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The 3 Chokeholds On Your Business

Aug 07, 2019

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  • The 3 chokeholds on your business are a victim mentality, an employee mindset, and attachment to results! 
  • If you suffer from one of these chokeholds, you'll have a hard time growing your business.
  • If you suffer from all of these chokeholds, you'll get into a state of learned helplessness where you believe that it's just different for you and no one else understands you! 
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  • If you feel like you're trying everything but can't seem to break through, this video is a MUST watch! 

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Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owners breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve!

Today, I’m curious! Do you ever feel stuck in your business? Like you’re trying all the things, and you can’t seem to breakthrough? It looks so much easier for everyone else, and you just don’t get what’s going wrong? It doesn’t seem fair. It seems like you’re not destined for success and that you’ll always be stuck right? Let me guess. Your mind is on your business all the time, but your results are in the toilet. And when you’re focused on your business, you’re not focused on creativity. You’re focused on what’s going wrong and how you don’t have the ability? Ever feel that way.

Well, in this quick podcast episode, we’re going to bring awareness to what’s going wrong! Full disclosure: you won’t solve it by listening to this one episode. I’ll give you an opportunity today to invest in me as your coach to learn how, but before that even matters, it’s important to see if you struggle with this. Today I’m gonna walk you through the three biggest chokeholds on your business and what you can do to break through them. So what are these chokeholds that you face?

  1. A Victim Mentality
  2. An Employee Mindset
  3. Attachment To Your Results

Suffer from one of those, and you’ll have a tough time growing your business. Struggle from all of those, and you’ll live in a state of learned helplessness where you start to believe that nothing you try will ever work. It’s called learned helplessness because it’s something you’ve taught yourself. It’s not true. But you believe it is.

So let’s start with number 1, a victim mentality. Victim mentality is a learned behavior. It’s not genetic. It’s not a biochemical predisposition. What are some signs of a victim mindset? You think that you’ve been wronged in some way. Almost like it’s unfair to be where you are. A victim believes that he or she has no control over their life. They refuse to do anything about set backs and believe that it’s just the way things are. A victim lives in negativity and believes the worst, even if the world is trying to tell them otherwise. Here’s a tough one. A victim expects sympathy. A victim desperately craves validation from people with more success and people that they don’t even respect. Almost like if a victim hears, “I’m so sorry you’re going through that,” it feels really good to a victim. A victim lives in self-pity. It’s a “why me?” mindset, and it’s a constant state of putting yourself down — another hard one. A victim will set themselves up for failure. Since they believe that their situation is harder, they won’t do the actions that could change their life because they already think they’re going to fail.

So my question is – do you act like a victim? Do you believe that it’s just different for you and no one else understands your situation? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to break through when if’ you’re honest with yourself, you’ve tried one thing, and you’ve just done it over and over again expecting things to change?

Because I’m going to be direct with you really quick. It’s no different for you. It’s not harder for you. Other people do understand. You have complete control over your mindset. I know it doesn’t feel that way, but until you learn how to correct that, you’ll be stuck and miserable. And on top of being miserable, it’ll affect your marriage, your parenting, your bank account. Everything!

So how do you break through a victim mentality? I can’t teach you that on a single podcast episode. But I do teach you in very specific detail how to do it in my online course, Appreciation Academy! Here’s all I’ll say about that program: Do it. You can’t afford not to. And if you’re listening to this podcast, you get a 50% off discount by entering the promo code “PODCAST” all caps at check out at www.appreciationacademy.com.

What’s the second chokehold? An employee mindset! This is most common in network marketers. Because network marketing is much less risk than a traditional business, people don’t associate the same level of sincerity in building it, and that’s what hurts them most! That’s the challenge because network marketing is just as much of a business as a traditional business. But most people sign up for the dream and expect it to be easy. They expect to avoid failure. And they go into it with the same mindset that they went into their job. So what’s the difference between an employee mindset and an entrepreneur mindset.

The first is that you are responsible for everything. 100% responsible. It’s on you to create it. No one is going to come and teach you and save you. You have to go figure it out! 99% of your business challenges can be solved on google. What you do is not hard. You make it hard. Most people start a home-based business and expect their upline sponsor to teach them everything, just like a boss would at a regular job. This is a horrible mindset to have. You figure it out along the way, and the upline sponsor will work with you when you deserve their time, not when you need their time. If you aren’t getting attention from your upline sponsor, it’s because you need to earn their time. And if you think you’re entitled to it, and you need it in order to have success, you’re very wrong. You are responsible. The perks of their attention come after you work your ass off to figure things out.

