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The 3 Phases of Escaping Mediocrity

Jan 29, 2024

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  • Why you can’t stand the status quo
  • Understanding the gravitational forces working against you
  • The 3 phases of escaping mediocrity
  • Identifying your phase and how to break through
  • Why it can be hard to take responsibility for your life
  • Avoiding a victim mindset
  • The hardest phase of them all…
  • Willpower, willpower, willpower
  • Turning the tables on the status quo
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If you’re reading (and/or listening) to this, you likely can’t stand the status quo or feelings of mediocrity. I’m the same. When I look back on my journey and how exactly I reached 7-figure success, I identified 3 key phases of escaping mediocrity. That’s what I’ll break down for you today. 

At the beginning of my journey, 10 years ago, I was 92k in debt and struggling from paycheck to paycheck. With all of my being at that time, I wanted to reverse my financial circumstances. I was convinced having more money would make me happier, and so everything I did centered around creating more money. 

Except with every pay raise I worked my butt off for, it didn’t seem to matter. The money would still disappear. 

It was a turbulent time where I couldn’t escape my problems, even though deep down, all I wanted was to break free from the money challenges I was facing. But most of all during those early years, I was afraid of going after what I really wanted. 

Slowly, I started having small breakthroughs. One of them was to hire a coach. I will never forget my very first call with him and how he helped me see that rewiring my mind was the greatest key to creating success. 

Ever since, my life has never been the same.

Like I said above, reflecting on this journey from 92k in debt to 2.2M in revenue, has allowed me to recognize the 3 distinct phases of breaking through mediocrity. As we dive into them today, assess what phase you’re in right now and see what needs to happen to get to the next level. 



Here in phase one, it seems as if everything is happening to you instead of for you. Money, time, and overwhelm are all constant and/or common challenges that you face. There is no passion or excitement in what you do. You’re going through the motions, and it feels like a piece of purpose in you is missing. 

Your peers mostly consist of your family, husband or wife, kids, and a few friends. Those friends face the same common challenges as you and they only seem to talk about what’s not working in their life. 

When inspiration does hit, the excitement is fleeting because most of what you surround yourself with—media or people—generally project negativity. The gravitational pull to stay as you are alongside the people you surround yourself with is a huge influence on your life and actions. It’s easy to be persuaded by limiting beliefs such as, “It’s harder for me,” or “You don’t get what I’m going through,” or “Money is hard to make and I’m too overwhelmed.” 

This way (and phase) of life casts you into a victim mindset that keeps you stuck. Because a victim mindset lowers your potential, which lowers your action, and in turn, lowers your results and reinforces the negative limiting beliefs trapping you.


As part of my job, I help people future pace consequences so they can see what pain will be in their life if they don’t change and what pleasure will be in their life if they do. If you find yourself identifying with Phase One, ask yourself, 

If I keep living here, will my money (or time, or feelings of overwhelm) ever change?” 

If I don’t change something, will my feelings of fulfillment change?

What are the consequences to my family? What about my relationships?

When you’ve experienced enough pain and say, “I’m done with this. I’m ready to move on and create something amazing with my life.” Then you reach Phase Two…



This is the hardest place to be in, because not only do you realize what’s at stake, who you’re hurting, and how your life will stay the same if you don’t change, but you’re in a constant state of confusion. When you’re in a state of disruption, you know what life could be like, but you still see examples of mediocrity and status quo.

There is a constant push and pull, and it leaves you feeling lonely and isolated because in this phase you’re starting to think differently than all the people you’ve spent time with in Phase One. Those same people may start to judge you or make fun of you, and that’s where the feeling of loneliness stems. You’re not in the peer groups with people who are going for it like you are.

It’s easy to be drawn back down to Phase One, because you can still feel overwhelmed. You may even start to feel sorry for yourself that your hard work isn’t paying off. The sympathy you receive from other people will give significance to the narrative you’ve created for yourself that your situation is harder.

This is why Phase Two is so difficult, because you’ll be constantly tested to make decisions and take actions either based on your current circumstances (like you would in Phase One) and play it safe to create more of the same in your life, or based on who you want to become…

In the end, disrupting the status quo to launch yourself into the next phase comes down to three incredibly important factors: Your willpower, staying true to what you know is right, and remembering you will always be loved. 

I say the third, because in Phase Two you face the most judgment. You may feel if you disrupt the status quo, you’ll lose the love of those you care about most, and the gravitational pull of Phase One will pull you back. Which is why you must remember: you will always be loved. You’ve been loved since the moment you were born, and you will be loved when you’re successful.



Here you are inspired and aligned. Your willpower has gotten you far, but to thrive, you need to be pulled. That means homing in on your inspiration and big dreams. Because when your spirit is wholly aligned with the work you do, working hard isn’t hard work.

This is the phase of magnetic success.

You’re constantly challenging your own beliefs, you’re a master of your emotions, and taking massive action. Success feels simple

You’re also surrounded by other high performers who are encouraging, challenging, supporting, and helping you. The haters don’t bother you here—and you definitely have more of them at this stage—because when you see them, it reinforces that you’re on the right track

What makes Phase Three extra special and beautiful, is that you start to become a subconscious inspiration for the people in Phase One.


If you want to leave mediocrity behind, you need to be prepared for these 3 phases. 

To breakthrough, you must identify what beliefs are keeping you in status quo or in disruption and address them. And if you’re in magnetic success, ask yourself if there are any beliefs that could potentially drop you back down to disruption.


I’ve worked with over 30k people from all over the world and recognized the patterns that keep most people stuck instead of thriving. Use Rewired as your launch pad to breakthrough mediocrity. Not only will you identify your greatest limiting beliefs, but you’ll also have a video explaining what your archetype is, the common challenges you face, and what you need to do to move forward.

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