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Fear or Faith?

Feb 19, 2020

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  • If you keep making decisions the same way you've always made them, you won't advance in life.
  • You can't change your life from the mindset that created your current life!
  • The universe ALWAYS has your back.
  • Lack and abundance are both mindsets that we choose on a second to second basis.
  • If you constantly demand certainty, you won't be happy.
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  • If you struggle with taking leaps of faith in life or if you're constantly afraid of what could go wrong, you need this training!


Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset

Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I

help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve!

In this episode, we’re talking about how to deal with problems with your family.

This is a universal challenge that people face and that's when they lean into fear. So, I'm going to give you a tool, so when you face these moments of terror in your business, your life, your family…anything…you can use this one simple skill to lean into faith instead of fear.

What do I mean by faith or fear?

When I was starting out, I remember there were a lot of decisions that I had to make that were really, really scary. I do multiple podcasts about this, the ‘Be-Do-Have’ Mindset. Instead of saying, “Once I ‘Have’ a certain resource (more money) then I'll ‘Do’ (invest in myself), so I'll ‘Be’ successful.

We need to reverse it and say, “Who ‘Do’ I need to ‘Be’ now to ‘Have’ the things to be successful?!  Do-Be-Have

You need to reverse it! Well, one of those things is taking a leap of faith (well two leaps of faith!) One of those things that I needed to do was start doing really scary things because in your business, in your life, in anything that you want to grow, you will need to face your fears, cause everything you ever want in life is on the other side of fear.

Everything you ever want in life is on the other side of fear.

A lot of times what people do though is they know what they need to do, but fear stops them. That's the one thing that stops us is fear.

If we try to resist fear, what happens to the fear? It gets bigger, it gets scarier, it expands, and it becomes more impossible to move.  If we try to push against the fear, it tightens its grip on us.

How do we break through this? It's really, really simple!

We switch what fear means to us in our mind because if you ever want to be successful, you will have to do scary things. There's a decision you're waiting to make right now, a decision that you need to make to take your life to the next level right now, but fear has gotten in the way.

There are decisions that you need to make on a second by second basis.  Are you going to choose fear or faith in making those decisions? Which one are you choosing in faith? What I mean by faith is trusting that it's going to be fine. Trusting the universe has your back…trusting that it's going to work out. That's what I mean by faith! It's so important to do that because a lot of times we want to push and fight to achieve.  We want to do it on our own terms, and we like to avoid the universal signs that God is giving us, and we try to pave our own way, but…

It's impossible to be successful without rejection.

The only way to be successful is to be rejected. But a lot of people think that there's another way. You must learn how to lean into fears. If avoidance is your strategy, it's a great short-term strategy for initial emotional peace and relaxation. But it is a very, very great long-term strategy for EPIC emotional pain. If you avoid your fears, you are in for a painful life.

Let's say for example, you want to invest in your personal growth.

You're working with me and you want to invest in Appreciation Academy because you know it's going to change the game for you. You know that program is going to change your life forever and you're on the cusp of taking action. You look at the price and you go, “Oh man! I don't know if I could do that! What will my husband think of me?! What if I can't pay for groceries this month?!” And we think in terms of what's a worst-case scenario if we take action.

And so, we choose fear in that moment. We lean into fear and we make our decision about something that can radically change our life based out of fear. If you make decisions on something that can radically change our entire life based on fear, you will never change your entire life. This is where people thought I was crazy. I would say… “No, no, no, no…I can't afford to go to that seminar.” But that’s why you go!  That's how successful people think! They invest in themselves before they are comfortable doing it. Before they CAN do it. They find a way.

A lot of people think that if they make decisions based on fear and they keep pounding the door of success, it's going to open. It's what you let go of (fear)and trusting that it's going to be okay, that's where the game changes forever!

We have those fear-based emotions of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, all that stuff. But in those moments, if you were to pause and you were to say… “You know what…it's going to be okay! It's gonna work out. I trust that God's got my back and I trust that I’m being guided. It feels right in my heart.”

If you're in your head, you're dead. If you're in your heart, you feel alive.

If you listen to your heart and lean into what your heart says in a moment where you could choose fear, everything changes in that moment!

What emotions do you feel when you choose faith over fear?! It's exciting! It's joy! It's gratitude!

You’re proud of yourself!

When you invest in yourself on a high level, you're so proud of yourself. That's what you do! You're so incredibly proud of yourself, so you want to take more action.

You're more energetic!

You're more enthusiastic!

So, look at those two groups of emotions in a fear-based mindset. If you make decisions based on the conditioning you've had up until now, if you make decisions that way, you don't feel proud of yourself and you feel horrible, anxious, depressed.

From those two groupings of emotions, which of those two groupings of emotions, are you going to be more creative from?!  Take the leap of faith and trust that it will be okay (even if it’s uncomfortable). That's where the game changes!!

So…what's something you've wanted to do for a while?! What's something that you've really wanted to go after for a while? Maybe it's working with me through Appreciation Academy. It can be anything! What's that thing where you want to take a leap of faith so bad, but fears consumed you?

My challenge is for you to take that leap of faith right NOW.

Take the leap of faith right now and whatever it is for you, choose faith instead of fear. Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face and when you choose faith, it's really easy to do that. 

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Thank you so much for tuning into the Path to Mindset Mastery today! My name is Brad Bizjack! Go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face, and when you do, it becomes very, very easy to hit these big goals!!

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