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Leave Guilt Behind. Entrepreneurial Parenthood Series Part 3 of 3 w/ Guest Expert Elizabeth Hartke

May 02, 2022

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  • Introducing special guest expert Elizabeth Hartke
  • How to build your business around your life
  • Acknowledging your intentionality
  • The power of pivoting
  • The grave cost of inaction
  • Finding balance, harmony, and richness in life
  • Join the movement for Entrepreneurial Parents!
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Raising leaders and being a successful entrepreneurial parent is NOT something that can be outsourced or delayed, there is too much at stake!

Today we have a world class expert on our podcast who has personally helped me to radically transform my own life by showing me how to let go of building my life around my business and how to be fully present with my family.

Your kids are your greatest legacy and we need to make sure that is in alignment!

Today we have Elizabeth Hartke on the podcast who has truly integrated being an entrepreneur AND being a parent. There is no either or. It's AND. It's harmonious and flowing.

Liz explains that she was raised by entrepreneurial parents who fully integrated her into their business. She know why the did what they did and their family values were lived out in how they served and the impact that they had. She put in the hard work alongside them and that made the difference in her life, which seems to be void today in entrepreneurship. I've walked alongside many great entrepreneurs who get to a certain level of success and something is still missing... they couldn't understand why they still felt split into between family and business. All while thinking another business strategy or benchmark will solve this feeling, but it's really about bringing the same level of intention into your family as you do with your business!

Integrating these two roles allows you take away the insane amount of pressure of being leaders in these two separate worlds (of course you're going to feel like you're dropping balls)

The solution is in the integration of letting go of the mentality that you're at max capacity how are you going to do all these things... it's all one. You are one.

We provide the strategies to create those mindset shifts that need to happen so our clients, their families, and most important the children on the receiving ends of this who are deeply effected by our decision to be entrepreneurs can live in alignment with their families.

What are the consequences of following the same path and not implementing the shifts toward becoming a Founder Family?

 We tend to take for granted the ones closest to us because we think they will always be there. Marriages suffer because they are not made a priority. Relationships with children suffer, not only by missing their parents, but how they fill the void of what they are missing through what is being modeled and shown to them. 

School systems, society, social media are all bombarding our children and actively working against them.

We have all these distractions and our kids are becoming immersed in these distractions so as parents we have to be more intentional and conscious.

(Brad) I think we get so caught up in creating a business that we forget, the beauty you are trying to create is already there.

It's important to open lines of communication and develop your "true North" as a family, around the dinner table or something similar, and decide what you do value and prioritize as a family. Your spouse and you may approach things differently and bring unique skills to the table, but listening to one another's thoughts and finding common ground is a great start!

The most important thing in parenting is working together as a team and a unified front.

Everyone here knows they are made for so much more than mediocrity and they are hungry to create it. Status quo is the enemy and whatever it says, they run the other way. How is society conditioning our kids? 

The industrial revolution was the springboard for the creation of schools to mold children into efficient factory workers. People wanted to get them in line so they could be cogs in the wheel and hundreds of years later the system hasn't changed.

Generally speaking, the system is designed to create kids who get in line, shut their mouths, sit there quietly all day... and as soon as they start to tap into something they're interested in, the bell rings and quickly shifts them into something else.

Whether you homeschool or send your kids to traditional school, you have to have the awareness that raising leaders cannot be outsourced. It's on you and has to be modeled by you. There is no curriculum you can buy and pass off, it has to come through YOU, the lens of the parent, the leader that they are witnessing day to day.

On top of that, society is a mess! It's attacking the family and the kids, telling us that we should be mediocre and be the same. Following the stupid rules and avoiding asking questions or you will get persecuted. 

On top of that, our kids are walking around with these devices that expose them to things that are so beyond their developmental levels, that will mess them up without a parent alongside them teaching them the values of how to filter through all the social media messaging they are inundated with.

There has never been a time where parents needed to be more committed to raising their kids in leadership.

We have never walked through an entire generation of children being raised this way and I don't want my kids to be swept up by that nasty, dirty, current. I want them to have the courage to swim upstream and be courageous enough to take some kids with them and say "there's a better way".

If we want to shift the long term and who are kids will be, what they are exposed to and how they will grow up, we have to shift who we are NOW.


Everything we discussed today is what will happen if we don't start making changes and building our business around our life, now!

My challenge to you - start thinking about how you can be more present so you can let go of that double get, expand your capacity, so you can raise and grow your kids in an environment that leans into their strengths and doesn't push against them.

I want to support any education on how that can happen. 

So how do we this?

We are hosting a FREE rally cry around the "how" and the pain that we are feeling... the device addictions among our kids, the disconnection we are feeling from them, how to step into being the leader and modeling that for our kids... ALLLL that how. While we are running and growing a business that we feel really compelled to give a lot of attention to.

It's also going to teach how to bring your kids into the fray of business so it can become one of the most powerful tools you've ever gotten your hands on to build your business.

This why Liz is hosting the rally cry.
This conversation is long overdue.

You will walk away with some incredible ideas and key concepts that you won't find anywhere else that were inspired by Liz uniquely being raised the way she was.

Yes, you can be wildly successful in business, while raising your kids into the independent, innovative, leaders that they are called to be, while deepening that connection with them.

The reason why it hurts, is because you care. So do something about it!


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