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How To Predict Your Own Future

Jan 08, 2020

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  • Identify what causes feelings of anxiety or worry or depression within you
  • How to predict the emotional states you'll have the rest of your life (and how to change it if you don't like it)
  • Pattern interrupts 101
  • The power of Transformational Vocabulary
  • Most people have a highway to pissed off and a dirt road to happiness. This teaches you how to break through it! 
  • Watch the video for the FULL training! 
  • If you want to understand why you feel what you feel and how to change it if you don't like it, this training is a must watch!

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Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a mindset

strategist and coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I

help online business owners breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve!

This episode is all about predicting the future!

…and you're going, what the hell is this guy talking about?!

Seriously!  This is about predicting the future. I have a formula that I'm going to give you today that will be able to predict your life trajectory.  What's going to happen in your life and how it's going to go.

Honestly, it all comes down to emotions because your life is a direct reflection of the quality of emotions that you have on a regular basis.

Shitty emotions = shitty life (it does NOT matter how much money you have.)

If you have crappy emotions, you're not going to have a good life. I love the quote from Tony Robbins that says, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure of life!”

And so, if life and emotions are the same thing, how can we predict our life?? Well, really what it comes down to is patterns.

There are three patterns that every human being has and how they use these patterns will determine the outcome of their life. I'm going to show you in just a minute how to predict if someone's going to have anxiety…how to predict if someone's going to have depression…how to predict if someone's going to have a rich and fulfilling life OR if they're going to feel stuck.

SO how do we do this?! It’ really (really) simple.

Let's dive right into it because this is something, I didn't realize for a very long time that my emotions were totally within my control. I thought they were just a byproduct of life events, things that happened around me, and I would just react, but that wasn't fair to me because I literally control my emotions and that's what I want to teach you how to do today.

BUT FIRST…we need to bring awareness to the focus of this. There are three patterns that every human being runs in their life. The first pattern (I guess it's a question) that you need to ask yourself is…

1.Do you tend to focus more on what you have that's amazing in your life or what's missing from your life?

The reason I ask this because a lot of people will say, “Well, when I'm in a good mood, I focus on what I have in my life and when I'm in a bad mood, I focus on what's missing from my life.” That's obvious, right? But what we need to think about is overall, if you're being totally honest with yourself, not what you want to be, but how are you operationally living your life right now?

Do you focus more on the beauty in your life (what you already have) or what's missing from your life? And I have a question for you…How could you ever sustain happiness if you focus on what's missing from your life? You can't!!

It's not possible to sustain happiness if you consistently focus on what's missing from your life. So…how would you answer that first question? Do you focus on what you have that's beautiful or be what's missing from your life that you want? And the reason this is so important is because all suffering comes from expectations and not meeting those expectations. Well, if an expectation isn't met, what that means is something's missing from your life that you thought would go a different way. That's what expectation is. You're upset with someone or upset with something and you had an expectation of how it should go…but it didn't!

So, all suffering comes from expectations. Then one of my favorite quotes of all time…

“Trade your expectations for appreciation and your life changes in a single moment!”

It's a quote that I use all the time for a reason because that quote changed the game for me. I realized that if I let go of my expectations and I started to appreciate more of what I already had in my life, I would live a rich and fulfilled life. And by rich I don't mean just wealthy, I mean emotionally. That's what matters most!

So, do you tend to focus more on what you have or what's missing from your life?!

2.Do you tend to focus on what you can control or what you can't control?

What do you tend to focus on? What you can control or what you can't control? If you focus on what you can't control, you're always going to feel like happiness is out of your grasp. You're always going to feel stressed out. But if you focused on what you can control, you have inner peace unless you have what's called the achiever's curse.

What's the achiever's curse? It's when you consistently focus on what's missing from your life and what you can control. Have you ever felt that way? I need more money…more time. I've done this many times. I still do this from time to time, but I need a bounce back. If you focus on what's missing from your life and what you can control, you have what's called the “Achiever’s Curse” because you're always trying to solve more and more problems to get to the next level…but you never feel satisfied.

You never feel like what you're doing is enough. Even if you get to that next level…

You still feel unworthy…

You still feel like you're not enough…

You still feel stuck in your life because there's always something else that's missing.

So, how would you answer that question overall and not just when you're in a good mood or when you're in a bad mood, but overall, do you tend to focus more on what you can control or what you can't control?

3.Do you tend overall to focus on the past, the present, or the future?

The past, it can be a great thing. It can teach you some things about life. It can teach you what you need to change. You can reflect on the past and celebrate great memories. BUT, if you live in the past, you're fucked. It's not going to be a good place to live. If you live in the present, you have JOY and if you live in the future, you either have excitement or anxiety depending on how you answered the first two questions.

That's what happens because we need to find a beautiful balance of present and future with positive emotions, if we want our life to change.

So how did you answer these three questions?

This is how I'm able to predict your future. Just from the way you answered those three questions, I can predict how you feel on a regular basis…if overall, you’re consistently focused on what's missing from your life, what you can't control, and the future.

You live in a constant state of anxiety…don't you?

You're in a constant state of worry about what could go wrong (if you're focusing on what's missing from your life). What you can't control and, in the future, that's a problem, right?? That will keep you stuck!

AND… (this is how I can predict if you have depression), if you focus consistently on what's MISSING from your life, what you can't control, and if you focus on the past, you are depressed (aren’t you?!) That's where it comes from! And here's the challenge with it. What happens to most people is society reinforces numbing those things and there's nothing wrong with those type of drugs that numb those things. They help in some ways, but it doesn't necessarily solve the problem. Right?

Do you know people that are on anti-anxiety meds or anti-depression medication that are still depressed or anxious? It's because we numb the symptoms, but we don't cure the problem (which is just a matter of focus!) If you have consistent anxiety…there's not actually something that's biochemically going on. If you have consistent anxiety (on a regular basis), chances are it's just that your focus is off. If you're consistently upset on a constant basis, it's just that your focus is off! That's it!

It's what you focus on that matters most. And the reason I say that with so much conviction is because I've literally seen my clients and dozens and dozens of other people that claim they are just struggling with so much debilitating anxiety and depression that they can't get through it… I’ve seen them snap out of it (and never have it again) in just seconds!

That goes against what other people say. That goes against what society says about how you should handle this and sure that might be true, right? But I'm asking you to just try this on…try this on! See how it tastes! And if you don't like it, throw it back. You don't have to listen to anything I say, right? You don't have to at all. I'm just saying simply try this on, give it a fair shot and see if it changes anything.

If you have the “Achiever’s Curse” (a person that achieves a big goal in their business but still feel stressed out) you are consistently focusing on what's missing from your life, what you can control, and mainly the future. You’re in a constant state of stress because you're trying to consistently achieve more and have more, but you never feel satiated or fulfilled.

SO…what's the recipe for a rich and fulfilling life?! You focus on what you ALREADY HAVE! You focus on what you CAN control and you focus on the present from a state of EXCITEMENT.

Thank you so much for tuning into the Path to Mindset Mastery! I hope this was helpful this week!  Ask yourself these 3 questions and everything will change!!

Also, one of the things I'm doing every week is I'm doing a drawing for an Amazon gift card. So, if you go to the podcast on iTunes and you leave a rating (a star rating and a review), then email me [email protected] and say “Hey, this is my name, here's my email. I did the thing!” I’ll go in and verify it and you get entered into a raffle to win an Amazon gift card! Super awesome!!

It takes two minutes of your time. But I'm just trying to grow this thing so it reaches more people and we can help serve more people with mindset. Help them break through. And that happens through you guys sharing this is making a profound impact on your life

I'll see you next week!

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