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How Compassion and Empathy Impact Your Success

Jul 10, 2023

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Today we discuss one of the most important keys to success in your personal and professional life—and often the most overlooked: compassion and empathy.


One of the biggest mistakes people make that prevents them from utilizing these skills is assuming other people's model of the world is the same as ours. When we don’t take the time to put ourselves in their shoes, that person’s guard is higher and we can’t truly understand them. And if you don’t understand someone, how can you serve them?


I’ve lived my life by a simple concept when it comes to empathy: every single expression that you encounter is either (a) an expression of love or (b) a cry for love. If you see every single expression that way, then you can successfully put yourself in their position and understand them. 


If you’re in a place where people in your life are consistently negative, take a moment to ask yourself what they might be going through that could cause them to respond in that negative way. When you view it through that lens, what changes about the level of patience you have with that person? Furthermore, what would change in your life if you brought more compassion and more empathy to the people you’re closest to in life? 


It's very easy for us to be compassionate and empathetic to people that we don't know very well. But have you ever noticed that we have way less patience with our family? With our spouse or kids? Yet those are the people that need our love the most! If we’re withholding love until they change, we’re choosing to only see life through our model of the world instead of asking ourselves, what are they going through? 


If you put yourself in their shoes and meet them where they’re at, it would change the entire dynamic between you for the better. Because instead of expecting other people to think like you, you’re honoring how other people think


So how does this elevate to the success world? Take marketing for example. Marketing requires empathy. You cannot be a successful marketer if you do not have empathy and can’t meet someone where they’re at. Most people try to persuade and say why their product is awesome and why people should buy it. But there’s no empathy there because they never meet people in their challenges. They don’t show them how their product is actually the bridge from their problem to the transformation they want. 


All good persuasion rises and falls on the acknowledgement of empathy. That means you are honoring someone's world for how it is.


You're not saying that their opinion is wrong.


You're not saying their beliefs are wrong.


Unless you meet them in their pain and not make their pain wrong, then they're never going to listen to you. So you must honor their existing reality by imagining it and saying to your prospective client, for example, “You might be going through X, Y, and Z.” What does this do? It makes them feel seen and heard. Their guard goes down and that’s when you start speaking to the best version of them. That's when you start talking about how your product or service will help them go from that X, Y, and Z pain to a better life. 


Once you have compassion for your clients, for your prospects, you're going to be able to better serve them. Unfortunately, most people are so concerned with how they're being perceived in business that they don't care enough about their prospects. 


Think of it this way. Your prospects are in a pit and they desperately want out of it. What most people do is see others flying over the pit with a big fancy helicopter dropping baskets into the pit and flying prospects out to safety. They think, “Well, I don’t have this big fancy way of helping. Who’s going to want to listen to me when they can listen to other people?” 


That obsession with themselves dooms them. Because your prospect doesn’t care how they get out of the pit. They don’t care if you have a helicopter or a rope. They just want to get out of the pit!


The point of this metaphor is that when you care more about your prospects and what they're going through than you do about how you're being perceived—your own significance, your own ego—that's when you start having success. And if you want true happiness, if you want true success in all forms of the word, we need to adopt compassion and empathy into our lives. 


It's very easy to say this from a big conceptual perspective and with people who aren’t really close to us. But it’s a whole new game to do this with the people that have hurt us before and the people that are close to us in our life. Why? Because we’ve already built-up stories about how we've been treated or about these relationships. 


If you’re having a harder time developing compassion and empathy for the people you’re closest to in life or those that have hurt you, it’s probably because of the way your mind is currently wired. Luckily, the brand-new PDF I introduced last week can help you learn how to bring more compassion and empathy into your personal and professional life based on your success archetype.


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Thank you for tuning in! Get excited for next week’s episode where we’ll discuss The Story of Your Life, and focus on how to develop more compassion, empathy, and gratitude so you can break through to the next level of success so much faster. I hope you found value in today’s short lesson. As always, remember you’re only one insight away from a radically different life.


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