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Turn Stress Into Smiles With This 1 Tip!

Jun 12, 2018
Right after the launch of www.bradbizjack.com, my wife and I decided to move homes. Before we did, I heard 5 different people say "omg moving is so stressful." 

I LOVE surprising my wife, so I decided that while she was in Chicago visiting friends, I'd move the entire place for us with my dad’s help.

How the hell does this have to do with stress? 

Here's how you turn any "stressful" situation in your life into something great. 

(Not just great, but one of the best experiences of your life)

It’s really simple. Any challenging task SUCKS when we’re focused on what it means for only ourselves. I could've focused on how much of a pain in the ass it was to box up everything, clean the old place, unbox everything, and set it all up before she got home. 

The second I take the focus and put it on ME, it becomes annoying, it makes me anxious, and I dread it.

Instead, I focused on: 

Moving means that I get to spend quality time with my dad. 
Moving means that I get to surprise my wife and make her SO DAMN HAPPY.

Most of anxiety and depression come when you only focus on yourself. Excitement, love, and passion come when you’re focused on what you’re going to GIVE in every situation. (Check out www.bradbizjack.com for more 1 liners like that!)

With moving, I found something to contribute to. My energy went from the "shittiness" of moving to making my wife happy.

And not only did it make her happy. It blew her freaking mind. It made her fall even more in love with me.

Life doesn’t improve by getting more. It improves by GIVING more.

Focus on giving with everything you do, and you’ll notice a smile creep in much more frequently.

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Talk soon! 


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