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The Secret Ingredient of 7 Figure Success

Nov 21, 2022

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  • The destructiveness of “should”
  • Thermometers vs. Thermostats 
  • Postponing your success
  • The secret ingredient of 7-figure success
  • Success psychology made easy 
  • Thanksgiving challenge!
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  • If 6- and 7-figure success have been avoiding you, today’s lesson will shed light on the secret ingredient missing from your efforts!
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 There's a secret ingredient that all 7 figure success stories have in common. We're going to go through what stops you from deploying that secret ingredient and what that secret ingredient is, so not only can you bridge the gap to get the 6 figures but also beyond to 7 figure success. 


What are the common symptoms of most people who are struggling to try to succeed? Of these symptoms, which are you currently facing right now? If you are struggling with these symptoms then you're likely missing The Secret ingredients of success. 


The first symptom of most people that are struggling is a feeling of "I should be there by now." "My situation should be different." The word should is involved in your subconscious thoughts and your conscious way of living. What most people do is they live in expectation of a different life thinking that magically it's going to change. Expectation is the root of all suffering. If you're living your life trying to make sure that all of your expectations get met then what you're going to find is that it's very, very hard to ever get ahead. 


My FAVORITE quote of all time is from Tony Robbins and it's, "trade your expectations for appreciations and your whole life changes instantly." If I take a look at all the people that I've seen in my life who are trying to create success but are struggling, there's a feeling like it should be different than it is right now. They think "my life shouldn't be this way." So what ends up happening is the situation doesn't stay the same. It actually gets worse because whatever you focus on you create more of. 


Until we realize that we're exactly where we need to be and that we shouldn't be anywhere else, once that is appreciated and honored then all of a sudden we see the lesson. That lesson is a key to getting out of that challenge. 


The second symptom that I see on a regular basis that keeps people stuck is that their circumstances in their life determine how they feel. So most people go through life acting like a thermometer. Meaning- they look around at the situation and if something happens out of alignment with their expectations that day, then the temperature is lower. If things go well, for example people act a certain way, or the kids behave, or the money situation is okay then the temperature's higher. 


This is how most people operate. Most people are a thermometer for the temperature of their environment. Which is also why most people don't create the success. They believe that circumstances are the cause of how they feel. Their circumstances are the cause of their life and that is objectively false. It's how you feel inside that allows you to IMPACT your circumstances. So if you don't change from being a thermometer to being a thermostat, what you're going to find is your emotions are up-and-down like crazy. When you are a thermostat, YOU set the temperature. Even if it gets cold out, the furnace kicks on. Even when it gets worse, the furnace kicks on to get you back to where you are set at. 


People who are stuck in their life think that their circumstances determine how they feel, and that's not true. If you are living that way, you think that for some reason this situation is causing me to feel certain way, then what's actually happening is you're obsessing over the effect of the situation. All of life is cause and effect. When you're obsessed with the effect, which is the circumstances in your life, you forget the cause, which is how you feel (your temperature).  If you forget the cause, you can no longer influence the effect. Most people go through life thinking that the circumstances need to change in order for them to feel differently but its the opposite. 


The third symptom that I notice on a regular basis with people that are struggling is a belief that something BIG needs to happen first before you can feel good. There's a mindset that they need to hit that big thing first which ends up with them putting their feelings on the backburner. Thinking you're going to be happy when those things happen leads to being constantly disappointed and never being in the right emotional state to be able to cause those things change. If we're waiting for something big to happen before we feel good putting our feelings at the end of an outcome then we can no longer impact that outcome, and therefore, it never actually gets created. 


Take a look at all 3 of these symptoms of those that are struggling. There's one thing that they have in common. None of them involve appreciation. Appreciation is the antidote to all of those things. So the secret ingredient to 7 figure success, and you'll find this in everyone who is a true example of wealth is, they're grateful.


In honor of Thanksgiving coming up we need to practice this. Practice this in a way that allows us to feel alive, regardless of what's going on. Instead of saying "it should be different than it is right now." I say "I am so grateful and appreciative of our current financial circumstances, what they're teaching me, and how they're allowing me to grow." What changes? Your whole life changes.


The greatest key is to actually just appreciate how it is. When you appreciate what's going on in your circumstances right now, all of a sudden you find the answer to breakthrough to the next level. When you trade your expectations for appreciations your whole life changes in an instant. 


Let's take about the second symptom again- my circumstances impact how I feel. Imagine if you were grateful for all of your circumstances then all of a sudden they wouldn't cause you to go up-and-down within your emotions so much. If something big needs to happen first before you can feel positive, then what's happening is you're postponing the feeling gratitude and appreciation. You're literally putting off the very emotion that would cause you to create success. Think about what happens in our lives if we don't practice being grateful for the little things because we are waiting for something big to happen. 


Appreciation is a beautiful thing and it's one of the master skills to success. Here's why: you can't feel negative emotions when you're deeply grateful. For example when you feel deeply grateful, pain can't exist in that moment. So you can feel it after and before but you can't feel it in that moment. When you get into that state of appreciation, then all of a sudden the things that are holding you, don't hold you anymore. Which makes it easier to change them. If we're not grateful for the life that we have it makes it almost impossible to change our life.


So the secret ingredient of 7 figure success is actually the skill of appreciation. This isn't something we practice in a gratitude journal where we write down things are grateful for 5 minutes and then we're stressed out and anxious for 23 hours and 55 minutes the rest of the day. No, no, no. It's a state. It's a way of being. It's a lens in which you view life. It's saying "WOW I'm so grateful for this and appreciative of that!So in honor of Thanksgiving coming up let's practice this. How do we practice this? I practice this by appreciating memories every day. Beautiful memories from my past that are near and dear to my heart. I practice appreciation for the little things like my cellphone or the marker I'm using. It's like conditioning a muscle to allow you to lift a bigger weight. I even appreciate the painful things in my life. When you practice appreciation for the painful circumstances in your life all of a sudden you realize that life was happening for you this whole time. You were being guided. It was leading to another version of you, a better version of you.  And finally I practice appreciation for my dreams and goals which allows me to be more creative and  more energetic towards my dreams. 


Appreciation is one of the master skills of success. When we live in appreciation, that allows us to find the lesson that will allow us to change our circumstances. If you're in a hard time believing that, or you might know that conceptually it makes sense but you have a hard time feeling it because the situations are challenging in your life-- it's probably because of the lens in which you are viewing your situation. 


After studying 30,000 people from all over the world, I've identified a couple of different patterns that people try to approach success with. I call these archetypes. At these different levels of success, what I've noticed is, people look at success in a variety of different ways. If you're struggling with "yes, I understand it conceptually," but it's not a part of you yet, I have create a free quiz that shows you how to identify what your archetype is.  


Don't forget to take advantage of our BONUS QUIZ: What’s YOUR Unique Success Archetype?



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