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The Dark Work w/ Anthony Trucks

Sep 18, 2023

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  • Accepting your unique identity
  • Why you can’t attain or sustain a life above your current identity
  • Breaking down Shadow Work and Dark Work
  • The pros and cons of investment bias
  • Knowing who you’re fighting against
  • The proof that a dominator identity is your birthright
  • Step-by-step mindset elevation through Dark Work 
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  • If you’ve struggled with elevating your identity because of fear, doubt, or a lack of discipline, then this training will not only shed new light on your potential, but how to capitalize on it with Dark Work!




Did you know you can reach an identity level where you show up to everything you do with absolute certainty? There’s no doubt it takes work, but today, former NFL linebacker, Anthony Trucks, shares his new methodology called Dark Work, and how it will elevate you  to a dominator’s mindset. 


In our discussion, we begin by discussing Anthony’s origins: 


  • Adopted at 14, Anthony was raised in a poor, white family. His first attempt at sports wasn’t anything to brag about, but that didn’t stop him from working to get better. 


  • He attributes his later success to leaning into what he called “Dark Work” which helped him create a different sense of who he saw himself as. Not only did it help him reframe his identity, it helped him attain and sustain more things.


Anthony further shares advice on bridging identity gaps, the reality of Shadow Work and Dark Work, the different phases of ascension, and how you can work with Anthony and his team to do the Dark Work yourself!


Bridging The Gap From Where You Are Now To Who You Want To Be

Most people tackle this problem from the wrong angle. They watch a video or read a book, and copy what’s done in them hoping for the same results. But they forget that their identity is a truly unique puzzle


We all have a unique way of functioning and operating to create the lives we’re living. We’re simultaneously unaware of the things we’re doing that hinder us. Becoming aware of those hindrances isn’t something our egos like because they often mean stepping out of our comfort zone to challenge them and needing to change. 


This is where the work comes in. 


Shadow Work

Shadow Work is looking to see what you need to work on. It’s uncomfortable work to do, because it requires you being aware of what you lack to fulfill your potential. This is truly the first step of everything. 


But if you don’t believe the work you’re going to do is going to be worthwhile, you won’t lean in and do it. In fact, you’ll continue to endure the space you’re in for a lifetime. 


That right there is a lack of motivation. In order to be compelled to do the work, even when it’s hard and dirty, you need to know what you really want. You need to be pulled toward your dream and your potential. The simplest way to do that is to stretch 1 inch past your comfort zone to live in the possibility of that future and let yourself be pulled toward it. 


Dark Work

Dark Work is what you do once you know what your shadow work is. It’s the work that’s sometimes misunderstood and unsexy. It’s the work that sometimes gets ridiculed by people because they think it’s crazy. But that’s the stuff you lean into to develop a dominator identity. It develops a sense of skill set. Even more so, you develop a brazenness to deploy that skill set when needed in defining moments. 


“I’ve done too much work in the dark to lose in the light.”


Think about all the athletes you see when it comes to the fourth quarter, F1 race car drivers, tennis players, soccer players. They’re not on the sideline with anxious energy. They sink into this dark place, and you can see it in their eyes. It’s a place they’ve created in their subconscious that says, “No way I’m going to lose. You don’t have the right to beat me.” That place? It was developed by their Dark Work, and it’s filled with confidence and absolute certainty of what they bring to the table.  


Different Phases of Ascension

To those wanting to go through the journey of doing the Dark Work and elevating their mindset, there are 3 phases to ascend through called the Dark Work Experience. The experience is what makes the shift happen and allows you to elevate your identity. 


Phase 1: Respecting The Light

This phase revolves around respect. Respecting your vision, respecting the people who’ve done this dark work before, and respecting what you need to do to accomplish your vision. If you are without any of those components, you’ll find yourself stuck in the thick of it, stop, and fall back to where you were.  


Phase 2: Doing The Dark Work

Here you craft a plan to go after your vision, design your Dark Work Experience, and write a Dark Work Declaration. During this phase you’ll “Go Dark”. Going dark is an actual neurological need


It’s a flow state that’s achieved when you rid distractions from your life. That Dark Work is quiet. There’s no one there but you, and you’re doing the work to achieve your vision for the sake of yourself. It gives you pride and confidence, which brings you to the last stage.


Phase 3: Emerge

Emergence is a necessary piece. This is when you state your Dark Work Declaration to empower yourself—what you wrote before you began your dark work that states what you’re going to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it—and then take action on your vision.  


Working With Anthony

First and foremost, head to: www.darkwork.com


Here you can immediately sign up for a Dark Work assessment. This assessment was created with a PhD to ensure it’s dialed in to measure what you really want and clarify what you have to do to make sure you elevate your identity. 


After you’ll be introduced to two things. A community of people also doing the Dark Work who are as invested as you in their future, and a set of coaches who curate your Dark Work Experience and hold you accountable through the entire 90-day process. Where at the end, if you dedicate yourself to the work, you’ll develop that dominator identity and mindset. The very thing that gives you an insurance policy on victory and allows you to bring 100% certainty to every action and new venture you take on.  


And finally, to wrap up our conversation, Anthony shares with us the one insight that radically changed his life!


“It takes a little more to be a champion.”


My coach in college described it as such, 


“You’re never gonna know what the other champions are doing, but you know what you could do more of. And if you keep pushing that every day of doing a little bit more, a little bit more, you eventually will outpace the person who doesn't do a little bit more. But it takes time.”


Thank you for tuning into The Rewire Your Mind podcast! Be sure to sign up and get your Dark Work assessment from Anthony Trucks.

As someone who has personally worked with Anthony on developing my ideal identity, and witnessed firsthand the huge impact it’s made on my life, I fully support his new venture, The Dark Work.


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