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Working Hard is NOT The Key to Success

Jul 04, 2022

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Working harder is not the key to success.

How long have you been conditioned to think that you just have to hustle more and hustle harder?

If working harder were really the key to success, then anyone that worked hard would have success.

Anyone that put in a lot of hours, put in a lot of time, they'd have tremendous amount of success. They'd have a life on their terms. But how many people you know that work their butt off and don't have true success in the way that they want?

Then don't you also know people that don't seem to be working that hard? Like they're still putting in intentional effort but they're not spending hours and hours and hours and hours and hours obsessed over their work?

And they seem to still have success?

How is it that some people seem to effortlessly succeed, and other people feel overwhelmed and stuck for years?

I want you by the end of this episode to be independent from working hard.

And I don't mean that there's not intentional efforts.

There's a very big difference between aligned action, and just pushing harder.

What society will tell you is that if you work hard enough, you'll have success.

But that's not true.

If you keep on doing the wrong strategy with the wrong mindset over and over, will you have success?

The answer is no.

You need the right state of mind, the right mindset, the right beliefs and the right strategy, if you want this to work.

I work hard. But it's not the type of work hard that you see what society tells you. I work hard from the perspective of I feel pulled.

Working hard isn't hard work.

It's something that makes me feel alive and it increases my energy.

What I want to challenge you on today is how to get there, how to let go of this idea that I just have to work hard and that's going to make me successful.

Instead get into a state of alignment where you feel pulled, alive, appreciative of your life, and excited about the vision you're building and allow that to pull you to put in intentional efforts towards a vision.

In order to identify where you're at with this, and to see how far off you might be, I want you to ask yourself, what does being busy give you?

I want you to ask yourself, do you ever wake up even if you have nothing on your plate that day and feel behind? Feel like you're missing something feel like you haven't quite gotten all done yet? Or you need to rush through your morning routine to make sure to check off the boxes before the kids wake up and you feel behind and rushed and stressed?

What is it giving you to be so busy?

Nothing. It's not giving you anything to be busy.

Then why do we brag about it so much?

I realized that my busyness, how I was going about my life, feeling behind all of this stuff, I was actually bragging about it.

I was using my busyness as a badge of honor.

I saw busyness as this thing I wanted to get away from it, bur at the same time I was saying how busy I was just because I wanted to feel important.

I realized that being busy being rushed, being behind being stressed, being chaotic, being flustered was making me feel important.

It was making me feel like I mattered.

It made me feel like it was a way of compensating for not being where I wanted to be at.

I was so tied and attached to where I wanted to be, that what ended up happening was because it didn't happen, I felt insecure.

So I would find other ways to feel secure, other ways to find significance.

I would look around all the other people in my life that had seven figure success and I rationalize how they have it easier because they have money, they can hire things out. And I was bragging about how busy I was.

And all it was just a way for me to feel important, a way for me to feel significant, a way for me to feel like I mattered because I thought that success would make me feel like I mattered.

But I didn't realize that it was feeling like I mattered is what would lead me to success. That was one of the biggest changes that ever made in my life.

So busyness is giving you a feeling of significance, a feeling of importance. Is that serving you, is that empowering you?

No, of course not.

So what's another way to meet that same need?

If being busy is your way of feeling important, what's another way for you to feel significant?

Feeling alive every day.

When you don't feel significant, you end up doing little things that don't actually move you towards your big dream, just to check the boxes.

It's giving you a feeling of importance. And then at the end of the day, you look at your list and look at all the stuff that I checked off. But it doesn't make you actually feel important because you're not actually moving towards what truly matters in those situations.

Are you primed to feel like you just need to push and work harder and check all the boxes and get it all done and feel busy and that's making you feel important in some way?

What most people do is they work hard to show how hard they're working but that doesn't yield results. It doesn't actually get you to where you want to go.

What I've discovered is working less actually earns me more.

I'm saying I'm not working hard for the sake of working hard. Building a business isn't easy, but putting yourself in a position where you always have to be on and always working hard doesn't mean you'll be successful.

What does it giving you? Is it giving you a feeling of importance is it giving you a feeling of certainty of of comfort knowing that this is my story?

What most people do when they're in these situations of bridging that gap from just working hard for the sake of working hard and trading time for money, to instead building true wealth and independence and freedom, one of the greatest changes that I made was elevating my paradigm of life.

What does that mean?

I learned from a man named Steven Covey years ago, there's three paradigms that people go through life with.

The first paradigm is a paradigm of dependence.

And this is a paradigm of you.

What that means is, if you go through life from the paradigm of dependence, it's essentially saying, you make me feel.

My circumstances control my emotions.

