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The Instant Solve to Lack of Motivation

Nov 14, 2022

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  • The search for motivation
  • Creating reliable consistency
  • Understanding inspired action 
  • The hunt for magic lightning bolts
  • Conditioning yourself for resistance
  • How to find motivation that leads to success
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 I received a very interesting question the other day during our Rewired office hours and I wanted to share it with you! One of our amazing clients reached out and said, "Hey I just need some motivation. I need a kick in the pants to stay consistent through this time of year. Will you help me?" I told them NO

The reason I told them no was because a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that motivation is the salt. That you need motivation first, and that is NOT TRUE! You need to change the frame that you're looking at success through. If you're looking for external motivation, what actually is happening behind the scenes is you're not taking responsibility for your success. It's saying you need someone or something else to get into gear. I'm not bashing on accountability! I think it's great but I want you to ask yourself, have you ever rationalized not taking action because you don't have the motivation?  If you said yes, you actually have the formula for motivation backwards. Most people believe: if you're not motivated, you can't take action. Is this you?

This is why most of the world, 98%, stays stuck. Most of the world looks at motivation as an external force that will come in and then you will take the action you need to take. In turn, delaying action. This leads to a lack of consistency! Which means your results aren't going to be there because you can't build the momentum you need to get to where you want to go. 

Have you noticed that getting the momentum going on your goals and dreams has been very hard to do? Your lack of action or uninspired action, is it due to a lack of motivation? 

I say those two things for a reason. Lack of action due to a lack of motivation happens when we think motivation needs to come first. Uninspired action happens when you force yourself to do the work. For example if you create a reel for Instagram but you create it when you're exhausted, you may have said the best words ever but the people on the receiving end just get the exhaustion. You need to take a look at the motivation and the intent behind the motivation.

Most people think that motivation needs to come first. The circumstances need to align to support the energy but again, that's backwardsACTION COMES FIRST. The fastest way to act is to take a look at the contribution you're giving to others. Take a moment and look inside and say what will this do for my kids? What will this show my husband or wife? What will this do for my family? All of a sudden you're creating motivation within yourself. Use working out as an example. If you don't feel like working out what happens after about 5 minutes of pressing play in that work out? Or going to the gym. What happens after 5 minutes? All of a sudden motivation follows because action actually comes first.

There is no magical lightning bolt button. There are no lightning bolts of motivation that are going to strike you in the butt, it's not gonna happen.

Action comes 1st and then the motivation is the byproduct! Write this down: motivation is a byproduct of inspired action. The fastest way to be inspired is to get outside of yourself. Focus on what this can do for someone else, or how it's going to serve others, or how it's going to add love to someone's life. 

Most people put motivation first. They say "I need to be motivated first" because their goals are mostly focused on themselves. They're not taking responsibility for their actions. They're not taking responsibility for their results, and their life is 100% their responsibility.

Every single piece of your life is 100% your responsibility. When you're first starting off on the success journey or if you've been kind of stagnant and you've been trying. It feels like things need to change first before you can change. That's not how success works. You change and then the byproduct of you changing is your circumstances change. Your life is 100% your responsibility. Your success is 100% your responsibility. You have to participate in your own rescue. When you have the discipline to take action, even when you're unmotivated, but you do it from the inspired place all of a sudden magic happens!

Regret- that's on the other side of waiting for motivation. Discipline weighs ounces. Regret weighs tons! We need to deploy discipline when you start to notice the resistance in action. When you're not feeling motivated the reason is typically because you're up against the edges of your comfort zone. Discipline needs to happen when you face resistance. Resistance meaning that feeling on the inside, like "I need to but I don't want to". That life-is-testing-you feeling. That only happens when you're out of your comfort zone. 

You can listen to that resistance and you can go back into where you were and stay safe. OR you can realize this is just resistance. This is just life testing me, this is just a sign that I'm at the edge of my comfort zone. I need to take that leap of faith! 

When I face resistance in my life, which happens all the time because I'm always pushing the barriers of what's possible for me, I'm always pushing myself past those limitations. I'm always going to the next level. Always asking myself how can I do that better? How can I do that bigger? The ego is everyone's greatest obstacle and it feels like a cage. You'll notice you're getting to the edge of the cage when resistance starts to show up. When that disturbing feeling starts to show... That is when you deploy discipline and you take action anyways! 

A motto that I live by is "if I'm afraid, I must." Which means if I'm afraid of taking an action that I know will lead to a brighter future I've conditioned myself that that is when I take more action. At the first sign of fear, I double down on my inspired action. That leads to a byproduct of motivation and then I go so much further beyond my comfort zone than I ever thought was possible!

I'm consistently expanding my identity into the next version of me and you can do the same thing too! In order to do this we need to DEPLOY DISCIPLINE. If I'm afraid, I must. When you notice that resistance setting in, deploy discipline, take inspired action

Motivation, the thing you thought needed to happen first, is actually the very last thing. It's the byproduct. When we realize this, and accept this, we realize it's not motivation that needs to come first. You need to create your own motivation by taking action. And when you do, you create an amazing thing called success. When most people get pushed up against their comfort zone they go back to the safe way, they don't take action and they wait for their circumstances to change. This is why they're life never changes

Success happens when you notice resistance, you deploy discipline, and you push through. The byproduct of that is motivation. If you deploy discipline when you notice resistance, consistently, a couple months down the road, you have success. The success you never even dreamed of before! What might be stopping you from deploying discipline is the lens in which you're viewing success. 


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