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$45k to $2M/yr - Make 2023 Your Breakthrough Year!

Jan 09, 2023

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  • Defining breakthroughs and quantum leaps
  • A brief check-in with your limiting beliefs
  • What’s possible for you
  • The 8 principles to create quantum leaps
  • Create compelling visions of your future
  • The lie about confidence
  • How perfection hits below the belt
  • Why you need alignment to find success
  • Letting go of scarcity
  • Stop “should’ing” all over yourself
  • Jumping at opportunities 
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Today’s lesson is a game-changer because I’m going to show you the principles that quantum leaped my income from $45k/yr to $2M/yr, so you can make 2023 your breakthrough year. 

To start, let’s define breakthrough and quantum leap.


A breakthrough is a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. It’s when something extremely hard you’ve been working on, suddenly becomes simple. It’s when you’ve been pushing and pushing for something and finally it clicks—you breakthrough to the next level with an ah-ha moment that brings life-changing awareness.

Before we go into the definition of quantum leaps, a brief reminder: no matter if you’re in the corporate world, have an employer, or are self-employed, you can achieve quantum leaps. Don’t go into this segment with a limiting belief of, “My income is set,” because you’re caging yourself in a box. When you go after your big dreams and goals, companies pay for value. And when value is delivered, that is where income increases. 


What is a quantum leap?

A quantum leap is where you explode far beyond a multiple of what you’ve had before. 

In my own life and business, this type of quantum leap didn’t happen until about four or five years ago. Like most people after graduating college, my wife and I were in debt (to the tune of $92k). This story is probably familiar to you, as I’ve told it before, so you might know what comes next. About 6- or 7-years post college, I hired a coach as I began my business. The breakthroughs I experienced with their guidance, led to tremendous growth in my income.

I went from $25k/yr to $45k. Then $45k to $350k the next year. That’s a 7x growth!

The following year, we maintained that $350k income (because we didn’t go by the principals of what I’ll teach you today). The following year, after employing the principles that saw our 7x growth, we went from $350k to $1.3M in a year. 


This past year? We rose to $2.2M. 

I share this not to impress you but to show what is possible for you.

Now pause for a moment. When you read those numbers, what emotions do you feel? Excitement? Maybe inspiration? It’s possible you feel self-judgment—that’s what I felt at the start when hearing and reading about other’s quantum leaps. I urge you to tune into that last feeling, because if those numbers are triggering you, then you just found the thing you need to breakthrough. It means you’re living in a belief of scarcity that you haven’t broken through yet. 

There are 8 different principals that have allowed us to take quantum leaps in our business, serve thousands of people all over the world, and to build a team of amazing employees who are fully committed to our mission! Let’s jump into them:



As we grow older, we’re often told to be realistic in terms of our dreams and the goals we set. However, realism is the fastest road to mediocrity. To limit your dreams because of society’s pressure or your own fears, is a dangerous slope to stand on. 

If you limit your dreams, you have nothing to get excited about. There is no reason for you to rewire your mind, change your psychology or your emotions, because you don’t have something worth fighting for. Without a compelling vision of the future, you’re forced to focus on the problems of the present and stay where you are. That’s why to have any hope of creating quantum leaps, you must reawaken your dreams.



Most people are mistaken in believing confidence is something you earn. It’s not. It’s something you activate. To achieve your (reawakened) dreams, you need to show up as the highest and best version of yourself, which is also your most confident self. Your confident-self acts without guarantees or certainty before them. They do not tip toe around the edges of their goals, they go all in. For quantum leaps to occur, your most confident and highest version of yourself, must be activated. 



Perfection is the enemy of progress—and certainly the enemy of quantum leaps. Why? Because perfectionism, in my opinion, is the lowest standard you can have for yourself as it only guarantees pain. How:

(1) You either won’t start acting on a goal because you don’t know how;

(2) You’ll try to avoid failure and won’t go all in, or; 

(3) Even if you achieve your dream it won’t feel like enough.

You’ll notice immediately once you combine numbers 1-3 that you start taking more action that leads to immense progress.



Working harder isn’t the key to success. If it was, then anyone who worked hard would have success. I’m not saying working hard isn’t a necessary component to accomplish your goals. Will power is important, but when you only utilize will power to create your dreams, you’ll burn out and grow resentful of the very thing that was meant to be your ticket to freedom. It’s alignment to your goals that’s the missing key to your success. You know you’re in alignment with your goals when your heart beats faster and it pulls you. Find that and you are one step closer to achieving quantum leaps.



Abundance consciousness is the mindset of more. It’s the mindset of and

If you’re living life through a lens of scarcity where you believe you can only be a great parent OR only be a great business owner, you’re not living up to your full potential or in abundance. You need to transition to an abundance consciousness and let go of scarcity because it will only hold you back. 



Don’t “should” your life away by fostering a narrative of your life that goes, “I should be here by now,” or “I should have this by now.” When you resent your current existence, your perceived problems and challenges will continuously pile up on each other because whatever you resist, persists

Holding onto an expectation that things “should be different” means you’re missing the lesson that’s hidden in the pain of your problems. Problems are gifts wrapped in pain. Challenges are the gifts you grow from. One of the greatest keys that helped our team breakthrough to quantum leaps in income was looking at our life through the lens of, “This is a beautiful gift,” even if it was painful. That shift transforms everything.



I’ve spoken about this a lot recently and it bears saying again. Community is one of the most impactful factors that will change your life. If you can be in the room with people who are as successful or more successful than you, you can cut years off your learning curve. Because they will find easy the problems that have eluded you for weeks, months, and maybe even years without hesitation. Investing your time and money to be around these people is the greatest life hack in the world because they’ll raise you to the higher standard you need to be at to breakthrough to your next level.  



Tony Robbins has taught me one of the greatest lessons to make quantum leaps; never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something toward its attainment. When I’m in my most aligned state and at my best, I make decisions based on the emotion I’m experiencing at that moment. Those emotions are what give me the creativity and fuel to create my dreams. I’ve been called foolish by people for consistently jumping at opportunities, but those same people don’t have what they want in life. Never take constructive criticism from those who have constructed nothing. Jump at opportunities when you’re in a great state and seize the beauty of what it can create in your life. 


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