Entrepreneurs improve their skills. Employees improve their weaknesses. Why is this? Employees are taught that weaknesses are bad. So employees work on making sure they don’t fail. But in entrepreneurship, can you be successful without failure? Nope. Entrepreneurs hone in on what they’re best at and run with it as hard as they can.

Entrepreneurs try to fail. They love failure. They seek out failure. And they’re willing to produce shitty work. They know that one failure can lead to an aha moment that can change their life. Employees are always concerned about their boss, so they try to be perfect. And they won’t start unless they can be perfect. It’s a performance review driven society. So if you avoid failure, you’re still operating as an employee. And you can’t build a business that way.

Entrepreneurs make their own direction. Employees need direction. Entrepreneurship is the beautiful art of making something out of nothing. There are some great, proven strategies to do that, but a lot of the times, wannabes will wait for someone to tell them. That’s an employee mindset because it’s you waiting on a “boss.” An entrepreneur figures it out. They google. They YouTube. They try. For example, my business now has four branches. I have Life-Mastery Coaching (a subscription program), 1:1 coaching, public speaking, and my online course, Appreciation Academy. I had zero idea how to do any of it before I started! I googled. I took courses. I invested in myself. I failed my ass off. And I figured it out. If I waited for someone to tell me how, do you think I’d have success? Nope!

The next one is a big one. Entrepreneurs love risk. They bathe in risk. They live for risk. Why? Because without risk and putting yourself out there, there’s no reward. Whenever you see a successful business, someone made a lot of really courageous choices. Employees avoid risk at all costs. They won’t put themselves out there. Employees fear it. They leave in fear. They need to stay safe. And by the way, this includes investing in your business. Employee mindset would see something like my course, Appreciation Academy, and see it as an expense. Entrepreneurs know in their core that if they want more success, they must invest in their growth before they have the money to do it! That’s exactly what I did! And without those courses that I couldn’t afford at the time and figured out how to pay it off, there’s no way my business would be where it is!

Last one: Entrepreneurs look up to successful people. We love seeing other people’s success! It inspires us and makes us see that it’s possible for us too! Employees see more successful people as a threat. Wannabe entrepreneurs see others success as their own failure. It’s a horrible way to live because you need successful people’s advice in order to succeed, but if you see them as a threat and a direct sign of your own failure, you’ll never surround yourself with them long enough to succeed yourself.

All in all, if you aren’t self-motivated, get flustered under pressure, are risk averse, and dependent on someone else for your success, you need a mindset shift if you’re going to be successful in entrepreneurship. Really what it comes down to is taking 100% responsibility for your business and life. Once you do that, it becomes so much easier to build a business. And again, if you struggle with that, Appreciation Academy! I’m not trying to sell you the program, but shit man, if you struggle with this, you need it! It’s so powerful!

So I hope that gave you some insight into what type of mindset you have! Employee or entrepreneur? Which one are you!?

And the third and final chokehold on a business is attachment! What does that mean!? It means you make your happiness dependent on a result. If you do that, man you’re in for a tough time! So you really need to understand something – and at some level, this is one of the main things I teach: Business, success, and money do not create happiness unless you’re already happy! Happiness is what creates those things!

As a business owner, if your happiness is dependent on getting results, you’re setting yourself up to epically fail in business. Why? Because most of what you try won’t work! And if you ever want to create something that does work, you’ll need a positive mindset!

When you are so emotionally attached to a goal coming true, you actually start to push it away. Don’t make that mean that you shouldn’t be excited or passionate about your goals. But what I mean is that when your happiness is dependent on a goal coming true, you’re making that goal way harder to achieve.

How many of you have found yourself pushing so hard for these goals to come true… and no matter how hard you push, it just felt like it’s getting further and further away?

It’s because you have a mindset of “This absolutely must happen, and then I’ll allow myself to feel fulfilled!”

When you think that way, and you come up short (which by the way, sometimes happens when you reach for big goals), how do you feel when this is absolute must happen, how do you feel when you don’t get to a goal? You feel pretty shitty, right? You feel like your self-worth took a hit right? And let me guess? It leads to self-sabotage and getting in a slump? It leads to compounding negative self-talk. All those negative stories in your head are amplified and saying you’re not good enough, so you start to believe that you’re a bad leader.

When you try to build a business that way, isn’t it incredibly overwhelming and intense and stressful when you’re trying to overcome those demons? It feels insurmountable. It feels defeating. Because you have no idea how to solve it. So you start to accept it.

When you can learn to see your challenges as an objective question you’re on a mission to solve instead seeing your challenges as being responsible for your emotional well being, those challenges get way easier.

