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Can You Really Rewire Your Brain For Success?

May 09, 2022

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  • Why worrying never solved any problems
  • How to rewire your brain for success
  • Starting beyond scarcity
  • Changing your approach to problems
  • Wiring your mindset for 6- and 7-figure success
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  • If you want something different out of life, then you need to do something different—and this training will show you how!
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If your mind isn’t wired for six and seven-figure success, how will you ever create it?

What most people try to do, is they try to approach success with the same exact mindset that causes them to fail

If you go after changing your financial circumstances from the same mindset that created your financial circumstances, you won't ever be able to change that.

What most people do, is they give up. They stop.

And that's one of the biggest mistake you can make.

There's a way to rewire yourself to actually see success like that and it does not take years, it happens in an instant.

What most people do is they look around their situations in their life, their money, their business, their marriage and they think they're doomed. They think this is just the way it is. 

 They spend time obsessing over the problems. And when you spend time obsessing over the problems you actually are giving those problems the energy they need to live, so those problems actually get worse.

By focusing on the problems, we’re perpetuating the problem. Your wiring literally determines how things go.

If you are wired for failure, what does that do to your level of potential that you tap into? And therefore, the action that you take. 

You're not going to tap into the highest amount of potential. You're not going to take the best level of action and therefore you’re going to get really crappy results.

Then what does that do to your existing wiring for failure? It's going to get stronger.

An example of this is money. People go into trying to solve money problems from the mindset that created money problems. 

If you’re in debt and you have a scarcity mindset, you have a fear that money is not coming back. What happens if we have this fear? When there's an opportunity to learn how to grow up, we don’t tap into a higher level of potential.

We either won't take action, so we never learn how to break free. Or we look at this same limited thinking and say “well, I can't, I'm in debt, that's just the way”. So we look at our debt as a bad thing and we start tapping into lower levels of potential. Taking less inspired action and never end up changing our financial circumstances. 

But if we’re wired for abundance, we know money is going to come back. Money is like air, ever-flowing, it’s abundant.

What ends up happening as we start trying new things, we think of new creative ways to solve problems, and we take more action and take that leap of faith. Then we get different results in our life and therefore our belief, or our wiring, for our abundance mindset will actually improve.

How you are currently wired completely changes if success is ever going to be possible.

This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

What most people do, they're trying strategy after strategy, doing the same thing, but they find that you take two steps forward two steps back. 

You'll be trying so hard but it seems like it never works. So one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make is trying to solve the problem from the mindset that created it. 

Trying to solve a problem for the mindset that created it is societal thinking. It's what most people in society do and you are meant for SO much more than what society is getting.

Think about society. Society is overwhelmed, and broke, and fat. If you want something different, then you have to do something different.

There's so much pull to stay in alignment with the masses, to conform to what most people are doing. So I took a look at the people I was surrounding myself with at the time. People that were struggling, that didn't have money, didn’t have a successful business, and limitation, scarcity and fear was just how it was. The way that things were

And for a while, I lived that way and I stayed going down that route and it caused me to stay stuck.

Then I took a look at other people, a group of people that actually had what I wanted. That actually have the financial abundance, the business, the freedom, the millions of dollars in the bank. They thought differently. They thought about things in a completely different way because they rewired their mind to be successful.

We cannot solve a problem from the mindset that created it. Although this is way society has conditioned us to be, average. You are meant for more than average!

It's normal to think this way, it's normal to try to break free from financial scarcity from a scarcity mindset. I can understand why you would think that way, because most people think that worrying about money will somehow create more money. Worrying never solved a single problem.

Worrying causes us to focus on the problem and when we focus on the problem, it gets worse because problems need energy to live. It perpetuates the problem.

We need to change our wiring.
We need to change  the way that we are thinking.
We need to change the way that we approach the problem to have a completely new ability to solve it. 

You need to ask yourself, “Is it working?”

If you keep pounding your head against the wall, trying to actually be successful but you're using outdated thinking to try to solve it, nothing's going to change.

We keep ourselves stuck in the problem because we're focused on the problem.

When you rewire your mind and shift your approach, when you approach a lack of financial wealth from an abundance mindset and you create more material wealth.

You need to start beyond scarcity. You'll never get beyond scarcity, because if you are trying to find a way to create more money and you have a trust and belief that more money is always available, you've rewired your mind for abundance consciousness.

Then what ends up happening is you take that leap of faith, you trust and believe and new creative faculties are enabled within you and you're able to solve a problem in a much more empowered way.

When you see the much more empowered way, you get different results, which then reinforces the abundance consciousness that you already implemented. You actually perpetuate the solutions that are perpetuating the problem.

So that's one example of changing your wiring. And a lot of people say, “well, how do I do that?”.

I'm coming up with something right now to show you exactly how to do that. It doesn't take years, it’s actually a couple little steps that will change your life forever. 

Ask yourself, in money, in business, in marriage, in health, what problems keep coming up? And have you truly tried to change your approach? 

This doesn't mean changing just your strategy. This means changing how you view those situations. Changing your beliefs about the situation.

You could have the best, most effective strategy in the world but if you have a wiring for scarcity, or for "I'm a bad business owner", or for "I'm big-boned", it doesn't even matter if you have the right strategy? 

I don’t mean have you been trying the same strategy over and over again. What I mean, is have you been viewing the problem in the same way? How long have you been banging your head against the wall?

How do you ever expect to succeed if you're wired to not succeed?
How can you expect success to ever happen if you're wired for failure?

I'm not saying you're wired for failure, but if there's a problem that's coming up over and over again....

I want you to ask yourself:

Are you using an outdated, fear or failure based approach, to try to create success?

You are not broken.
You've been wired to try to solve problems from the same mindset that created them.

Instead of asking, "Why am I wired that way?", follow a simple process to change it. 

It is not hard to change your wiring, it doesn’t take years to do it.

I'm in the process right now of creating a program to show you exactly how to do this. A step-by-step process on how to rewire your entire subconscious mind. To literally be gravitated and pulled towards what you want.

It's releasing this Fall and I want to make sure it's custom for exactly what you are going through.

So I have an ask for you today, my ask for you is to fill out a five-minute survey. It's completely anonymous and it will help me custom build this program for you, based on exactly what challenges keep coming up over and over and over again in your life. 

Remember, if you are wired to not achieve your biggest goals, how are you ever going to achieve them?

We need to shift that and I’m creating something to show you exactly how I did it. To show you how to literally rewire your subconscious mind and change your future forever.


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