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Oct 04, 2021

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  • Do you ever say you should be further along by now or that you should have or success already? Or maybe that your marriage should be different?
  • More success with less stress is possible.
  • Business, success, and money don't cause happiness. Happiness is what causes success!
  • Your circumstances won’t change until YOU do.
  • Problems are gifts that you grow from, they are the resistance in life that build character.
  • The surprising lessons of feathers, bricks, and trucks...
  • "Trade your expectations for appreciations and your whole life changes in an instant" - Tony Robbins


During my personal development journey I was trying everything! I was reading all the books and listening to all the podcasts. I was doing personal development, but it seemed like it wasn’t working for me.


I kept thinking “I should be there by now”.

I was also still $92,000 in debt at the time…


Then I had a very pivotal moment occur… I invested $6000 on a coach that I had to put on my credit card. This was a massive purchase for me, right up there with my very first car!


She said something that changed my life.


I told her how badly I wanted to be successful and that I was going after it with everything I had, but couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working.


She said:

“Brad, you’re so attached to success you’re missing the whole point. You’re under the impression that you shouldn’t be where you are right now. You think money is going to lead to happiness, but it’s happiness and appreciation for your life that is going to lead to the success that you want.”


That’s when I realized I had it all backwards.


I needed to appreciate everything I already had. I was expecting my circumstances to change, before I was willing to change.


Your emotions are 100% within your control.

Problems persist from resisting your current circumstances.

The lesson you are resisting is the key to your freedom. 


When you lift weights, you feel the muscle burning because you’re pushing or pulling against resistance to sculpt your muscles. Problems are the resistance that sculpt your character.


You need to let go of the idea that you should be further along and learn to appreciate where you are. You can strive for so much more and still appreciate where you are right now.


All suffering comes from expectation. You are you expecting it to be a different way, but like Tony Robbins says, if you trade your expectations for appreciation your whole life changes in an instant. 


Life is happening for you, not to you.

Learn to adapt the mindset of appreciation.


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