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Liberating Your Greatness w/ John Roussot

Oct 09, 2023

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  • Understanding why people don’t ask for help
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  • How to liberate your greatness—in 6 steps!
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Today, you get to meet the man whose insight changed my entire life from a single conversation and led me to impacting 50,000 lives across the world. His name is John Roussot, and he challenged the goals I had set for myself. You may have heard this story before, especially if you’ve been part of our Success Accelerator program. 


John challenged my goal of making $30k in sales a month, asking why I would set such a small goal. He told me the purpose of setting a goal was to become a more elevated version of yourself. So, I set a goal of $100k in sales a month, having no idea how I would hit it. 


That singular conversation and push from John has ended up leading to not only millions of dollars in sales for my business but helping me impact tens of thousands of lives all over the world. John is here today to shed light on how you can liberate your own greatness

In our conversation, we begin by discussion John’s initial journey to finding his purpose:


  • John’s passion for what motivates people and why others succeed faster than others started at a young age. He invested a lot of his time to exploring his own personal development, and was blessed with two parents who challenged, pushed, and encouraged him along the way. 


  • He thrived in university and afterward secured three great job opportunities for himself. These opportunities gave him the confidence and courage to step out of his comfort zone and do what he was called to do, serve at a higher level.


  • In 2004, he received life-changing shattering news that he’d lost his father to suicide. John couldn’t make sense of how a man who was successful in so many areas of his life could have been in such a dark place. He moved home to help with the family business and, in the process, came to terms with his father’s death.


  • 6 months after the death of his father, his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and given 3 months to live. She fought with courage and conviction for 2 ½ years before losing the fight to cancer.


  • His parents went to their graves with greatness inside of them that the world will never know about. This truth sparked something inside of him, and he began to question how do you help people with their health and their well-being? This desire to help people with what John calls “MEPS Well-being,”—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being—drove him to create something that would help liberate greatness for any individual. 


John goes on to share his thoughts, advice, and methodology on liberating your greatness and the biggest obstacles you’ll face trying to do so: 


How To Identify Purpose In Pain During Dark Times

Perspective is a powerful tool at our disposal. There’s much in the world we can’t control, but you can always control your thoughts, your words, and your actions. What happens for most people when struggles enter their life, they see them as negative. This leads them to a negative spiral that demotivates and depresses. 

In these situations, framing the struggle as a gift that will make you stronger can be the perspective shift you need to move forward with confidence. When negative thoughts arise, counter with one positive thought, or one positive word or action that will start moving things forward. One step forward starts to build up momentum. You start making progress and progress leads to happiness and more momentum. Eventually you become unstoppable.

The gap between depressed at the bottom of the spiral and unstoppable at the top of the spiral, is where people have an important decision to make. Will you perceive your struggle as negative or as a gift to make you stronger? 


Why People Don’t Ask For Help

John thinks a lot of this has to do with pride and perception of what people will think of you. In his dad’s case, John believes he didn’t ask for help because he didn’t want people to see him struggle or think things were out of his control. 

However, a scientific study has shown when you ask someone for help it sends a dopamine hit to the other person’s brain that they’re valuable. You end up getting a double positive, where the person who needs help gets it, and the other knows they’re valuable and can help. 

Remember, the greatest businesses and organizations weren’t built by one individual. It was done with the help of others. 


What Does Liberating Greatness Mean

Liberating Greatness is not about any worldly standards of success. It’s about what greatness means to you. What gift do you have inside of yourself that needs to be liberated and shared to the world? Liberating greatness also has elements of personal mastery and professional excellence to help people thrive in any area of their life. 


What Is The Process To Liberate Greatness (From A High Level)

In John’s book, releasing October 11 and available for pre-order, he breaks down his signature 6-step framework to liberate greatness.

Step 1: Awareness

Proactive change begins with awareness. You begin by becoming aware of where you are right now and where you want to be. 


Step 2: Alignment

Once you have awareness, it’s about getting in alignment with your purpose, mission, and values. Without awareness and alignment, your action, Step 3, will be all over the place.


Step 3: Action

With awareness and alignment activated, you take laser action that will propel you forward.


Step 4: Accountability

The next phase of the framework is accountability, accountability to yourself, or maybe a coach or mastermind. Wherever it comes from, it forces us to a higher level of excellence. 


Step 5: Amplification

You amplify by leading people, managing systems, and using your influence. Think about a small wheel going quickly—the impact is limited. If you amplify the impact first and then spin the wheel, you’ll have a greater impact.


Step 6: Acceleration

The last step has a lot of innovation elements in it. Innovation to accelerate, communicate, and collaborate. When you’ve accomplished the other 5 elements, this acceleration step is incredibly powerful, and you can liberate your greatness!


Anybody can use this framework, and one of the best parts about it, is when someone has a new goal or vision, they can use it all over again!


What Prevents People From Liberating Their Greatness?

The first is mindset. How we perceive things and mindsets of limiting beliefs will hold people back from taking action. The second is skill set. If you don’t have the skills to do what you want, you’re not going to be able to achieve what you want. Thankfully, if you have a growth mindset, those skills can be learned. The last, and third, is a tool set. Using the wrong tools for the job at hand won’t get you far. You need to be using the most productive and effective tools at your disposal.  


And finally, to wrap up our conversation, John shares with us the one insight that radically changed his life!


“I think everybody needs to believe that greatness is within them. That you need to believe greatness is within you to unlock it…

If we believe that it's in us and that it's something different, something unique, something special, something that is our gift to give to the world. I think it encourages us to do 1 or 2 things. One is hope for a better future for ourselves, which also raises the necessity for us to take action on behalf of others.

And that if you've got a gift that you need to share with the world, it's your moral obligation to share it.”


Thank you for tuning into The Rewire Your Mind podcast! Be sure to pre-order John Roussot’s book, Liberating Greatness. To anyone who buys the book, there’s an opportunity to register online at his website, www.JohnRoussot.com, for additional (free) resources that are worth thousands.


His book will be available on his website and all major online book retailers. This is the man who radically changed my life and if you let him, he could change yours too.


Pre-order your copy of Liberating Greatness here.


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