Once those circumstances change, I can feel different

That is a dependants paradigm of life, because you are saying I am my feelings is dependent on other people, other situations and circumstances changing.

It's a mindset of you, it's taking all responsibility from you and putting it on to other things.

Everyone starts here. Nothing wrong with this. But this will not lead to true emotional freedom, this will not lead to financial freedom, this will not lead to where you truly want to be beecause it assumes that circumstances need to change before you change.

But for things to change, you have to change first.

Most people realize that this strategy doesn't work, sometimes they have to go through pain, or consistent exposure to pain enough times to realize that's just not working for me, I have to upgrade this.

And you eventually upgrade to a mindset or paradigm number two of independence.

Now independence is a beautiful thing. Independence is the paradigm of I.

It's a paradigm of responsibility. It's saying, I am in control of how I feel. I am responsible for my life. I am responsible for changing my emotions, I am responsible for changing my circumstances.

And this is a beautiful thing. Because typically in the I paradihm, what ends up happening is you take massive action, you go after big things, you change your circumstances because you change you.

But when you're in this paradigm, what ends up happening is that anytime someone doesn't do what you thought they should do, you feel like you have to do it all yourself.

And because you have so much responsibility on you, what ends up happening is dreaming big seems less possible.

If it's a paradigm of I, it means I have I have to do in order to change my circumstances,

But when you think about going into growing into a bigger goal, if you're in the paradigm of I, then the idea of creating more seems impossible because that means that creating more will require more of you.

When you're faced with sacrificing more of your family, and what you love, in order to create success, you're going to choose your family and what you love over success.

You're going to want to reject success because you think that it's more of you.

The third paradigm from Stephen Covey is the paradigm of interdependence, the paradigm of we.

The paradigm of one plus one does not equal to the paradigm of one plus one equals 1000.

The paradigm of I believe that I am responsible for what I control, I am responsible for taking action, I can produce incredible things and I know that you and me working together towards a common vision is way more powerful than me ever doing it by myself.

This is where all the limiting beliefs of entrepreneurs come up.

If it's going to be done right, I have to do it myself. Other people don't believe in my vision as much as I do. That is a mindset of I.

That limiting belief is a mindset of I am responsible. But it's not saying I'm responsible for enrolling and inspiring my team.

If you want to be successful entrepreneurship and being the CEO of your own business, what needs to happen is you need to see that you with other people towards a common vision will do so much more than you ever will by yourself.

We need to get into that mindset of we.

When you get in that mindset of we would all of a sudden happens is you can train people and enlist people and to ask people for help.

Courage comes when you ask for help.

Most people think that doing it all yourself and working harder is the badge of honor. Asking for help is the real badge of honor.

Because nothing great is ever created by yourself.

You limit yourself there.

When you when you bring in people to help you with this vision, magic starts happening.

All the things that you're not gifted at someone else loves doing.

So my challenge to you in all of this is to elevate to that mindset of we.

To elevate to that mindset of into interdependence and realize that it's not all on your shoulders.

You don't have to work harder for it, you need to find a way to enroll people in where you're going.

This requires different beliefs. This requires a different idea of what success comes from.

Tt comes from rewiring your mind.

Uf your mind is wired for independence or wired for dependence, it's because of you. How can you expect to graduate that paradigm to the next level, if you're wired for the previous paradigm. You can't.

Well, I have good news for you. Something big is coming. Something huge is coming. That's going to show you how to rewire your mind for success, how to rewire your mind to elevate those paradigms to get to that next level.

It's one thing to understand this conceptually, but actually make this real and actually rewire your mind to make that happen. Magic starts happening.

It is not all on your shoulders, you just need the right person to explain it to you.

So if you're having trouble with this, if you don't know where to go or don't know what to do, or don't know how to start, my calling to you, is to take our What's Your Unique Success Archetype quiz.

And the reason that I've been talking about it for months is because that quiz will show you how you are currently wired, what your current limiting beliefs are, where you're currently at on your path to success and which of those beliefs are probably limiting you and slowing you down from the life that you really want.

Once you have awareness into what those are, when we release our top secret project coming up, then what happens is you can jump into that and know right away what needs to shift,

There's four archetypes that I have found, four buckets that people fall into. It's how they're trying to approach success. And if you try to approach success from some of these archetypes, you're going to find that you're way more slow down that you want to be because you're trying to create success from a mind that's wired for perhaps failure or perfection.

You need to identify what that is.

Take this quiz, start the process of rewiring your mind and when you do you're going to notice that success comes to you so much faster because it's not working hard that's the key to success. It's aligned action, feeling pulled, feeling vibrant, feeling alive, that's going to get you to where you want to be.

When you live in that state magic starts happening so quickly, 


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