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Say Goodbye To Procrastination

Aug 05, 2020

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  • Calculus tests and bad behaviors
  • How to identify your pain threshold
  • Sacrificing short term pleasure for long term pain
  • 5 step process to end procrastination and create positive action
  • “The strongest force in the whole human personality is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves” —Tony Robbins
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  • If you’re ready to gain true momentum in your life and ditch your procrastination persona, then this training is an absolute must to watch!




I have a question for you…

Have you ever labeled yourself as a procrastinator?!

Or are you someone who struggles with procrastination in some way, shape, or form?!

I'm going to give you a 5-step process to end procrastination forever!

Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve! This is the weekly spot to break through everything that’s holding you back from the life you really want!


This is your go-to guide when you're in the dark times and you don't know where to go or how to break through. It's going to teach you how to master those limiting emotions instead of just praying they disappear…Imagine being able to get back to building your legacy in seconds. Imagine what that would do for you!

Quick Story: In college, I was in a Fraternity. I remember Jim (my buddy) and I had a calculus test coming up and (of course) we put it off. We put off studying for the calc test and now it was Wednesday and the test was on Thursday (the next day). The test was 20% of our grades and we waited until the day before to study.

So, we ended up pulling an all-nighter to study. We hit what is called a ‘pain threshold’. It's where the pain of not taking action became greater than the pain of taking action.

Procrastination can be avoided.

Everything you do is driven by your need to avoid pain or to gain pleasure…EVERYTHING! The challenge that most people face is that they unconsciously choose short-term pleasure and what happens when you consistently choose short-term pleasure, you get long-term pain.

We need to instead choose short-term uncomfortableness for long-term pleasure. The way to do this is to bring conscious awareness to your choices.

5-Steps Process to End Procrastination Forever

Step One: Write this at the top of your page “What is the action step I'm procrastinating on?” Then I want you to imagine there are little quadrants on your sheet (4 boxes).

**Example (with my test): I’m procrastinating on studying for my calculus test.**

Step Two (top left): What pain do I associate with taking action right now?

**Example (with my test): Time away from friends, fear of missing out**

Step Three (bottom left): What pleasure am I getting from not taking action?

**Example (with my test): Hanging with my buddies at the bar**

Step Four (top right): What is the deep, emotional pain that I’m going to experience six months from now if I don't take action every day starting right now? *Not just the surface level things, but when you don't achieve those surface-level things, then what do you feel?! You’ll be blown away by what you write!*

**Example (with my test): I won’t graduate from college. I won’t get a job. I will feel guilt.**

Step Five (bottom right): What is the deep, emotional long-term pleasure that I'll gain in six months if I decided to start taking action right now?!

**Example (with my test): I’ll pass the exam. I’ll graduate college. I’ll feel proud and worthy. I’ll feel like I did the hard thing. I took the road less traveled, and I didn't settle for the easy way out. I'd feel proud of myself in your situation.

When you take action, you feel proud of yourself (which leads to MORE action!!)

What's so important with this exercise is that you write it down. There's a reason I'm asking you to write it because what happens when you see the short-term pain or what the pain you associate with taking action next to the long-term deep, emotional pain experience you realize the short-term pleasure is so trivial. They are things that don’t really matter.

Is it more painful to take action on a dream or to settle for mediocrity?!

Make sure to check out my Mindset First Aid Kit to help with any anxiety, panic, fear, overwhelm you’re feeling during this time!

My name is Brad Bizjack.

Remember to go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. You are literally one mindset shift away from doing that. I'll see you next week!

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