A huge important note here. And this is the huge focus of Appreciation Academy. Business and success do not cause happiness. Happiness causes business success. Happiness and appreciation for the journey and challenge is how you overcome the challenge. Most people don’t get that. I surely didn’t. And it’s one of the main reasons I stayed stuck.

You don’t need to find the answer. The journey you’re on is the answer.

Write this down. Seeing your current good is the fastest way to increase more good. Seeing your current bad is the fastest way never to achieve your dreams.

And what’s awesome about this one skill, is that it means you don’t have to work nearly as hard for exponentially better results. Because instead of slamming down on the gas to get to your destination as fast as possible, and swerving in and out of cars, you finally realize that all that’s been wrong this whole time is that the emergency brake is on. That’s it. So to go further faster, you don’t need to push down on that pedal harder. You just need to release the brake.

See most people try to climb the mountain of success saying that they’ll only be happy when they get to the top. Put your dream at the top of that mountain. The only problem is that’s the same thing as trying to climb Mt. Everest with a blindfold on. Because when you’re climbing a mountain, there’s going to be lots of ups and downs. Lots of legs burning. Lots of detours. And if that blindfold is on, it’s going to take a hell of a lot longer to get to the goal, right? What if you just take that blindfold off, and just appreciate all the beauty around you as you go? What if you take water breaks when you need to? What if you appreciate the scenery of that climb? What if you enjoy the journey of getting to the top? All of a sudden, every part of that hike becomes beautiful. And the top becomes so much more rewarding. And WAY easier to get to.

When you’re in a state of “This must happen as soon as possible, and I won’t be happy until it does,” how does that come off to your team? How does that come off in your social media posts? How does that affect your invites and the way you talk to your prospects? Even more importantly, how does that affect your relationship with your husband or wife? And most of you are trying to build a business this way. And guess what? It’s not working.

So what if you let go? What if you just chill and be okay and happy either way? What if you take that blindfold off, and decide to love the ups and the downs, the valleys, and the peaks?

What if you become committed to your goal- committed to reaching the top of that mountain, and committed to loving the climb… what if you go on this hike for the experience of hiking, not just the summit? Wouldn’t you be more relaxed? Happier? More fulfilled? Less hurt by challenges? What if you were committed to your dreams instead of so attached to them that you’ll only be happy once you achieve them? And what if every single day, you worked hard because you love the person you’re becoming instead of only focusing on your results. What if you did it for the growth you experience? What if you did it to become a better leader? What if you did it for the climb and not the peak?

  • How would you look at challenges in leadership?
  • How would you empower your team?
  • How would you invite differently?
  • Would you give yourself a break?

In your business, when you operate this way, if someone says no, someone quits, you get a return, it takes longer to get up and running than you thought, what if that was just the scenery on the mountain that you were experiencing? And what if you just loved how much it was helping you grow? What if you did it for the growth? All of a sudden a cancellation or a return order becomes a pretty amazing thing, doesn’t it? Because you learn something instead of hate something. And when you’re in that state of mind, would you agree that building your business becomes exponentially easier?

You know that feeling you have in your heart where you just feel like you’re forcing things all the time and you’re not getting nearly enough results for the effort you’re putting in? What if that went away? What if you become alive again, and what if your energy becomes contagious again? How would your life change?

Living this way makes success easier. I can’t teach you how to do that on this podcast, but if you struggle with it, you need Appreciation Academy.

But either way today, my friend, I hope you got some insight into what might be going wrong in your business. Do you have a victim mentality? An employee mindset? Are you attached to the result? If you suffer from any one of those learned behaviors, you might’ve just identified your problem! I remember when I was doing so much intense personal growth, I heard this and I was like, “wait I don’t do any of that anymore!” and I looked at my business and go figure! It was growing! Ha! But I’m serious. Today, I talked about what you need to do. I didn’t teach you how to do it.

So if this is you and you desperately want success but can’t figure out why you’re not there yet. If you’re struggling with too much month at the end of the money and you wish it would change, you can’t keep staying in the same place. You need to learn how to reverse this. Remember, – entrepreneurs love risk. They invest in their growth. They find a way to learn new skills that they currently can’t afford. I’m encouraging you to invest in Appreciation Academy at a 50% discount. Head there right now. www.appreciationacademy.com. Get started in learning how to break through this.

It’ll be so worth your time and I even have a 90-day guarantee on the program so you can complete it and see how much your life changes!

Anyways, regardless, I hope you had some aha moments today. And chances are they probably hurt a little bit. That’s okay. I have good news for you! You can change them. You can change your mindset from a victim to a victor, an employee to an entrepreneur, attached to committed. You really can. I’m living proof.

So I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack. Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face! Because it’s something that entrepreneurs do daily!

I’ll see you next week!

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