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How To Stop Forcing Everything

Mar 20, 2019

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  • How to make content creation a piece of cake. 
  • You'll learn how to find your mission. 
  • The level of confidence in which you speak about your business directly impacts how people perceive your business. 
  • Vulnerability is a must. This episode shows you how. 
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  • This video is a MUST watch if you struggle with having to FORCE everything in your business on a regular basis and your inner fire is missing from what you share. 

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Welcome to the Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack. I’m a mindset strategist and coach, inspirational speaker and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help you, and other online business owners break through all the negative self-talk keeping you stuck, so you can finally see the success you deserve.

And I’m curious? Do you ever feel like you have to force your business? Like everything feels like a struggle. You can’t come up with content on your social media. And you’re always wondering, “what do I post?” and all these other leaders share things with passion and excitement and it just seems to flow out of them! Like you understand the concept that you should add value to people’s lives, but you can’t get creative, or you focus so much on what results are missing from your life, and it drives you nuts? You’re probably starting to get burnt out, and the idea of serving others is overtaken by the frustration of lack of results? And you wish you could change it, but everything just feels so forced and can’t find the energy even though you want to have it so bad?

I’ve totally been there. I’d sit in front of my computer going, “what should I post?” “What should I share?” and I would freeze. And just to get something out there, I put up some BS content that wasn’t actually inspiring. It got no engagement and people didn’t respond. Then I’d see all these other people just crushing it and sharing from the heart. I’d ask for advice and people were just like “just focus on serving your ideal customer,” and I was like, “okay but what the hell does that mean? I’m trying. And the idea of service first made me draw a blank. My point is that everything felt forced.

And after failing EPICALLY for years at this, and studying how other leaders influence, I finally realized what my problem was! So if it’s okay with you, I’d love to save you almost 7 years of struggle so you can see results WAY FASTER than I ever did.

So let me ask you a question as you start this podcast today.

What do you do for work? If I were to ask you right now what do you do?

You might respond with, “I coach people online in their fitness and nutrition” or “I sell wine” or “I share my favorite make up with others.” Whatever it is, does it inspire you?

Chances are you define your work by what you DO. So if I were to do the same thing, it would look like this:

I own an online course about mindset and personal growth. Is that inspiring? Nope. Will that help me come up with passion and fire in everything I share? NOPE.

But try this one on:

I’m on a mission to teach you how to be happy and break through negative self-talk, so you finally get unstuck and cut through everything holding you back from the dreams you deserve.

Can you FEEL a difference?

One is weak and craving validation and almost embarrassed. The other is flooded with confidence and power and passion.

Work vs. Career vs. Mission 

So when you take a look at your work, how do you define it.

Is it work? Is it a career? Is it a mission? What is YOUR mission?

There’s a huge difference in the 3 of them isn’t there.

Work – what do you feel? Bored. Paycheck. Time suck. Exhausted. Trade time for money.

Career – what do you feel? A little more positive, right? You feel excited. You think a little bigger. There’s a bit more pride in how you share it, yes?

Mission – what do you feel? What about mission? It’s a passion. It’s fire. It’s life. It’s energy. It’s everything. Momentum FLOWS from it, right?

My point is simply this: How you view your mission directly correlates to how other people perceive you. And you need other people’s buy-in if your business is going to grow, right? So take a look at how you view your business and how you perceive it, and I’m willing to bet it directly correlates to the level of success you’ve had.

It’s time to up that game.

How much confidence do you have behind how you share? Is it FIRE? Or is it weak and begging to be loved?

A great way to do this is to look at a leader that you respect tremendously in the same field. Who is that? What qualities do they portray when sharing? What do you admire about them?

The reason people don’t believe in you is that you don’t believe in you. It’s time to up that game. Let’s move onto number 2.

Connect With A BIgger Purpose

If you’re not connected to a higher purpose, or if you’re doing this just to make money, a couple things are gonna happen. 1.) You’re not gonna make money. 2.) People will be able to tell 3.) everything will feel forced.

If you connect with a more significant purpose of who/ what you’re serving, content creation becomes easy. Genius ideas to blow up your business become EASY. Leadership gets easy because it’s all of a sudden about the benefit of the mission instead of seeking validation. It’s tough for a business to grow if you’re focusing on what you can get out of the business. It’s VERY hard for a business to grow if you’re using it as a tool to seek validation. You need to start focusing on what you can GIVE to the people you want to serve.

SERVICE ALWAYS COMES FIRST. The money will follow. It will.

You need to provide concise value above what your company already provides.

By concise, I mean value that speaks to your specific ideal customer.

The more value you can provide to your customers, the more your business will grow. And when you have a mission of what you’re trying to help people do or become, finding value to add becomes easy. Then, instead of bouncing between healthy fitness tips and cool mama moments and all these things making your business seem like you have a confusing hobby, EVERYTHING lasers in on that intention. People will start to find you predictable. And I don’t just mean you are showing up and posting. I mean that they know they can count on you for a certain FEELING. That’s what predictability means.

Go look at my Facebook page. Is my mission pretty obvious? Extremely.

Am I predictable that I will show up with MASSIVE value? Absolutely.

It all ties to my purpose, which is to teach people how to be happy.

So when you find what your mission is and you center what you share around that mission, the right people will follow. They will.

Service comes first. So take a look at what you really struggled with before joining your business. How did you FEEL? Share that. Identify it and look at the transformation you made or are making. Let that drive you! That’s your mission because you can help other people break through it! And that leads into number 3.


What matters is what you GIVE to your business and to those you hope to serve.

And by giving, I don’t just mean the quantity of free content you put out. I mean, how much of the authentic YOU shows up to what you share? Business is a spiritual game. There are DEFINITELY strategies that work. But you need to realize that business is a feeling.

All business is, are people granting you their trust based a feeling they get from you. That’s it.

So if you were to look at what you put out there, what feeling do you share? What VIBE do your followers get?

Is it boredom?
Is it desperately seeking approval?
Is it confusion because you’re bouncing around between so many ideas?

What feeling do you WANT to give them? And provide them with that feeling in everything you share. And this applies to more than just social media. This is your team, your customers, your upline team, your spouse, EVERYTHING.

People will join YOU. And THEN they will learn to love the company.

Business will change when you give it ALL of who you are.

It can’t be “I’m gonna give it everything I have UNTIL I have to be vulnerable.” It’s all of you.

You are inspired by vulnerability. And you want to be inspiring, so be vulnerable.

This is where a lot of people get hung up. They want the thriving business, but they’re not willing to share their pain, and what they’re having a hard time breaking through or something they struggled to break through. You need to.

Think of any time you’ve ever been inspired! It came from a connection to vulnerability. That’s where the INITIAL trust was granted, right? I’m willing to bet that if you’re listening to this podcast, you’re listening to my teachings because of an initial connection I made with you that was vulnerable. And from that connection you felt, trust was formed. That’s why you’re here, yes? So that proves that if you are inspired by vulnerability, you should be vulnerable. It’s SO important.

Give to the needs of your target customer.
Give all of who you are to your audience.
Give everything you can to your mission.

Business will change.

So as you come out of this podcast, really start to think: What’s your mission? Develop a 1 sentence mission statement that focuses on the core of what you’re trying to help people FEEL.

The game will change. You won’t feel stuck in what you share because when you know what your mission is, every single day, you can focus on one question, “what does my customer need to hear from me today?” That question alone can change your entire business and your entire life.

Live from a place of service and mission. The money will follow.

Thank you so much for tuning into the path to mindset mastery!! And as always SHARE this podcast with 3 people that need to hear it today!

My name is Brad Bizjack. Go out there today and every single day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. Because you can!

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