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Dec 11, 2023

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  • Why leaders anticipate and losers react
  • The consequences of reacting
  • How to get ahead of the game
  • The art of rolling snow
  • Becoming a consistent force for good
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>> Leaders anticipate, losers react << 


Let's learn about how to anticipate what's coming instead of reacting to what's going on around us!

There are so many things that will be coming up and happening in life that people will be reacting toward, but you have the power to anticipate those now.

Have you ever been drawn to the allure of New Years resolutions only to lose motivation a couple weeks after getting started?

Resolve doesn't mean to try, it means it's already done.


You have the ability right now to anticipate what's about to happen.

If you've ever had the humiliating experience of playing video games against a kid and losing terribly, you know they win because they have played the game before.

They already know what to expect and how to plan for the enemies attack...

If you spend time with people who have already played the game you are trying to win, you will start to see the "bad guys" and be able to anticipate a plan of attack to last longer in the game.

In the month of December, people's drive and ambition starts to go downhill until the first couple weeks in January when it goes up for a bit, then slowly falls again.

Followers follow the culture, leaders create their own culture.

 Ask yourself this: What's coming?


 What would happen if while everyone else was slowing down right now, you started to speed up?

You would become OUTSTANDING in your field because you would literally be the person standing out right now!

Most people push their snowballs (goals) up a hill until they get too heavy and they let them go, so they fall down and collect more snow and momentum in the opposite direction. This keeps happening over and over until the snowball is taller than them and their new starting point is hundreds of feet further back than it originally was, had they not kept starting over and letting it fall back down each time.

Momentum is SO much easier to steer, than start.

If your life is full of reactions towards your circumstances, you will always be playing defense instead of playing offense.

Are you defensively spending your time and energy to keep others from scoring or are you offensively trying to score?

The way that you win is anticipation.


This time of year isn't slow unless you choose to stop.


You need to speed up when everyone else is slowing down.

This DOES NOT mean you don't take time with your family or enjoy the holidays.

It means that you stay committed to adding value to the world and helping others grow, change, and thrive.



What beliefs are helping you right now? Which beliefs are hurting you?

Let's not only identify your limiting beliefs and learn how to change them!

Take our What's Your Unique Success Archetype quiz now to find out what beliefs are currently influencing your success for better or for worse!


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