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Productivity 101

Aug 26, 2020

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  • Step-by-step: upgrading your to-do list for maximum efficiency
  • How to break through (sneaky) distractions
  • Batch. Batch. Batch!
  • The key to freedom: working less
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I get asked this all the time… How do you get so much done in so little time…?!

Welcome to The Path To Mindset Mastery! My name is Brad Bizjack! I’m a Mindset Strategist and Coach, inspirational speaker, and creator of Appreciation Academy and I help online business owner’s breakthrough all the negative self-talk holding you back from your dreams so you can finally see the success you deserve! This is the weekly spot to break through everything that’s holding you back from the life you really want!

Do you think you need a better tracking system for your time to be more productive?!

Do you think you have to do everything in a particular order to have a more productive day?!


I'm going to share with you are some PRODUCTIVITY PITFALLS people fall into and how to break through them!!


YUP, I said it! Ditch that list! Well, let’s be honest… you’re listening to me now, which means you need help with productivity, which means the list thing isn’t working!!

Have you ever completed your entire to-do list and still felt like you didn't get things done?

OR how many of you have completed your to-do list AND still felt stressed out?!

The list is a waste of time (without direction). It’s limiting you. I'm not saying that we don't need a list of things we need to get done. I'm saying that if you just write all the shit you need to get done on a piece of paper, you are severely hurting your results.

Have you ever focused on getting one or two things done for the day and when you get those two things done, it doesn't even matter? If there are more things on your list, you still feel fulfilled.

I wonder why that is?! It's because you focus on what was actually important instead of what was urgent and demanded. When you focus on what is actually important instead of what's urgent and demanding, all of a sudden you feel alive! You feel fulfilled and you feel progress towards your dreams!

Progress equals happiness. -Tony Robbins

So… how do you know if something is urgent and demanded?! Well, ASK. Ask the person requiring the action item(s).

At the top of my list, I have the desired outcome of the day. EVERY DAY, this is at the top of my list. Most people just shoot arrows in every direction hoping to magically hit a target, but when you have a target, you have something to aim for.

Challenge for you:
When you start your day simply ask yourself…What is the most important outcome I want from today?

  • I want to sign one new customer today.
  • I want to get 12 podcast episodes recorded today.

What is the number one outcome you want from the day?!

The reason for that is because all your energy aligns with that one, two, or three things that are important to you, that will make you feel a sense of momentum.


Remind yourself of your WHY.

You need a compelling reason behind why you're doing what you do (otherwise, you're not going to go after your big dream!) You need to have something that's going to move you to act because reasons come first answers are what comes second.


Now, I list out everything that's on my mind that will get me to those goals.

Here's why it's different: Most people list out everything they need to do. I list out everything I need to do to get me to that outcome. If it doesn't give me that outcome, it is not on my list. It's scheduled on my calendar somewhere, but it's not on my list.

So, I focus on what are all the things on my list that will get me to that specific outcome and I write all of them down. There's probably a ton of them, right? BUT here's where it gets different…

What I want you then to do is to circle the top 5-10% of them that will make the biggest difference in getting to that outcome. Typically, the things that you circle are the things that you're trying to avoid the most (because they actually scare you!)

Then prioritize those items. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…


By focusing on actions that actually make progress toward your outcome, you’re creating ENERGY… EXCITEMENT… MOMENTUM!! GAME CHANGER!

Let’s take it a step further… now ask yourself, how long will it take to do that action item? THEN CUT THAT TIME IN HALF. Don’t freak out! The goal is not to get it done in that amount of time. The goal is to trick your brain into moving quicker. For instance, that’s why you’re more productive before vacations…

This is how I run my entire day! Sometimes it deviates (and that’s okay), but on those days, I noticed my work-days are longer.

Tony Robbins has something called The Ultimate Success Formula:

#1) Know What Your Outcome Is

#2) Take Massive Action Towards That Outcome

#3) Notice the Results That You’re Getting

Stop being focused on your to-do list and start being focused on the OUTCOME!!

My name is Brad Bizjack.

Remember to go out there today and every day and live your life with a genuine smile on your face. You are literally one mindset shift away from doing that. I'll see you next week!

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