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How Life's Changing Seasons Impact Your Success

Jun 26, 2023

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  • Understanding the 3 core life arenas
  • Elevating our knowledge to understand the Seasons of Life
  • Determining which season you’re in for each core life arena
  • Borrowing from the great Jim Rohn
  • Finding the zone of maximum success and fulfillment
  • How to reap the rewards of life!
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Last week, we talked about seasons of rest and how it's important to prioritize seasons of rest in your life. Today we elevate this idea of seasons to a grander level to seasons of life and discuss how they relate to each of the three core life arenas that you are playing ball in.


Let’s jump straight into the three core life arenas:



Encompassed under health is your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Each impacts one another in different ways. For example, if your mental and spiritual health is off, that impacts how well you take care of your body. 



Encompassed under wealth is business or career, income, and contribution to the world. As in Health, each area within Wealth has an impact on one another when one is off balance. For example, if you are trying to make money, but it's not from a place of contribution and service it lowers the amount of money you make.



Encompassed under relationships is yourself, your peer group, and your intimate relationship(s). Again, as in both Health and Wealth, when one area is off balance, it affects the other areas. It’s so important in this arena to mindfully cultivate and work on these relationships, because if you don’t, you’ll set yourself up for a mediocre life.


As discussed in each individual arena, when one area is not in balance it affects the others. The same applies on the larger scale. Here are a few examples:


You have health and wealth, but you don't have your relationships taken care of? Then you’re missing out on love in your life.


You have wealth and relationships, but you’re missing health in your life? Then you’re missing energy in your life.


You have health and relationships, but you don’t have wealth? Then you’re missing certainty in your life.


This is why all three arenas need to be mastered to have a beautiful life. If not, then your three survival needs—energy, certainty, and love—become threatened. When you’ve mastered the three life arenas, you get to a middle which is called the zone of maximum success and fulfillment.

This is where you truly feel alive and where you’re successful beyond measure. 


So, how do you get there? You need to recognize where you are. Part of that recognition is understanding what season of life you are at in each of these areas. As I go through a metaphor by my mentor, Jim Rohn, I want you to see where you are, and which season you are at, in each area.


Please note, this metaphor can be found in Jim Rohn’s work: The Art of Exceptional Living. If you want to go deeper into the teachings, I highly recommend it.


Seasons of life metaphor:


Every part of life goes through seasons. Take winter for example. Winter is where it's dark. It's where it's cold and where it feels like there's no way out. It's long too. It feels like it's never going to end. 


It’s also a time when you can either choose to resent or learn.


Most people in life resent winters. Those people will hide out in their house all winter long and pray for spring to come. There are also people that go snowboarding and skiing, and even ice fishing! They realize the cold won’t last forever and decide to make the most of it. When they do, they learn lessons in their life that make spring tend to come earlier.


Winter is really a time of education and reflection. It’s your job to find what lessons there are for you to learn and be open to them. Then, when spring comes, which it always does, you can plant and set yourself up for success!


Now let’s go back to the 3 core life arenas; health, wealth, and relationships. Are any of them in winter right now for you? Are any of the sub areas in winter right now for you?


Whichever one is, or are, remember: after winter, spring always comes. 


This is important because if you don’t plant in the spring, you’ll be begging in the fall. In other words, if you haven’t learned the lesson in winter, when spring comes fear takes over. You don’t plant seeds that could lead to a beautiful harvest down the road. 


We’ve talked about Winter, Spring, and touched briefly on Fall, but what about Summer? Summer is a time of patience. If you’re impatient and harvest too early, you can’t yield a great crop. During summer you need to protect your crop, because—and write this down—all good will be attacked. You need to make sure you’re nurturing the seeds you planted and protecting your work.


If you do that, you reap the harvest of your lessons learned, opportunities planted, and patience and tending. 


There are two things you need in fall.


#1: Reap in the fall without complaint 

#2: Reap in the fall without apology


Why? Because you reap what you have sown and that all begins in winter and trickles down through each season! 


So, which season are you in right now in each of these 3 core life arenas? If you’re wondering, “I don’t really know where I stand,” then make sure to take my free, 60-second quiz: What’s Your Unique Success Archetype


It will show you exactly where you're at in terms of your current beliefs and you'll be able to identify in a much easier way which season you are in!


Free Quiz: quizzes.bradbizjack.com 


This is the type of work and reflection most people don't do… but when they do, it changes their entire life.


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