to see life clearly succeed! It's not hopeless, you just might need some new lenses!!




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