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5 Paradigm Shifts For Your Breakthrough Year

Jan 08, 2024

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  • The 5 Paradigms to thrive by
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  • A checklist for alignment
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  • The ultimate equation for self-worth
  • Are you living life as an example or a warning?
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People's lives are either an example or a warning, you get to decide this year what yours is going to be!

Today we will talk about the 5 paradigm shifts about how you can choose to look at basic challenges that everyone has throughout each year.


1. Alignment

Take a look at the emotion behind what you do. Do you feel pulled with positive intentionality? Or do you feel like you're forcing things to happen? Not being in alignment feels more forced. 

Take a look at your stories about your circumstances in life right now and ask yourself if they are empowering you or disempowering you.

You need a compelling vision of the future that makes you feel alive!

One of the best ways to do this is to link your contribution to the greater good of society from your own actions. 


2. Spend Time Focusing on What You DO Want vs What You DON'T

When you focus on what you don't want you end up creating more of the same. People aren't actually stuck in life, they look for why they are stuck. If you spent more time focusing on where you want to go, your dreams, ideals, possibility - rather than searching for what you don't, you would already have it all. Are you avoiding what you don't want or are you focusing on what's pulling you toward something amazing?


3. Release Perfection

Society primes you to be perfect. In school you are given grades for how well you sit down, shut up, and perform. You aren't taught about happiness or wealth. You are taught how to be an assembly line worker. Get A's and don't try anything out of the ordinary. You are groomed to avoid failure and strive for perfection. The problem with this way of thinking is that if you really want a vibrant life, you need to fail!

Success comes from good judgement.

Good judgement comes from good experience.

Good experience is typically the result of bad judgement.  

You need to make mistakes along the way.


What are the consequences of living in perfection?

  1. You're not likely to start on your dreams because you don't know how 
    • Everything will feel heavy and overwhelming. Don't seek certainty on how to do something because it may prevent you from actually doing it

  2. Everything you do will be to avoid failure
    • You are not really putting yourself out there so no one actually experiences all of you

  3. No matter what you do it won't feel like enough
    • Your worth becomes a moving target


Goals don't bring happiness, it's happiness that brings goals.


If you find yourself living in a constant state of perfection, you have to increase your sense of worth.


By increasing your sense of worth, you no longer question if you're enough, and no longer feel the need to be perfect, so you're willing to fail.


How do you increase your sense of worth?


Worth = Self Love Over Time

If you consistently give yourself love over time, celebrate and praise yourself for how amazing you are, your sense of worth will build.


4. Being A Role Model

Everyone's life is either an example or a warning.

Are you showing people what's possible or being a warning sign showing  them what to avoid?

You have the ability to decide that RIGHT NOW.

Adopt a role model mindset.

You are always being a role model in everything you do. For your kids, friends, family, spouse etc.

What type of example are you setting?


Ask yourself this to make yourself more of a role model:

How can I deal with this as the highest version of myself?

If you ask that question alone, you're already filtering your behaviors and being a role model.

It's time do some analysis on how you're showing up.

Take this What's YOUR unique success archetype? to gain some insights into how you are currently operating. It will show you what's limiting you, what's empowering you, and how to actually be that example for others.


5. Become a Long Term Person

Most people are short term people who choose the short term pleasures to either avoid pain or gain pleasure. Short term avoidances, distractions, purchases etc. Yet, they end up with long term pain. Most people choose what they want NOW and what they must have NOW, so they don't save money. Then they feel long term pain of their consequences. We need to flip that so that we welcome the short term pain and avoidances in order to create long-term pleasure. Where are you currently being a short term person? By changing your lens and starting to filter your actions you start to look at how actions will affect you over the long term.

If you view life through the lens of what is best for longevity this year, you will have a very different life very quickly.


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