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The #1 Key to Instantly Change How You Feel

Apr 17, 2023

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  • The power of changing your questions
  • Negative vs. Empowering presuppositions
  • Accidental focus fixations
  • Disrupting limiting spirals
  • Getting into fights (with yourself and others)
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Today we’re talking about the #1 key to instantly change how you feel—and it all starts with how we think. 


What is thinking? It’s the process of asking and answering questions in your own mind. Which is why we’re going to dive into the power of changing your questions, because your life is a direct reflection of the quality of questions you habitually ask yourself.


Let’s think about what questions you might be asking yourself on a regular basis. Most people will question themselves with things like, “Why am I so fat?”, “Why can’t I get it done?”, “Why is this not enough?”, “Why am I overwhelmed?”, or “When will I be successful?”


All those questions presuppose that it won’t happen, or that something bad is happening. Which means you already have the answer to those questions. 


If you’ve ever been part of our Success Accelerator program, you’ll have heard me give an example I learned at a conference years ago about focus. It goes like this. Look around the room you’re in and find all the things that are orange. Do this for a minute. How many things did you find that were orange? Now answer this: how many things did you find that were black?

You don’t know because you weren’t looking for it. 


Now conduct the same exercise while looking for things that are black for a minute. By the time the clock runs out, you’ll have found so many things that are black! 


Here’s what to take from this exercise; most people don’t realize that whatever they’re asking themselves, that is what they are telling their brain is important.


If we go back to those questions most people ask themselves like, “Why am I so overwhelmed?” What are they telling their brains to be focused on? Overwhelm. And so that is what the brain will find. The same goes for a question like, “Why am I so angry?” Anger is what the brain will find because it’s like saying orange in the exercise above. 


So, most people ask themselves questions that accidentally reinforce the pain that they’re in, without ever realizing it. Which means if you want a different life you need to ask yourself more empowering questions. 


Questions like, “Why is it so easy to exercise today?” or “What is something I’m grateful for about my spouse?” These questions also presuppose, but the outcome is beautiful and uplifting. 


However, the emotional state you’re in when asking yourself questions can prove to be a challenge. Especially, if your emotional state is negative. Why? Because emotions make us feel significant and give us certainty. 


For example, if you’re angry you are certain that someone has wronged you. You feel significant in that moment and important because you shouldn’t have been wronged. Or how about when you’re living in anxiety? You are certain when you’re living in anxiety that it’s not fair and you go into a limiting story saying it’s harder for you. You find significance and importance in this narrative because it justifies your overwhelm and anxiety, and reinforces the “truth” that it’s harder for you. 


Most people meet their need for certainty by closing the world around them to feel a sense of control. They don’t take in new ideas or questions. They live in significance and compare themselves to everyone else, which in turn leads them to meeting their need for significance by having significant problems. 


But if you don’t change your questions, you’ll stay stuck because your focus is fixated on the problem (which not so coincidentally perpetuates the problem). 


Yet, sometimes it’s easier said than done to start asking yourself the more intelligent question that leads to a better quality of life. Take for instance when you find yourself in a limiting pattern spiral. Have you ever noticed that when you’re pissed off, you tend to want to stay pissed off? The same goes for when you’re feeling anxious or depressed. Why? Because it’s meeting your needs of certainty and significance. It makes you feel important. 


It gets you connection, sympathy, and love to be in those limiting patterns. So, when you’re in a spiral, you don’t want to change. You’ll fight to stay the same.


This is why when someone tries to help you, you may or may not want to punch them in the face


But if you do accept the help. Holy cow! That’s where a new life comes to you instantly because you realize you’re in control of how you feel 100% of the time. Most people don’t believe that because they’ve run through the pattern so long it controls them their entire life. But all it takes is asking different questions. 


Here’s the final catch… unless you know what questions to ask, you’ll likely continue to ask yourself disempowering questions that are focused on significance and certainty. I’m sharing this with you today because you need someone to help you recognize these patterns. Otherwise, you’ll stay in the same spot. 


Have you ever considered that when you're trying to change things, you inadvertently rely on the limiting patterns themselves to try to change the pattern? It doesn't work that way. It can’t. If you're in a pattern of overwhelm and you try to change it yourself, you'll try to rely on overwhelm to solve overwhelm. 


This is exactly the reason why successful people surround themselves with coaches that ask them questions that move their life in the direction of their dreams


You need to be in the room where your questions are challenged. Where you’ll be asked different questions that cause your brain to come up with different answers in a completely different way than you've ever thought before. 


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To get out of that spiral, you need someone to give you a jolt! Someone who has what you want and that will help you ask the questions to move you to a better life. 


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Thank you so much for tuning in, and, as always, remember that you’re only one insight away from a radically different life and that your life is controlled by the quality of questions you habitually ask yourself. Questions that we will change to lead you straight to your dreams at Rewired LIVE—see you there!


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