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How to Build to 7-Figures On Instagram w/ Holly Hillyer

Sep 04, 2023

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  • Why you should throw the spaghetti at the wall
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make on social media
  • Getting specific (like really specific)
  • Holly’s step-by-step micro-niching process
  • What to look for when auditing your Instagram
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  • If you’re tired of struggling with the social media game, then today’s interview with expert Holly Hillyer will open your eyes to what you need to do now to see results!




If you’ve been struggling to break through the noisy social media world, today is your lucky day! Social media expert, Holly Hillyer, is here with us to share how she grew her account by tens of thousands of people that have directly translated into leads and sales. She also shares the simple foundations needed to build your 7-figure social media account!

In our conversation, we begin by discussing Holly’s initial journey to success and her thoughts on social media:


  • How her analytical mind first served her in her engineering career, and then later, as she pursued entrepreneurship in network marketing.


I’m a very analytical mind. Give me data. Give me systems. Give me processes. Tell me what to follow and I can do it!” — Holly Hillyer


  • Lessons in throwing spaghetti; how Holly learned through trial and error to collect meaningful data about how to change her social media content to support her business goals. 


  • 8 years after starting her network marketing business, discovering her life’s purpose: helping women create the lives they want to create and live in joy every single day, by teaching them how to grow their social media as their top of funnel and beyond to email marketing and creating systems behind the scenes so that their business doesn’t run them. 


  • A lot of people find social media exhausting, as if they’re running on a giant hamster wheel never seeing results. They don’t view it as a community where they can serve, connect, and help their community for free—and that’s a problem.


When social media isn’t this all-consuming thing you create, it serves you [by helping] collecting email addresses. [And] You continue to then serve them at a higher level through your programs. It’s really this beautiful balance and it’s free.” — Holly Hillyer


Holly generously goes on to share advice on the biggest mistakes she sees people making on social media and how you can build the foundation of a 7-figure social media account:


The Biggest Mistakes People Make On Social Media

People bump up against a fear of being specific. They want to make sure that everyone’s taken care of and not exclude people. But if you are speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. 


You need to be comfortable with addressing your audiences’ specific objections and addressing specific solutions (i.e., your program). 


The second mistake people make. They think it’s the algorithm that is blocking their success. It’s not. It’s your content. It’s not clear or specific enough. 


How to Micro-Niche & Auditing Your Instagram

You can think of micro-niching as the act of getting to someone’s real “why”. Persistently going one level deeper until you can be an expert in that space. For example, take a look at how Holly micro-niched her health and fitness coaching business. 

1. Health and Fitness Coaching

2. Nutrition

3. Nutritional recipes

4. Nutritional dessert recipes

5. Weight loss for postpartum moms through eating dessert! (Tune in to the podcast to hear exactly how Holly ended up in the postpartum niche)


Why dessert recipes? One of her ideal clients’ largest objections was that they didn’t want to be on a diet. They weren’t willing to give up desserts or forgo celebrations with their family. 


Once you discover your micro-niche, by asking yourself what your products are and how they serve people, and digging to that one very specific expert level… where do you go from there? You start using the same words again and again that are related to your micro-niche and customer avatar. Remember, Instagram is an SEO-based system. Hashtags still matter (some) but they don’t matter as much as your actual content


If you feel as if you’ve already nailed your niche and are sharing great content on a regular basis, but still coming up with crickets—you need to audit your Instagram. If someone can’t look at your feed and understand what you do, then you need to regroup!


You want to deliver the same specific messaging every day. This maximizes your SEO, makes you more searchable, and signals you as an expert in your niche, which means your voice won’t be lost among the crowd. And yes, it’s okay to sound like a broken record. You want to know the line that will hook your audience and continuously present them with it alongside the very first step in achieving the solution (your lead magnet or service/offer).


The Social Secrets Masterclass 

As a lover of all things tactical and tangible, Holly is hosting a masterclass TOMORROW, September 5 at Noon EST. 


Register for the social media masterclass here: https://www.sevenstrong.com/a/2147622438/zk44xNFo 


Holly is sharing her top 3 secrets of social media growth:


Secret 1: Attracting Your Ideal Client

Understanding WHO you serve at a micro level so they feel seen in your content.


Secret 2: Defining Your Niche

Clearly define your niche to get the IG algorithm working for you.


Secret 3: Creating Your Content Focus

Determine your ONE content pillar so you become the expert to your ideal client.


This is your chance to turn your small social following into a 6-figure online business without sacrificing more time with your family!


Register for the masterclass here!


And finally, to wrap up our conversation, Holly shares with us the one insight that radically changed her life!


You do not have to work harder to see more success. My success is not based on the number of hours I work or how hard I work or what I give up. My success truly is based on the joy that I can have in my business, the joy that I can give others, the value I can give others and doing that in a way that is in alignment with my family.” — Holly Hillyer


Thank you for tuning into The Rewire Your Mind podcast! Be sure to sign up for Holly Hillyer’s masterclass The Social Secrets Masterclass. This free masterclass will change the game for you getting your business off the ground on social media.

The Social Secrets Masterclass starts TOMORROW, September 5 at Noon EST. 

Register Now: https://www.sevenstrong.com/a/2147622438/zk44xNFo 


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