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Lost Your New Years Mojo? Do This!

Feb 28, 2022

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  • The myth of working harder for success
  • How to get your drive back
  • 3 crucial mindsets of high performers
  • Discovering your worthiness
  • The rejection plot twist
  • Stories vs. Truth
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Most people by now have lost New Years momentum because they didn't set a resolution, they stated a preference....


For things to change, YOU need to change!

What sets high performers apart?

What allows them to succeed so much faster and with less stress!?

There is a myth that you have to work harder to achieve more success than faster before...

Success and money doesn't come from effort because anyone who puts in a ton of effort would be wildly successful.

Succeeding faster than ever before has more to do with how people think and how people feel.

There are 3 key pieces that high performers who stick to their true New Years resolutions and consistently go after their big dreams, have in common:

 1. They all (mostly) live in the Success Sweet Spot

The success sweet spot is striving something so much bigger than what you have right now, while also feeling fulfilled before you get there. 

Most people say "I'll be happy when..." or "I should be there already..." So you're stressed out NOW and you're not able to be the most resourceful version of yourself so you never create your goals because creativity cannot thrive in a stressful environment.

This means that you will find yourself starting and stopping, creating inconsistency based on your low energy levels and even if you will yourself to a place of accomplishment goals... you won't be able to truly feel the joy, love, excitement, & passion that comes along with it.

If you rely solely on willpower, it leads to burnout. Then, you begin to feel resentful towards the actions that were meant to lead you to freedom in the first place and that's not fair to you! You are meant for more than that!

When you don't live in the success sweet spot, you bounce from peak to peak to peak looking for joy to prove your worth, but you're already worthy! You always been and always will be. What needs to change is the mindset you approach success with.

When you learn to live in success sweet spot, you start feeling fully alive wherever you are right now. Even if it's not where you want to be, you start feeling fulfilled and appreciative of where you are.... then you start getting new ideas!

When you live in that state consistently those ideas come to life and you monetize them. They come to fruition and bring feelings of fulfillment along the way, which builds your energy so when you finally get to that aspirational place, you celebrate it!

You need to learn to appreciate the journey and when you do, magic starts happening! 

 2. They have released perfection!

Most people have to make sure everything is checked off the list. There's an associated fear with not getting things done, so they check all the little things off their list to make themselves feel like they're moving forward. All while there is this lingering sense of guilt they didn't get the most important thing done. Mistaking movement for achievement... because you're valuing checkboxes for fulfillment. That's a sign you're living in perfection.

Then what also happens is that you'll have a couple days of perfection, but you can't keep up with that. The human nervous system cannot keep up with the fear, pain, and constant beating yourself up, so it interrupts the pattern!  That may be through binge watching tv, overeating, or getting into lower states. Everyone does this at some point, myself included.

Then, after you smoke, drink, eat, watch tv, whatever it is - you feel guilty about the limiting behavior and try to be perfect AGAIN. So you'll try something different like try to stick to a nutrition plan perfectly until you "mess up" and then you just let go and binge again. Then you tell yourself you'll start again Monday and it starts all over again... THIS IS KILLING YOUR EXCITEMENT FOR YOUR DREAMS!

When you're living in this state you are always craving guarantees.

Perfection hurts us because it guarantees pain.

3. They use the Magnetic Success Formula

Most people say they don't have the time, money, spousal support, network, social media following etc. They don't have enough resources... It's never a lack of resources, it's a lack of resourcefulness!

We need to activate the magnetic success formula. To tap into the very best version of ourselves to create the money, to find or make the time, to gain the support or gain the traction we need. 

There's a psychology behind it! 

When you don't do this it will feel like the world is against you so it creates these stories about why you're stuck. Then what happens is you start to value your stories higher than your truth!

If we tell ourselves these stories long enough they become convictions and our convictions start to feel like our truth, even though it's just our opinion.

When you shift these beliefs, a whole new world becomes available to you!

All the resources you feel you are lacking become a byproduct of activating the magnetic success formula!

If you're wondering, "How do I actually DO this?" 

I've created a FREE masterclass this Wednesday, March 2nd at 10 AM CST that will show you HOW to implement these 3 strategies we discussed today in your own life.

It's called How to Accelerate Your Success Without Working More Hours. It will show you how to appreciate the journey on the way to success and live in that sweet spot!

Come learn how to ditch perfection and attract all the resources we need without living in the story that holds us back!


Wednesday, March 2nd @ 10 AM CST

How to Accelerate Your Success Without Working More Hours



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