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The Main Reason Business Owners Never Hit Their Goals

Jul 08, 2020

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  • My deepest insecurity: Not being able to provide for my family
  • How we slashed a 47-year debt repayment plan to 8 years
  • The snowball effect of an appreciation mindset
  • Why goals don’t bring happiness
  • The blindfolded hiker dilemma 
  • Will power vs. Pull Motivation
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It doesn't matter how much you succeed; it still won't feel like enough.

That's why most people never get to their dreams.

So, if you master THIS, you'll notice that not only will you have so much more success in your business, but you'll also have so much more fulfillment and happiness on the path to success.

Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve! This is the weekly spot to break through everything that’s holding you back from the life you really want!


This is your go-to guide when you're in the dark times and you don't know where to go or how to breakthrough. It's going to teach you how to master those limiting emotions instead of just praying they disappear…Imagine being able to get back to building your legacy in seconds. Imagine what that would do for you!

Let me ask you…Have you ever been in a restaurant and looked at a menu and felt panic because you have to pick your entrée based on price instead of based on what you want? I hated that feeling. It was one of the worst feelings ever for us and whenever debt or loans or money came up, it put a pit in my stomach immediately. I thought that being debt-free would make me feel like I was enough.

One of my biggest insecurities was not being able to provide. On our dog walks, we would have so much tension talking about how we couldn't do what we wanted. It made us terrified to even consider bringing a child into the world. We could barely make rent.

One day my wife called me (on her way to work) and she asked me, “How are we ever going to get out of this?!”

Something in me clicked.

I said, “Babe, we're in this situation either way, we need to learn to appreciate and enjoy the ride or we will be miserable for years.”

So, we made a plan that every time we made a payment, we would celebrate it and appreciate it.

We would appreciate the progress we were making. No matter how small!

Then, interesting things started to happen. Our business started growing (even though we were doing the same actions). Our payments increased to $100/month…$500/month…$2,000/month. It was a snowball of momentum. And by February of 2019, we were completely debt-free!!

We popped open the bottle and CELEBRATED!!

…BUT what's interesting is that our life never started changing until we learned to appreciate where we were already at. They say that money challenges drive couples apart. Ours brought us together because we decided to celebrate and appreciate no matter what!

WRITE THIS DOWN: You cannot change your life until you learn to love your life.

If you’re not grateful first, you’ll have a hard time achieving your goals. If you're like most of my Appreciation Academy clients, then you might have the belief that you'll be grateful and happy when you achieve your goals. When you grow your business… when you make money. A lot of people have this mindset and you may believe that you need to achieve in order to feel good, but it is actually the opposite. Appreciation is what attracts success.

When you think a goal or a dream will make you happy, you're literally pushing it away.

Think about this: What is the greatest goal you have ever achieved (outside of having a family or getting married)? When you achieved that goal…how long did the joy and initial happiness last??

3 minutes? 3 days? Maybe 3 weeks?

Goals don't bring happiness, happiness and appreciation are what bring goals. Your life is not the problem. It's how you face your problem(s), when you're so emotionally attached to how a goal happens or plays out, you energetically push it away from you. Now, this isn't saying you shouldn't be excited or passionate. You need to be excited and passionate! But what I mean is when your happiness is dependent on an outcome, you are making that outcome so much harder to achieve.

Even if you achieve it, you still won’t feel like it's enough. Have you ever hit a goal and then been stressed out that you've got to do it again the next month?!

Or hit a big milestone and then you're like, NOW WHAT?

Or have you ever been pushing so hard for a goal to come true and no matter how hard you push, it's like it's evading you? It's because you're attached to success instead of committed to success! Because… when you think that way doesn't building a business always kind of suck?!

It's constant frustration and overwhelm.

It's intense.

It's stressful.

It's insurmountable.

If you want your life to change your business, to change your merit, to change your bank account… you must master this mindset… Real appreciation is the master skill to business. Business success and money do not cause lasting happiness. Happiness, gratitude, and appreciation cause success!

It puts you in the right energetic and creative state to create your dreams!

Write this down: Seeing your current good is the fastest way to increase more good!

When you can find beauty in what you don't like about your situation…that's when your situation starts to change!!

Don’t be one of those people that always says… “I’ll be happy WHEN…”

What if you enjoy the journey of getting to the top?? All of a sudden… every part of the hike becomes beautiful and the top becomes so much more rewarding and way easier to get to!

What if you allowed yourself to be happier and not stressed out as you climb toward your goals?

How does it come off to your team?

How does it come off in your social media posts?

How does it affect your invites and the way you talk to your prospects?

Even more importantly, how does it affect your relationship with your husband or wife?!

Even if it's not the way you expect it, what would happen if you let it go? What if you take that blindfold off and decide to love the ups and the downs, the valleys, and the peaks.

People ask me all the time, “Brad, how are you happy all the time?” The truth is that I’m not. I’m not happy all the time, but I am happy most of the time. The reason is because what life throws at me, I find a way to love it. Even if it's out of alignment with my expectations.

What if you went after your goals, not just for the result, but for the growth you experienced and the person you will become along the way?

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure in life. -Tony Robbins

If you don't fix the appreciation side of things first (and now), you can see how this will be a big problem in your life and business. I can help you with this in my Appreciation Academy! It's easy to do once you figure it out, but until you learn to live in that state of appreciation for the journey and not have it just be a cliché that you post on Instagram… you’ll just go back to being pissed off.

The whole point of all of this is to break through the belief that success causes happiness. You might get a little hit of it for a second, but it doesn't cause lasting happiness. Happiness and appreciation is what leads you to your dreams.

I hope you found value in this episode!

Again, make sure to check out my Mindset First Aid Kit to help with any anxiety, panic, fear, overwhelm you’re feeling during this time!

My name is Brad Bizjack.

Remember to go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. You are literally one mindset shift away from doing that. I'll see you next week!

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