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Becoming Recession Proof

Aug 01, 2022

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  • A new definition for money
  • Approaching money through the right mindset
  • Understanding your “frequency”
  • Creating an emotional space that serves you
  • How to become recession proof
  • The best strategy for your business during a recession
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  • If you’re eager to do more than just survive during a recession, then this training will explain how you should be viewing money and what strategy you should employ to earn more!
  • What’s Your Unique Success Archetype?


Fear of losing money is what causes it to stay away.

Many people today are pulling their money out of the market due to fear of economic uncertainty, but this causes you to lose out on future gains on the market. 

You must look at history and not headlines. 

Historically after every business expansion, there has been a recession. The market is cyclical but the general trend is always up.

Fear generated by media and bad advice cause you to make silly decisions that hurt financially long-term. 

Many people have a scarcity mindset about money and that can lead to a fear of using money to benefit your life which can turn into being fearful of having money come into your life. 

Consider money as energy.

It is a universal gift that doesn’t exist in a limited capacity from your job. 

More money is always possible. 

If you think of it similar to a radio dial, money is the high vibration setting and it is attracted by emotions that are on a high vibration.

Low vibrations would be worry, doubt, fear, panic, etc. 

Money hangs out at the highest vibration setting, where you feel positive emotions. 

Your job is to change your radio dial through the emotional mastery that we teach in our program. 

Doing this will allow you to attract money in a different way. Theoretically you could always operate at that higher frequency but it requires the correct emotional recipe. 

The answers to three questions determine what frequency you are operating on, what emotional recipe you have. 

  1.  Do you focus on what’s missing in your life or appreciate what you have?
  2.  Do you focus on what you can control or can’t control? 
  3.  Do you focus on the past, present, or future? 

If you're consistently focused on what's missing from your life and what you can't control, you cannot sustain happiness long term and you'll always tune in to the lower dials. 

If you just change where you focus, change how you describe your situation and see that life is happening for you and not to you, you enter the higher frequencies and stop worrying and stop making poor decisions.

Two emotions sandwich abundance: unconditional love and appreciation. 

Unconditional Love is the frequency and energy of creation.

If you care about your customers so much, you're willing to create what they need at this moment in time, you have the empathy required to come up with good business ideas. 

Appreciation is the mindset of receiving.

When you're truly appreciative, you feel like you're receiving a gift. 

These two things create a cycle of giving and receiving which is abundance, the highest frequency. 

The energy that you put out into the world is what you will attract back.

You must start your path to success beyond the point of this scarcity mindset, change your view of money first. 

View money like it’s your best friend. 

Everyone has a relationship with money, your relationship has to be one that isn’t mean or clingy but instead is unconditionally loved and appreciated. 

When you worry about money, it pushes it away. 

Abundance is the mindset of “more” it's not the mindset of “or” – the mindset of “or” is scarcity. 

Scarcity is “I can do this or that.” 

Spending money irresponsibly, and just saying “I'm abundant” is also not abundance, that's scarcity too. 

Abundance is knowing that more is possible.

Rather than thinking it’s a recession and people won’t spend money, stop assuming failure and instead realize that people will always pay to have their problems solved. 

All you have to do is identify their problems. 

Consider helping people by charging them a gift because they'll take it seriously enough to change their life. 

An economic recession is the greatest time of opportunity because when everyone else is slowing down, you’re speeding up and doubling down.

Strategically and operationally, the way to succeed in this time is to double down on the value that you add when most people shy away. 

Serve more than you ever served before. 

Instead of you living in fear, enter other people's fears and help them solve them. 

It will set you apart. Add more value than anyone else during a recession and you will be rewarded when the cycle continues and the market improves.

If you have a hard time adopting this even though it logically makes sense, you may have a unique success archetype that is set up for scarcity. 

You can take a 60 second free quiz to find your unique success archetype and get some information on what you can do to start to change.

Next week we are interviewing Brendan Burchard, a business advisor who has 40 years in the business. 

He is a ninja in terms of business and economics and markets. 

He specializes in helping people master their personal finances and economics during uncertain times, like the recession that we're entering into, so you’re going to have the opportunity to learn from him. 

You will also get the opportunity to hop into a free class to help you in terms of your personal finances and your affluence during an uncertain time.


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