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Being Realistic Hurts Your Success

Jun 20, 2022

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Realism is the fastest traveled road to mediocrity.

Now I’m not saying don’t look at the data, don’t look at the facts. What I’m saying is my life changed drastically when I started being a true visionary instead of living in reaction.

What most people do when they enter into the world of business is they’re waiting to hear what they should do. They're bringing an employee mindset. And there's nothing wrong with being an employee but if you bring that entrepreneur mindset to your employer, you will thrive in your corporate career.

I see entrepreneurs all the time bring an employee mindset in their business – what should I do next? Waiting for direction. They don't actually know where to go or what to do and what that causes that happens is people end up feeling stuck and overwhelmed and exhausted.

They just feel like they can't get ahead because they don't know what to do next.

They are looking for certainty, looking for a guarantee, looking for someone to pave the way.

But when you said that you wanted to be an entrepreneur, you signed up to be a visionary.

You signed up to go into the unknown.

You signed up to do something different and that means that you need to go first.

Here's what's interesting about being a visionary: it doesn't mean other people are going to agree with you.

In the beginning, most people will disagree with you.

I remember when I started my business, everyone told me I was nuts, including people in my own family. They didn't get it.

But this gift was not given to other people, it was given to you.

Stop waiting for other people to have your gift.

Other people aren't going to agree with you right away and that's okay.

Other people are going to think differently than you.

Being a visionary means you see something in a different way. You have a vision, which means you are alone in the beginning. Once you start to realize that vision, then all of a sudden other people start to grab hold.

This starts with being unrealistic.

If you are a visionary, you are unrealistic.

You’re not trying to set dreams based on what you think you can do anything or what society thinks is possible for you.

You are dreaming based on what you know is true and real in your life.

A couple years ago, our business was bringing in about $25,000 a month in revenue (and that's great!) and I remember talking to my high performance coach about how I wanted to grow it to  $30,000 a month,  I wanted that 20% increase.

I remember telling him what $30,000 a month in revenue in my business and my coach goes “why would you set such weak goals?”

And I thought, these goals aren’t weak, $30000 a month is pretty amazing.  And he says, you missed the point: why would you ever set a goal you know you can hit.

The purpose of setting goals is not to achieve them, the purpose of setting a goal is to become something bigger than you've ever become.

To think differently than you ever thought. To show yourself what's possible. 

He challenged me: what do you really want?

It came out of me right away, I said I want $100,000 a month.

My heart started beating fast.

My whole state changed. My energy changed. I was more vibrant, more alive

There was just one problem…we had just had Lily, and it was a traumatic childbirth…

It was a situation where I felt like I was in over my head. 

But I remember what my coach told me.

He told me you don't set goals for the purpose of achieving them, you set them to become something more.

When you live in the feelings of your goal, all of a sudden you start to think differently and it makes the goals actually happen and become real.

I remember thinking to myself, this is the situation, there's a lot of stuff going on, but I'm going to live in this goal as if it's real. 

And all of a sudden, I started picturing and feeling it. Even with those sleepless nights with the baby and all that stuff. All of a sudden, I got this idea of how to share our online program with thousands of people at once. And everything started taking off.

All of a sudden I went from $25,000 a month to doing $800,000 of revenue for the following 6 months.

That's what happens when you think in terms of what you actually want instead of thinking in terms of what other people think you should have.

I want you to challenge yourself. Are you being a visionary in your business? Are you saying I'm going to go and do the thing that no one else is willing to do? I'm going to take principles of role models to create this and use the proven systems, but I'm going to think different. I'm going to think in a way that no one else understands.

Most people think that setting smaller goals it's safer, but there were studies that were done that actually shows that challenging dreams, huge dreams, exert less energy. 

How crazy is that? Huge dreams exerting less energy? Why?

When you set a small dream, it’s not what your heart wants.

When it’s a huge dream, it’s different. It excites you so you create energy to go after that huge dream,

If you haven't had success yet and you're looking at your dreams from the perspective of “what if I fail at this?”. Aren't you falling right now already by not going after them?

Aren’t you failing by  living in mediocrity? Aren’t you failing by settling for less than what you really want?

So what will you lose by being a true visionary in your business?


You’re not going to lose anything. You're going to feel lit up, excited, alive, vibrant, and the passion will flow through you.

You'll create incredible things in life.

If I take a look at everything that I've created in my life that’s been in alignment with my dreams, it all came from being a visionary. It all came from thinking different than most people think.

In the beginning, I promise you most people will think you're crazy, including people in your family.

But remember what Steve Jobs said: the people that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones that do.

That's my calling for you today. Be the visionary.

Safety and security in business is a fool's errand.

There is no place for safety and security in business.

It’s about risk-taking, calculated risk-taking, but risk-taking. 

It's about taking leaps of faith in the unknown.

Trying things you never tried before. Failing, getting back up, learning, growing, doing something new. 

When you do that, you become one of the few that is willing to adopt that risk and do what most people will never consider.

When you're truly living in that visionary role and you're living as an entrepreneur, you do the things that most people would never even consider, but you live the life that most people would never even dream of.

You do take on the risk, but you get all the reward.

You are not someone that settles for mediocre. You're not someone that settles for status quo.

There's more in you than that and you know it. Which is why I'm calling you to be a visionary right now.

Be the person that is crazy enough to believe they can change the world. Be the person that thinks big enough to try something new, to go against generational curses and mediocrity.

You are different and you are made to be different. Don't settle for less than that.

If you feel that pulling on your heart for more but there's something holding you and you don't know what it is but you just just wish there was a way to figure out what's stopping you from going after this. 

I had that feeling to I wanted success so bad and it seemed like everyone else had it easier but I was stuck in the overwhelm trap all the time. Living in perfection and guilt all the time.

I realized it was because of how I was wired. It’s because of how I was living, how I was breathing, how I was thinking. When I rewired my mind for success, all of a sudden things started to shift.

If your mind is wired for failure or wired for employee, then you’re not going to thrive in business.

How can you expect to have tremendous business results if you’re not thinking as a visionary?

You need to shift that thinking. And when you do, you will advance fast in your role.

If you are wired for failure, how can you ever expect 6-7 figure success? It’s not going to happen.

You need to rewire that mind. If you’re challenged with this, take the What’s Your Unique Success Archetype quiz.

It will show you how to thrive and what's getting in the way of that thriving.

What sort of the beliefs, the patterns, the things that you're thinking on a regular basis that’s getting in the way. And you'll feel understood for the first time in years.

It will show you a path to actually shifting it, so that you can succeed faster than ever before.


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