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How 1 Epic Failure Turned Into Millions

Jun 12, 2023

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  • Why the wrong psychology paired with the right strategy will always lead to failure
  • Why the right psychology paired with the wrong strategy will always lead to failure
  • Understanding the ins and outs of an Employee Mindset
  • How to operate like a Digital CEO
  • Combining the right psychology and right mindset for maximum success
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 How 1 Epic Failure Turned Into Millions


Today I share the story of my biggest epic fail launch and what I learned from it that led to generating millions of dollars in our business today.


Six years ago, I was investing in all different kinds of marketing programs. One taught me how to build a successful webinar that would convert well. I worked on the program and planned out my webinar for months. The very first webinar I did with it was for my original online course Appreciation Academy. I was so excited about getting it off the ground and had done everything the webinar program told me to do. 


I ended up spending near $5k on advertising (that I didn’t have), and got 558 registrants. When I did the math based on the conversion rates from the program, I remember telling my wife that our webinar was going to bring in $25k in sales. It was going to change our life and pay off a huge chunk of our debt. 


The day of hosting the webinar came, and I did everything I was supposed to…


And only 18 people showed up out of the 558.


And only 1 person purchased. A friend that felt sorry for me and was doing me a favor. 


I remember feeling so defeated, but I went back to the drawing board and tried more marketing techniques. When I did my next webinar, I’d spent $3k on advertising, gotten 400 registrants, and 12 people to show up. No one bought.


I went back to the drawing board and went through the same cycle again and again trying to figure out this launch strategy that wasn’t working. 


I had the right psychology through it all—I was approaching my failures from a learner’s mindset. I was saying to myself, “Ok, what can I learn? How can I grow.” I felt defeated and disappointed, but I kept getting back up. 


Somewhere along the way I realized I was only focused on one aspect of business marketing. That's what a lot of people do. They think if they have the right marketing technique without knowing how to actually operate a business, then they're going to be successful.


Marketing is important, but it’s not the only piece to focus on. Because if you want to have a successful business, you need to learn how to run one. At the end of this podcast, I’m giving you an opportunity to join my mentors program: Business by Design


This is the program that changed everything for me and taught me how to run a successful business.


When I applied the concepts that I learned from James Wedmore’s course, I ended up making $50k in sales in 10 days. The next launch, still using his teachings, we went on to make $350k in sales in 10 days. We kept on scaling and now make millions of dollars per year because of this very training.


If your business isn’t where you want it to be, it’s probably because of something you haven’t even considered up until now. One major and hidden obstacle that keeps your dreams just beyond your reach. If you’ve ever said something along the lines of:

  • I still have more to learn… and so you subscribe to everything and won’t launch until everything is perfect.
  • I need more time… because you always feel so pressured to produce constantly.
  • What if no one buys from me… and you become paralyzed with fear of judgment and rejection.
  • What if someone does buy from me… and you become overwhelmed by uncertainty.


Then you know why your business is stuck—it’s because you’re operating from an employee mindset.


This is when you believe your growth is dependent on your effort. The mindset tells you to work harder and longer as your only strategy for growth. But we know that’s not true, because if it was, everyone who worked hard would be successful.


But now is where all that changes because Business by Design is opening its doors. It’s going to teach you how to start operating like a real Digital CEO. 


A Digital CEO is a visionary. They don’t follow rules, they question them, they break them. They take risks and don’t let their circumstances dictate what is possible for them.


But best of all, when you let go of an employee mindset and start thinking, acting, and operating like a Digital CEO, you get very clear on what you need to do to turn your business into a massive success. You'll be able to focus on the things that actually are your skill set and help more people than you ever thought possible! Plus, you get the financial rewards as well.


In the beginning of building your business, it starts to feel like it’s your baby. You need to do all the things for it and care for it. But kids grow up and learn to fend for themselves, right? You need to stop viewing your business like it’s your baby, and instead, being its owner.


You see, a Digital CEO recognizes that their job is to design and build their business so it can run on its own. That’s where you need to get as well, and it’s what my mentor James will teach you in Business by Design. 


Business by Design is not a marketing course (although there is a marketing module). It’s a complete transformational process that will change you from this feeling of overwhelmed, overworked employee to the Digital CEO that your business needs.


It's going to include six core training modules that turn everything you think and know about business completely on its head. That way, you can see how successful businesses operate. 


Did I mention that Business by Design is the playbook that I use to this day before each launch? You bet it is! I’ve linked up a page in the show notes to tell you more about Business by Design. 


Full disclosure, I am an affiliate for Business by Design. I only promote products that I personally use and vouch for and stake my reputation on. So, when you enroll in Business by Design through the link below, I will receive compensation. 


And to make this incredible opportunity even more impactful, I’m offering some incredible resources for free to go along with your enrollment:

  • LIVE Workshop: How to develop your own highly converting quiz lead magnet
  • 3 Group coaching calls with myself and James Wedmore, ranging from how to craft a stellar launch and real-time critiques on your offer, to real-talk on money mindset and making sales.
  • Fear Mastery Bundle which includes our signature courses: Confidence Bootcamp and Conquer Fear and Imposter Syndrome
  • Life On Purpose: A Proven Guided Meditation To Eliminate All Fear And Overwhelm In Less Than 20 Minutes!


Having a multi-7-figure business…


The freedom to travel whenever you want…


All of these dreams are possible, and it’s Business by Design that can make them happen for you—just like it did for me. This program is how I took that big failure of a webinar and $92,000 of debt and turned it into the multi-7-figure success story that it is today!


Enroll now: https://www.bradbizjack.com/BBD 


Thank you so much for tuning in. Always remember, you’re only one insight away from a radically different life!


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