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How To Get Out Of Your Rut When You're Feeling Stuck - Part 2

Oct 04, 2018
(Podcast at the bottom/ Video combines Part 1 AND Part 2) 

Did you check out PART 1 of this blog post yet? It’s INCREDIBLY helpful! If you haven’t, you can find it here: How To Get Out Of Your Rut When You're Feeling Stuck - Part 1

It’s time to do some self-honesty checks! Part 1 is by far and above the most important piece of getting out of your rut. However, there are a few MAJOR influences that play a huge role in how your life turns out.

Self-Honesty Check 1: Who do you spend time with?

Have you heard the cliché, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with?” It’s a cliché because it’s REAL.

Example: If your group of friends gossips about the boss or other people, you’ll slowly turn into that person. If you’re around negative people that are drinking all the time instead of focusing on their personal growth, you’ll become that person.

I know this because I did it. I was in a job where I was surrounded by people partying 4 nights a week! And guess what? When you’re hungover, it’s tough to get out of your rut! Wherever you consume, you become. That includes other people's opinions! So ask yourself, “Who am I surrounding myself with?”

Who do you text?

Who do you go to happy hour with?

If your life were a company and those 5 people were sitting on your board of directors, would you feel comfortable with the decisions they’d make and the direction they’d take the company?

How to change your peer group:

Step 1: Write down the qualities of people you’d want to put at your “board of directors."

Step 2: Write down the names of the people you spend the most time with.

Step 3: Evaluate which of them line up with the qualities you’d want to see.

Step 4: If necessary, fire some people. Hire some new people. It’s that simple.

When I changed my community, my life drastically changed. I went from spending my time with people partying to people focused on dreams and goals and my life EXPLODED! Your life will too!

Self-Honesty Check 2: How do you respond when someone asks, "How are you?" 

This isn’t about lying or pretending you're better than you are. It's about being proactive and making your life better than it currently is.

So, when someone asks you how you’re doing and you respond, “I’m okay,” or, “I’m fine,” you come off as a soul-sucking, energy draining, negative Nancy.

You become the person that sucks the energy out of the room. You become someone that's just feeling mediocre about life or having a bad day (just like most of the world!).

And there's nothing wrong with having a day where you feel negative emotions. I’m saying the way you respond to, “How are you doing?” changes your outlook on an entire day. Your brain will fire differently if your response is “I'm fine,” versus, “I'm fantastic!” “I’m amazing!” or “Things are awesome!”

This isn’t about lying. This is about PROACTIVELY giving yourself energy! You become the person that UPLIFTS OTHERS instead of brings them down with your energy. And when you uplift others, guess what? You feel AWESOME.

Self-Honesty Check 3: What type of news do you broadcast to the world?

Inspiring news or news that complains and condemns?

Do you complain about Trump or do you uplift other people?


Are you sharing amazing, uplifting things that make people's lives better?

Or are you a drain on people's lives?

Self-Honesty Check 4: What material do you consume?


I haven’t watched the news in 6 YEARS. GASP!

It’s NOT wrong to enjoy global events or have a political opinion!

News flash (ha, get it?): The media’s ONLY job is to make money. And they make the most money by selling FEAR.

The world is not even a fraction as bad as it's made out to be in the media. Not even close.

Have you ever gone to Cancun and your mom freaks out because the cartels are there? That’s the media talking! Guess what? I grew up in Chicago. There are murders there EVERY DAY.

News = FEAR.

If something significant happens, chances are someone will tell you about it. Again, I haven’t watched it for 6 years, and I’m doing GREAT!

If you enjoy politics or current events or anything controversial, my advice is to follow an unbiased, fact-based medium instead of the major headlines.

My recommendation: Morning Brew (No affiliation). It’s an email subscription with current events from an UNBIASED place with zero goals of selling you fear.

Stop reacting to fear-based mediums and be proactive about your life!

Self-Honesty Check 5: Do you start your day with PROACTIVITY or REACTIVITY?

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Lemme guess. CHECK YOUR PHONE.

Your phone is nothing more than a convenient organization tool for other people’s needs. And other people’s needs make you feel overwhelmed and keep you in a rut!

Brendon Burchard proved that if you don’t check your phone in the first 60 minutes of your day, you increase your productivity by over 30%. INSANE!

When you combine what I shared in part with this, you don’t wake up with as much fear. You lead your life instead of following other’s lives. You feel happy instead of disempowered. And you get out of your rut and CRUSH LIFE.

When you apply what you learned in "How To Get Out Of Your Rut When You're Feeling Stuck - Part 1" paired with these 5 self-honesty checks, game over. You start winning at life again. You learn how to smile again. And when you're smiling, goals become WAY easier to achieve! 

In a world where people are so overwhelmed all the time, this way of thinking will make you the small bit of sunshine they're craving!

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With love,
Brad Bizjack

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