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The Enemy of Great

Dec 13, 2021

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  • The “contentment” excuse
  • Sneaky scarcity mindset
  • 3 categories that hold people back from their dreams
  • The truth behind goal setting
  • What will be written in your eulogy?
  • Abundance pie—everyone can have a slice!
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Feeling content is one of the greatest enemies of living life on your terms when you are using it as an excuse out of fear for not going after your big dreams!

Are there some parts of your life that you say are okay and you don't need anymore?


Scarcity mindset starts to show up in 3 ways:

  1. Fear
  2. Guilt
  3. Apology



You create stories about why you don't more or why something isn't possible when fear is involved.

Don't rationalize why "right now" is good because if you're not growing you're dying.

Don't be afraid what the NEXT LEVEL of YOU looks like!

If you're attached to the outcome and tying your worth to the results you achieve, you'll never go after what you know is possible.

You set goals for the person you become. The version of yourself that you grow into. NOT for the goals themselves.

Become the most expanded version of yourself by going after the things you never dreamed were possible.

The best version of you doesn't hide, stay safe, or rationalize away the life you know is possible.

Ask yourself if you're hiding in fear or afraid of what the next level of you looks like?




Believing that because other people have less, you shouldn't want more.

Other people's lives won't change if you dim your light.

Holding yourself back only hurts other people.

If you tone down your dreams because someone else doesn't have them or believe in what's possible, you're giving them permission to give up on their dreams too.

Are you inspired by people with more or people with less?

When YOU go after what you really want, you give THEM permission to go after what they really want too!



Be unapologetic about what you really want.

When you identify what your dreams really are, share them!

Tell the world what you really want.

Realism is the fastest traveled road to mediocrity.

Don't dream from a realistic place.


Let go of the fear.
Let go of the guilt.

Be unapologetically you.

More is abundance.

More is what you were made for.


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