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The Antidote To Fear And Anger (How To Solve Any Problem In < 3 Mins)

Dec 05, 2018

Today is special because I’ll give you one of the exercises that changed my entire life.

  • I used this to forgive people that hurt me.
  • I used this to give me direction in my career.
  • I used this to get unstuck in my network marketing business.

Do you have a problem you’re facing in your life that you can’t seem to solve? If you do, GOOD!

All the credit to Tony Robbins here.

The exercise we’re gonna do is something I learned from him. I don’t take credit for it. But it’s so powerful that if you really use it, it’ll make a profound impact on your life. So a HUGE thank you to Tony Robbins for teaching me this and giving me the ability to pay it forward to you.


I used to think this was a crock of shit for the longest time!

You might know it as genuine gratitude.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to feel pain when you’re deeply grateful. Because in your life, you’re going to experience pain. Pain in life is guaranteed. But suffering from that pain is your choice. It’s up to you. And it’s optional.

In fact, it's impossible to feel ANY disempowering emotion that slows down your life when you're grateful.

And I don’t mean gratitude where you just say, “yeah I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head.” I mean where you FEEL gratitude in your heart.

Gratitude attracts people TO YOU. They want to be part of your life.

Opportunities, things, situations, & solutions come to you SO MUCH FASTER because you're GRATEFUL for what you already have.

Think about this:

You're reading a blog post from anywhere in the world. You're probably wondering where you’re gonna have date night on Friday. You’re probably gonna drive your car to your job tomorrow and pull into that parking spot of the company where you make a great living to provide for your family. You might take your kids to the doctor tomorrow to get medical care. You might take your miniature cockapoo to the vet to get treated for the hotspots on his arms. And you’ll probably turn on your Apple TV tonight and watch a movie…

And all of that, you take for granted when:

  • a mother will watch her child starve to death today.
  • people are injecting needles into their arm to cope with pain.
  • countries are still burdened by communism.

You’re so accustomed to the miracles happening around you every day that you don’t even see them as miracles anymore.

You probably view miracles as scarce and don’t appreciate how literally everything around you was once just a thought or an idea. This proves that YOU can create miracles at any second.

You have the tendency to let go of gratitude and make it a rule that you can only feel gratitude IF something happens. That’s setting yourself up for suffering.

Nothing Has To Happen For You To Be Happy

As long as you structure your life in a way that your happiness is dependent upon something you can’t control (a goal, someone's opinion, etc.), then you’ll never be fulfilled in the way you desire.

Even if you have a TON of success, you could be winning at life and feel like you’re losing because the scorecard you’re using is unfair.

You only allow yourself to feel happy IF something happens.

Achievement without gratitude is a total failure.

YOU ARE BREATHING. YOU ARE ALIVE. That should be enough to smile about. And guess what?

If you’re smiling, business becomes so much easier.

You have these high expectations, right!? (The way you think life SHOULD be with your spouse, kids, team, volume, sales, etc. And when the way your life IS doesn't align with your expectations, you get frustrated, right?! You MUST let that go.

Gratitude needs to become a regular practice. I don’t mean the bullshit “Yay I have a roof over my head” gratitude. I mean REAL gratitude that you feel in your heart.

Where You Are Right Now Isn't Wrong.

As long as you see it as wrong, you'll never make it "right." Because what you think is wrong actually has been right the whole time.


So every single day, condition your mind to focus on being grateful and the anxiety, overwhelm, depression, fear, and negative self-talk will disappear.

I went through a period, where I knew what I wanted so bad… but I would find myself on the couch binge-watching TV having “bad days” about 4 days a week. It was terrible. I was depressed and even worse- I was pissed off that I was depressed. I was immobilized.

I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do (like my computer was begging me to take action) but I just didn't care (even though I cared so much)… It hurt.

And from practicing what I teach in my course "Appreciation Academy," the periods of overwhelm, depression, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions started to happen only 1x/ week, then 1x/ month, then 1x/ 3 months… And now, happiness is my default setting.

That came from practicing gratitude and everything I teach in Appreciation Academy. And now, there are still days once in a blue moon where I get into the whole, “woe is me” state of mind. But I can get out of it in 3 minutes.

This exercise is SO powerful that I'm not going to include it on the blog post. It's something that you need to EXPERIENCE.

So I highly encourage you to listen to the podcast at the bottom of this post. Even though I encourage you to listen to the entire thing, the actual exercise that I take you through starts at 10:48.


You're about to learn how to solve ANY problem in your life in 3 minutes.

Listen to the attached podcast. Experience this for yourself. It's wonderful.



Welcome back! Did you enjoy the podcast? Isn't it powerful what gratitude can do?

So let's be real for a second:

You have one shot at life. ONE.

Most people go through life trying to stay safe and never really going for it. You're not that person. Life could change at any time. Your clock on life is ticking. At any moment, it could run out.

You can’t control the length of your life, but you can control its depth, and it’s meaning.

You weren’t put here to experience mediocrity. You were put here to feel fully alive every second of every day. I can teach you how.

All you have to do to change your entire world is to make this part of WHO YOU ARE.

This blog post won't be there to motivate you tomorrow. Same with this podcast. If you want to create lasting change, this needs to become your default setting.

You MUST make this part of your life, or you'll stay stuck. You began that process today, and that's great! I challenge you to instill this into who you are by joining Appreciation Academy.

Can you imagine how the world would change if you made this way of thinking a part of your life? Appreciation Academy will teach you how!

Either way, use this lesson to solve that challenges you're facing in your life. You're 1 step closer to living every single day with a genuine smile on your face!

Share this blog post if you found it valuable today!

Brad Bizjack

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