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How to Recharge If You're Already Drained

Oct 24, 2022

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  • Success doesn’t come from martyrdom
  • Why giving without receiving isn’t really giving
  • Starting beyond scarcity
  • What a TRUE recharge will do for you
  • Abundance is the product of…
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If you are giving everything you have to other people and you are not willing to receive, you're actually taking from them...

If you feel like you're giving EVERYTHING and not receiving anything - there is a reason and we are going to break through that today!

A client of mine Janelle, used to spend 7hrs+ on her phone because she didn't want to turn off and had to be working all the time, but clients wouldn't sign with her because they could feel her low energy. I told her that she HAD to take time off to recharge and spend time not working. So she rode her house and took time with her family and the energy that she was able to bring back was totally different!

Without time to fill your cup, all you're actually doing is taking.

People who don't take compliments or accept help for example, but why would someone do this? 

A couple of reasons:

1. They pride themselves on being able to do it all

2. There's a lack of worthiness in receiving things

If you're pouring into your audience and doing everything you can to serve them, but you're not feeling worthy of the reciprocity of dollars or time or fulfillment, then all you're actually doing is taking from them.

If you are GIVING, GIVING, GIVING, but you're unfulfilled,
all you're doing is taking from the ones you love!


When you do this, the people in your life are not getting the "real" or best version of you... they're getting the exhausted, low energy, version of you!

This means we need to spend more time reflecting, filling our own cups, having fun, and being open to receiving! 

Martyrdom makes you feel significant but doesn't really help anyone.

Think about this from the perspective of abundance consciousness. 

The emotions of abundance are a beautiful place because when you're living in abundance, you feel a calm peace about everything going on in your life, you're most creative, in flow, and the dollars are flowing in.

It's a beautiful place to be.

Abundance is an emotional state.
NOT a dollar amount.
Abundance is the opposite of scarcity.

Scarcity is fear, doubt, "I have to be deserving", there's not enough, "Will it ever happen for me?", and a "poor me" mindset...
It's the mindset of limitation.
An "OR" mindset.
I can be this OR that...

Abundance is AND. 
I can be this AND that.

Abundance is sandwiched between unconditional love and appreciation.

The emotion of unconditional love is the mindset of creation.
You care so much about a person or a group of people that you do something for them. It's the mindset of, "I love you SO much, that I am going to do this for you!"

The mindset of creation is the mindset of true giving.

You care about someone so much that you give your time, money, energy, ideas, etc. to them in some way.

You create something for them because you care about them SO MUCH.

The second emotion of abundance is appreciation and this is the mindset of receiving.

If you just have creation, but you are not willing to receive, whether that's to yourself emotionally, taking time off, or worthy of receiving money... then your giving energy is cut off. Then it's conditional love.

It's significant love. 
Love for the feeling of importance.
NOT unconditional.

Because you CAN'T give if you're cup isn't truly filled.
You can't give what's not there.

When you truly recharge and let yourself be open to beautiful things coming your way like money or help from someone else, your cup fills so that you have more to give.

Most people I know just give because they feel guilty if they don't, they feel like they have to have it all together and find significance out of being busy, so when help is offered - they don't take it!

That makes them feel like they're failing in some way.

They're trying to prove that they are enough by how much they give because it's all on their shoulders.

When that happens it's never recipericated. It feels like it's not enough.

Because you're not actually giving, you're taking.

This is what happens when you don't take time for yourself.

You need to be open to receiving and there's a number of ways to do this:

  1. Being open to help
  2. Being open to money
  3. Taking time for you (something that truly fills you up and not just getting your nails done to escape your responsibilities)  

 The energy behind what you do needs to truly be recharge and not escape

Do something that LIGHTS you up!

If you feel like you're drained and that you have nothing left to give, it's because you got nothing left to give.

You need to take time to open yourself to receive, to enter that flow again because it's a cycle.

 If you are giving without receiving, you're just taking.

 If you're saying right now "I don't know to fill my cup" - EXACTLY.

It's because you haven't explored it.

You need to do something that truly lights you up and the only way to do that is to try new things you haven't done before!

If you find yourself struggling with this, then you need to take the "What's Your Unique Success Archetype Quiz?"


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