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Sep 12, 2022

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  • The importance of questioning our motivations
  • Identifying limiting motivations 
  • Setting intentions that maximize your results
  • The pros and cons of fear-based motivations
  • How to shift your motivation focus for faster, easier results 
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Motives behind your big goals matter.

The motives behind our goals will determine the level of insights we receive to create the goals.

There are different kinds of motivations and if we have limiting motives, we might achieve something here and there but we won’t feel as fulfilled.

The first kind of motive is fear.

Fear is not necessarily bad because it causes us to take action and move and dream, but living in fear is not sustainable.

Fear is driven by the energy of protection, wanting to protect yourself from something negative happening.

This limits your insights because what you actually need to change your life is an energy of expansion.

If you live in fear, you’re always worried about “what if” and constantly focused on making sure you’re doing things right instead of focusing on adding value to other people’s lives.

The second kind of motive is desire.

This is the opposite of fear, it’s pleasure and freedom.

Your big dreams make you feel more excited in your day-to-day life.

But the challenge with having desire as being the motive for your goals is that you make the mistake of thinking that once you have achieved a certain income or hit a certain goal, you’ll feel satisfied but what ends up happening is it never feels like enough.

You have a limited amount of insight when your motive is desire.

This is because you’re not focused on the goal being to find the things that make you feel alive in the process but, instead, you think reaching this specific goal itself is what will make you feel alive.

But no one ever took the feeling of aliveness away from you.

What will happen is you jump from goal to goal to goal that feels good in the moment and then those feelings disappear.

You’ll bounce from to-do list to to-do list and it will never feel like enough.

You think the feelings are at the end when really the feelings during your journey are what make your goals come to fruition faster.

The last two kinds of motives I’ve combined – love and contribution.

A love for people, a level of contribution to your family, to the greater good, for you to grow personally, if that is your intention then the results of that goal don't impact your feelings.

Because no matter what you do, you feel like you're growing and your intention is to contribute and make the world a better place.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to avoid pain or seeking out your desires.

But if your intentions are not rooted in love and service and growth and contribution, it won't matter what you achieve, you will feel empty and you will receive limited insights about how to make that goal happen.

But the minute you shift your intentions to love and contribution, you will feel alive throughout the entire process of growth and you will receive new insights to make that success happen faster and bigger.

The only thing you need to do to do this is to ask yourself, “Why does this goal matter to me?”.

Dig down and figure out if the intention behind your goals is fear, desire, or love and contribution and you can shift your intention.

If you are challenged with this, it is likely because your mind is wired for fear or desire.

We can make this shift easier for you.

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Don't forget to take advantage of our BONUS QUIZ: What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?




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