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The Biggest Lie Business Owners Tell Themselves

Jul 15, 2020

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  •  The most toxic lie we tell ourselves: success is harder for us than others
  • It’s never too late to have an amazing past 
  • Success is given to people who learn to appreciate their life
  • Life changes the moment you put intentionality behind the meaning of your pain
  • How to shrug off the weight of the world from your back
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  • If you’re ready to accept full responsibility of your life, use this training as a guide to navigate through past hardships and failures!


Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve! This is the weekly spot to break through everything that’s holding you back from the life you really want!


This is your go-to guide when you're in the dark times and you don't know where to go or how to breakthrough. It's going to teach you how to master those limiting emotions instead of just praying they disappear…Imagine being able to get back to building your legacy in seconds. Imagine what that would do for you!

QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you ever felt like success is harder for YOU in some way?

Like other people don't get your situation or it's easier for other people…?

Quick story for you: When I was growing up there were some pretty tough words said to me, things that made me feel less than, or like I didn't matter. Even in my adult life, I felt like I was broken, not enough. Everything I did was about getting validation.

It felt like something was wrong with me. It was almost like I needed permission to go after my big ideas and I had so much blame. I just wanted a better life where I could give my future kids, a childhood that I never have. I wanted to give them possibilities and not have them be a slave to debt like I was.

If I'm being honest…I truly hated my past until I learned to switch one thing.

I had this one toxic belief that held me back from everything. It felt like everything was harder for me. I thought it wasn't fair.

It wasn't fair that I was $92,000 in debt…

…and my parents never saved for my college education.

Full transparency… I blamed people for the struggles I had in my life. I blamed this person for my debt and the lack of money in my banking account. I blamed that person for my business not being a success. I thought success was harder for me and other people didn't understand my situation.

Until one day
… I was talking to my coach and telling her about this deep feeling of anger and resentment.

She sent me a video from Tony Robbins that changed everything.

Tony said…If you’re going to blame people for all the bad in your life, you also have to blame them for all the good. What are your best qualities?! The things you are most proud of and how many of those qualities wouldn't be possible if this person or that person didn't hurt you.

I'm not denying that it hurt. What I’m saying is that it was the best thing that ever happened for you. What if the worst days of your life were secretly the best days of your life in disguise?! What if you adopt a belief today that “Life is always happening for you and not to you.”

Once you realize you’re always being guided, it's easy to be grateful for the pain and the person that hurt you. Take a look at your best qualities. How many of them are only there because that person or that event happened?

I realized in that moment, what I resented most about my life was the exact thing that turned me into the man that I am today!

I made a promise in that moment that I would love my past, even though it hurts.
I made a promise to be thankful it happened.

I'm sure you had hard experiences and cruel people in your life. They might have done or said really mean things that were intense and should never be said to a person, but you can find the beauty in it.

The healing I felt was one of the most profound feelings I've ever felt when my life was no longer someone else's fault, a weight was lifted, and I could take responsibility. Guess how much easier it was to build my business?! When I took full responsibility for my life, it became so easy!

I realized my hunger…my drive…my craving for financial security…the love I have for my wife…it all came from the contrast to those painful relationships. It was the best thing that ever happened for me and I'm so grateful for it. The more I conditioned the appreciation I have for those people in my life, the more beautiful memories I remember about my past that I blocked out.

Write this down: It’s never too late to have an amazing past. It is never too late to have an amazing childhood. The most toxic lie you can believe about your journey is that success is harder for you.

It is not harder for you.

That is a victim mindset.

Think about this…you already made it through some pretty tough stuff. You're making it through your pain, which means you're already successful or you wouldn't be listening to me right now. You're successful because of what you've been through. Can't you see that it's a blessing!! AND you're still standing! That's a success!! Success is not harder for you. It's possible for everyone.

Write this down: Life changes the moment you put intentionality behind the meaning of your pain. That means that when you learn to love the parts of your life that you hate, you skyrocket your business and your financial results because you don't have the weight of the world holding you back.

Please understand that no matter what you've been through, no matter what experiences you've had, it does NOT determine your future.

It doesn't matter if you've been in business for years and you haven't made a dime.

It doesn't matter if you had a parent that screamed at you every day of your childhood.

It doesn’t matter if you were an addict.

It doesn’t matter if you were a bad kid.

It doesn’t matter if you went to jail.

It doesn’t matter if you lost a loved one.

It doesn’t matter if you were abused.

Those things are important (and they do matter because YOU matter), but they do NOT dictate your future. Those things that you blame are secretly the greatest gifts in disguise and you might not see that yet, but that’s okay! You will!

Understand that the past only becomes the future if you live there.

So…how have you used your past to limit you?

Have you ever set less ambitious goals?

Have you ever toned down your activity in your business because you haven't achieved before?

Have you ever looked at a relationship in your life through negative eyes?

Breaking through this is really simple… You change what the past means to you. Your life is made up of events and the meaning you give to each event.

Example: If I open the door for you…

You can be grateful/appreciative.


You can think… “I could have opened that myself!”

You get to choose! You get to choose every time…every event. What does it mean to you?!

SO… it’s time you re-write the narrative of your life story and when you do, you will find emotional freedom, and with that emotional freedom comes success!!

Again, make sure to check out my Mindset First Aid Kit to help with any anxiety, panic, fear, overwhelm you’re feeling during this time!

My name is Brad Bizjack.

Remember to go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. You are literally one mindset shift away from doing that. I'll see you next week!

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