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How Successful People View Money

Oct 17, 2022

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Have you ever made the mistake of believing that you need more money before you can become successful and that somehow having more money will make all of your dreams possible?

Most people stay stuck in their life thinking that their financial situation needs to change before they can change.

This is 100% wrong.

Your circumstances cannot change first.

You have to change and the byproduct of your changing is you’ll get more money.

You need to think of it from the perspective of “What do I want to have? I want to have freedom. What would I already be doing? Who do I need to be now?”

There are five differences between the way most people view money and how successful people view money.

The first one is that successful people view money as a relationship and most people don’t even acknowledge this relationship.

View money as a friend.

If you talk crap about money, judge money, and use it right away to make yourself feel significant – money won’t want to stick around you.

The same is true if you’re super clingy with your money.

If you are someone that has never shown appreciation for money, if you feared the potential sacrifice it would take to have more money in your life, would you actually want that friendship?

It goes both ways.

You have a relationship with money the same way you do with people.

Anytime they're there, you need to be so grateful and appreciative.

Love them unconditionally.

If money wants to take a trip, meaning if you had an opportunity to invest in something, or if money went somewhere else for a little while – simply say, “Amazing, have a great time, I'll see you when you get back.”

Ask yourself, “How are you viewing your relationship with money?”

Money just wants to feel like you want it in your life, but not from a desperate place.

How you view money will determine your entire relationship.

The more appreciative you are about money, and the more okay you are with money leaving for the right reasons, the more money will come around.

The second way successful people view money differently from most people is that most people believe they need to be deserving of money whereas successful people view money as an amazing resource that is their birthright.

Most people believe that money is limited and they have to work and sacrifice the things they love to earn their little slice of the pie.

They’re afraid that money will lead to pain and they think they need to be deserving of their sliver.

But there is no pie of money, there is no limit on how money is created.

Successful people view money as their birthright.

Your wealth is directly proportional to the number of lives you change, and how well you’ve changed them.

People may consider having too much money as greedy but staying broke is actually greedy because the only way to become truly wealthy is to give all of who you are to the world. It's a resource that allows you to serve more people, make it so you can expand other people’s possibilities and what they’re capable of.

The third difference in the way most people view money differently from successful people is that most people view spending money or investing money as an expense and they think that the money is not going to come back to them.

Successful, six-figure high performers view investing money as something that will return to them tenfold.

They view it as more costly to not invest their dollars to create the life they want. If you don’t have money, that is exactly why you need to invest money - to create it.

You're investing it into a brighter future.

You will never go broke from investing in yourself because you develop skills and mindsets that no one can take from you.

The fourth difference is that successful people view money as an abundant, flowing resource while most people view money as a scarce resource.

Successful people view money like air, when they breathe they don’t worry about where the next breath is coming from.

But most people treat it like they need to breathe in and hold it and squeeze the air so it doesn’t go anywhere but, eventually, they suffocate. 

If you are not willing to exhale, to let go of money, you are preventing money from coming back to you.

You're actually preventing money from coming to you because you're attached to money.

If you think that you can’t invest in yourself because you don’t have money, that’s the default setting that needs to be rewired.

The fifth difference in the way most people view money versus how successful people view money is that most people view money based on their circumstances.

Wealth only comes when you stop making decisions based on where you are and instead make decisions based on where you are going.

You need to rewire your mind and take a leap of faith and invest in yourself, regardless of whether you’re in debt or how much money you have now.

You will never get beyond scarcity, you have to start beyond scarcity.

It’s not that money changes first, it’s that you become abundant first.

By shifting through these five things, seeing money as a relationship, knowing that wealth is your birthright, knowing it's an investment to invest money, knowing it's always coming back to you, and you’re going to invest based on where you’re going.

When you do that, that's when your life will change. If you’re having a hard time with this, you need to enroll in “Rewired” while the doors are still open for two more days, today and tomorrow.

Take a leap of faith and invest in rewiring your mind for success.

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Don't forget to take advantage of our BONUS QUIZ: What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?



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