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Rest. Recharge. Relax.

Oct 18, 2021

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  •  Why I’m unplugging
  • Work culture toxicity
  • When to use will power and push motivation
  • The best way to stay inspired
  • 4 ways to recharge regularly
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  • If you’re in need of some self-care, let today’s podcast be the gentle nudge you need to take some time for yourself and recharge.



If you rely on willpower and willpower alone, you're going to crash & burn.

It's so important to take the time to recharge. 

After a huge, all hands on deck ,launch of Appreciation Academy last week we were sprinting and working much longer hours than usual so this week rest is the priority.

You cannot work under conditions like that for very long because that's when the sickness and mystery symptoms make an appearance.

If you're sprinting down a track going full speed and never finish the race you're body will give out.

Our society teaches us to never slow down, always be turned on, and continuously be going, but that is TOXIC.

Working harder is NOT the key to success.


If you rely on willpower and willpower alone, you'll get burnt out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. The things that don't take up a lot of time will feel like they take forever.

Then what happens? We become resentful towards the vehicle that is burning us out, even though it's not the vehicle that's the problem... it's our mindset we approach the vehicle with.

Instead, we need to rely on pull motivation.


One of the greatest ways to get inspired is to recharge + unplug.

 Recharge your batteries / unplug ---> Feel Refreshed

Feeling refreshed = More creativity, more to give, more to serve, more to care for others

Hear how one of my clients Janelle LaBrie was able to create a product to serve people once she slowed down and gave herself a little time to rest and relax!

It feels so much harder to change things when you are in this mindset of overwhelm and exhaustion.

The creative ideas that could change your business and your life can't come through when you're in this state.

We need to get away from priding ourselves on being the ones to handle it all ourselves, always being busy, and working nonstop.

Instead pride yourself based on your character and who you are.

The best version of you shows up when you're refreshed & recharged.

Brendon Burchard suggests having these types of plans for rest:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual 

DAILY Example - Evening routine, such as drinking tea + journaling, reading a book etc.

WEEKLY Example - Going on a hike, horseback riding, being disconnected from your cell phone for a length of time etc.

QUARTERLY Example - A weekend away with your spouse without the kids to connect and unwind etc.

ANNUAL Example - Recharge retreat, either a solo trip or with a partner/spouse to completely unplug from everything

Most times people are trying to pour into everyone else, leaving them feeling exhausted with nothing left to give.

You don't fill your gas tank when it's empty, you fill it beforehand so you don't get stranded.

 Self-care is in the service of others.

My calling to you today: Take some time. Unplug. Recharge. Relax.

Everything that seems so hard will start to get easier.

If you feel like you can't shut off or disconnect and always have to be "ON" head over and take the Success Archetype Quiz in order to gain some insight on your operating system, how you think, feel, and act. Learn what motivates you or  what holds you back, what your limiting beliefs are and your strengths.

You will discover how to succeed faster than ever before and how you feel about the concept of rest & recharge based on your quiz results.



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